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  1. Excellent electric motor for sale! Price is now $160 or $210 with deep cycle battery.
  2. Cayuga Cayuga 4-2-18

    I fished the same day, just north of Taughannock, trolled up almost to Sheldrake. Only landed 1 one laker around 3 pounds. Had 3 other runoffs, but they got off. Sharpening my hooks this week! I tried in shallow, 20-50 fow the first 3 hours, then went deeper 70-250 fow. Couldn't decide which was better. The fish seem fairly scattered lately. But they're out there!
  3. Rather disturbing info

    It'd be nice if they printed more info on mercury levels in trout & salmon comparatively to the other fish mentioned, and comparative info for each finger lake.
  4. Cayuga Cayuga Taughannock Launch Closure

    Actually, they just updated the signs down there to February 28 - March 9. I backed down the ramp around 2:45 this afternoon and was about to launch when I realized they blocked off the entrance to get under the bridge. I was bummed, but glad things are getting fixed up. Luckily, I got out yesterday for a couple hrs and picked one nice 29" laker.
  5. I still have the Minn Kota Vector 55 lb thrust trolling motor for sale. Pics are near the top of this thread.
  6. Cayuga?

    Taughannock Falls State Park. I have a small boat though. You just have to make sure you can get out and under the bridge. The ramp itself is good to go.
  7. Cayuga?

    I got out on Tuesday for just a couple hrs out of T falls. Got one 5 pound laker and had one other fish on, rainbow or salmon, that screamed out some line, took a couple of leaps and got off. There are definitely fish out there. I mostly trolled spoons 15-30ft down in 30-80 fow. I might get out tomorrow if I can. Good luck.
  8. Cayuga Cayuga ...Deans cove...Tues....11/14

    Haven't tried the top 15 feet yet. The last couple of times I've been fishing mostly 20-35 down in 25-70 fow. Seems like it might be time to try though! Surface temp was 50 today.
  9. Cayuga Cayuga ...Deans cove...Tues....11/14

    Nice work. I snuck out for a quick fix, just under 2 hrs late morning today, fished shallow again... 4 lakers and 2 browns. Nothing huge. A bit windy but the sun was out.
  10. Cayuga 11/8

    Got out today from 1 - 4:30, did 5 lakers and 1 LL, west side from the boy scout camp to about even with power plant. All small fish 2-3 pounds. Fished mostly shallow, 20-70 fow.
  11. Cayuga 11/8

    Nice to know somebody else was out there today! Definitely will see you some time I'm sure. Cheers brother.
  12. Cayuga 11/8

    Good luck! I may make it out Sunday. I'm in a 14' Duranautic sea foam green color.