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  1. andy reekers hard to come by..great spoons the ones with the holes
  2. just tell TROUBLES what u want he will hook u up...great guy to deal with also
  3. wow the poor guy only asked a question
  4. these spoons r great. i think he passed away,the guy that made these
  5. Troubles I bought these off u I love them. If I take 16 of each how much. You can put them in with my second order of hooks. I'll send another check Thanks
  6. I received mine. I was wondering do you make them with 2 single hooks??
  7. it is awesome and a great location
  8. Finstins I'm out of little salmon also (carol) I have a camper there I'll take the 5 ultalites poles.....I'll take a ride up to pulaski or if u wld hold them until april.
  9. Where r u located

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