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  1. Cayuga

    Haven't tried the top 15 feet yet. The last couple of times I've been fishing mostly 20-35 down in 25-70 fow. Seems like it might be time to try though! Surface temp was 50 today.
  2. Cayuga

    Nice work. I snuck out for a quick fix, just under 2 hrs late morning today, fished shallow again... 4 lakers and 2 browns. Nothing huge. A bit windy but the sun was out.
  3. Got out today from 1 - 4:30, did 5 lakers and 1 LL, west side from the boy scout camp to about even with power plant. All small fish 2-3 pounds. Fished mostly shallow, 20-70 fow.
  4. Nice to know somebody else was out there today! Definitely will see you some time I'm sure. Cheers brother.
  5. Good luck! I may make it out Sunday. I'm in a 14' Duranautic sea foam green color.
  6. Nice, yeah I was just a bit south of there and decided to try in a little shallower today. Saw the fish jumping and wanted to go even shallower. I was fishing the area you mentioned and doing great there a few weeks ago. Hopefully we'll get some more sunny days without too much wind this November. Nice day to sneak in some fishing.
  7. I was out there this afternoon as well. Landed 3 lakers and an 18" LL. Got the LL today in about 68 fow. Haven't gotten any big LL in a few weeks. Couple of 5-6 pound rainbows 2 weeks ago. Wasn't marking as many fish as usual today. I saw a lot of big fish jumping in shallow though, 30-50 ft from shore.
  8. Price further reduced to $175 or $225 with battery. That's as low as I'll go. Somebody that wants this 3X steering should scoop this up!
  9. Really well said, Sk8man.
  10. I thank Great Lakes Lure Maker for letting folks know on fb and here, and for putting a lot of effort into continued tradition of the NLTD along with some improvements (live updates) so less small fish are brought in. Also, I agree with the quote, "Fishing is not a competitive sport, its a contemplative sport". But I think there's nothing wrong with putting all that contemplative time we put in and have a fun friendly little competition once in a while, as long as it stays respectful of the conditions of the lakes. I think most of the guys on here are very respectful and aware of the state of the lakes. Bass tournaments on the other hand, I would guess likely have a bigger toll on the lake because there are a lot more professional bass fisherman than trout/salmon, and they travel from far away sometimes to fish Cayuga as it's been one of the tourney locations for the bass masters for awhile. I think it's probably a good time to give Cayuga a break from large scale bass tournaments.
  11. Sticking with the tradition sounds the best to me... 53 years now, bound to be a few tough fishing seasons here or there.
  12. Thought I’d let folks know I saw a post on facebook on the NLTD group where it’s being discussed the possibility of adding Cayuga to the NLTD in 2018. Thought some experienced anglers might like to get on there and give an opinion before their meeting tonite. Here’s the link to the group where you can see the post. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Garmin Echo 151 portable fishfinder, needs transducer Garmin fish finder. It's missing the transducer (broke off the cable while traveling at high speed). Otherwise, hook up a battery and it powers right up and works perfectly. Served me very well for a couple of years. This is the portable bundle version that comes in a nice, easy to carry garmin bag with mount and space for a small battery. Battery not included. A new transducer is easy to buy online. I never did because I ended up buying another boat that came with a fish finder. $50 pickup in Ithaca or near T-Falls State Park. Will ship for additional $10.