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  1. High Country bow & accessories for $400. here's what you get: a bow that's all set up with almost new cables and string ($200 added expense), fiber optic sights, snake eyes peep and string silencers, and biscuit rest, Arrows with muzzy broadheads, target arrows and block target, Titan release, grunt calls, fletching materials, lighted notches, practice points and broad heads, bow case, and years of other goodies. Bow is adjustable draw lengths from 21-31" it is set at 31". Bow is 39 3/4" tip to tip. I live in Oswego
  2. Simply the best climber ever made! Made of cast aluminum for strength and weight. Easy to pack in and QUIET! No longer manufactured by the China company that bought them out and a new OS is currently selling for $530 bid on Ebay. Has a 350# weight limit and I installed a neat little bow holder. Will include a safety harness and of course I'm not responsible for accidents.
  3. While on the subject, settle an argument...If I make a 10 degree turn and my downspeed increases... friend says were heading into current and probe wheel is spinning faster...other says we're going with the current and traveling faster...who's right??
  4. Still available. Offering free US shipping.
  5. As you can see, you're saving about $80 on the X-4 items and getting the 840 display for free!
  6. Fish Hawk : displays both surface and downrigger speed and temperature What you get: 840 display & mount, X4 probe (upgraded), transducer (upgraded) and a new power cord. Everything works great, so save yourself some serious money. A new X4 system runs over $650 I’m selling this one for $400 firm.
  7. interested in the weights if you're in the oswego area
  8. We want to try the spring LOC derby. Looking for info on a campground, launch and/or marina in the Olcott area. Thanks!
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