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  1. cinnamon fish

    Sold / Closed Assorted spoons - reduced

    $22 shipped, paypal f/f
  2. cinnamon fish

    Sold / Closed Assorted spoons - reduced

    $25 includes shipping within USA paypal f/f only please. Send me a message if interested, thanks
  3. cinnamon fish

    Lund fury 1600

    Ok, that makes sense. Just thought I'd ask. If I could afford it I'd be interested but I can't at present time. Good luck in the sale, looks like a great rig. I've got a 14'4" Duranautic w/20 hp Honda that's working nice for me, but I often think of going a little bigger.
  4. cinnamon fish

    Lund fury 1600

    Thanks. I don't need more pics actually, I know what the tiller model looks like. I'm curious what your asking price would be without the 25 hp Mercury?
  5. cinnamon fish

    Lund fury 1600

    Is this a tiller model or does it have a steering console? Is the motor power tilt and electric start? Any other pics of the inside of the boat? Thanks
  6. cinnamon fish

    Good read

    It's truly great to read all of these posts and learn about the history of the finger lakes. I greatly look forward to reading your book, Sk8man.
  7. cinnamon fish

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    Got this beauty yesterday on Cayuga out in the middle, halfway between T Falls & Meyers
  8. cinnamon fish

    Sold / Closed Closed

    I'll take the Northport Nailer Wild Things 400 series spoons Lot. Sending a PM now.
  9. Yeah, this past spring, the spring derby was the May 19 weekend and a bunch of potential entrants were out fishing the FLTA tourney on Keuka. Would be great to possibly avoid that next year, but I know easier said than done with limited options in May.
  10. With hopes of possibly avoiding tournaments occurring on the same weekends, and hopefully getting bigger turnouts each year for Barney & Bear's... here is a list of all the FLTA tournaments for 2019. I'm told the FLTA schedule has remained virtually the same for a dozen or more years. The month of May is tricky to schedule with Mother's Day (May 12) and the NLTD (Memorial Day weekend) in there. Anyway, just putting this info out there for Barney & Bear to hopefully see. I love fishing all of the tournaments, and I hope maybe the FLTA club putting their schedule out way in advance like this might be a helpful thing for overall scheduling and turnouts. April 7 Seneca May 5 Canandaigua May 19 Keuka June 2 Owasco June 23 Cayuga July 14 Seneca July 28 Cayuga September 8 Owasco September 22 Keuka October 6 Canandaigua
  11. cinnamon fish

    Finger lakes Rainbows & Landlocks

    8lb 4oz Cayuga bow, July 2018
  12. cinnamon fish


    Was out today for a few hours out of T-Falls. Debris wasn't too bad... some weed mats here and there for sure, but that was about it and the fleas were almost gone. The bite was a little slower than it's been but everyday's different, a lot of dink salmon around, and picked up one 9.5 lb laker.
  13. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Lou All final results...

    Hope the Cayuga Lou All happens again this year!?!? Maybe Oct. 7th or 21st? Since there's an flta tournament Oct 14 on Canandaigua. Apologies if it's too soon to bring it up. I guess summer closing out made me wish we still had another derby. Then I remembered this one.
  14. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Barney and Bears Fall Derby Final results

    Incredible, John, both fish! Congrats! Seeing the fish before he hit, wow. I weighed in 10lb 7oz and 9lb 5oz lakers Saturday at Bear's, ended up 1 oz short in 5th place by Sunday. Got a nice 7lb 6oz Owasco bow too Sunday. Giving thanks for an amazing fishery!
  15. cinnamon fish

    Sold / Closed Aquasport 170

    I'm interested. I'll send you a message. Thanks