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  1. Still available. Offering free US shipping.
  2. Hi do you still have 

    1. fishsteeler


      stiil available, Offering free shipping to US customers.

  3. As you can see, you're saving about $80 on the X-4 items and getting the 840 display for free!
  4. Fish Hawk : displays both surface and downrigger speed and temperature What you get: 840 display & mount, X4 probe (upgraded), transducer (upgraded) and a new power cord. Everything works great, so save yourself some serious money. A new X4 system runs over $650 I’m selling this one for $400 firm.
  5. interested in the weights if you're in the oswego area
  6. We want to try the spring LOC derby. Looking for info on a campground, launch and/or marina in the Olcott area. Thanks!
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