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  1. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Lou All final results...

    Hope the Cayuga Lou All happens again this year!?!? Maybe Oct. 7th or 21st? Since there's an flta tournament Oct 14 on Canandaigua. Apologies if it's too soon to bring it up. I guess summer closing out made me wish we still had another derby. Then I remembered this one.
  2. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Barney and Bears Fall Derby Final results

    Incredible, John, both fish! Congrats! Seeing the fish before he hit, wow. I weighed in 10lb 7oz and 9lb 5oz lakers Saturday at Bear's, ended up 1 oz short in 5th place by Sunday. Got a nice 7lb 6oz Owasco bow too Sunday. Giving thanks for an amazing fishery!
  3. cinnamon fish

    for sale : usa Aquasport 170

    I'm interested. I'll send you a message. Thanks
  4. cinnamon fish

    for sale : usa Aquasport 170

    Where are you located? Thanks
  5. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga 9/1 rainbow trout

    Beautiful fish! Any idea what the weight was?
  6. cinnamon fish

    Owasco Owasco Lake fishing.

    Great to hear. Yes, I always wash the boat prior to switching lakes. Appreciate the info.
  7. cinnamon fish

    Owasco Owasco Lake fishing.

    Nice work. How are the fleas on Owasco?
  8. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Cayuga Color Advice

    2lbperch, sweet rig. May I ask what speed you're running that sutton lately?
  9. cinnamon fish

    for sale : usa Assorted spoons - reduced

    Lowered price, $28 for 17 spoons shipped.
  10. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Cayuga after flooding?

    I got out yesterday for awhile. The lake level is higher than normal. And quite a bit of debris (tree branches, and weed mats) floating around. I did find some clearer areas and was able to troll ok. But I avoided high speeds with so many tree branches floating (some big, some small).
  11. cinnamon fish

    Open ramps

    Thanks for the report. Most of the devastation is south of there. I wonder if the emergency crews are hauling debris out or if they're busy with other tasks. I bet a bunch of fisherman could help clear some major stuff out of there and maybe even recover some lost belongings. Here's a fb page a friend directed me to for anything lost or found... https://www.facebook.com/SenecaFloodLostAndFound/
  12. cinnamon fish

    Open ramps

    Any idea if Sampson State Park launch is open?
  13. cinnamon fish

    Seneca seneca levels after all this rain

    I'm considering taking the boat out there in the next few days to drag any floating debris I can find back to shore. Just have to see which launches will be open. I'm thinking maybe Sampson or Watkins. Anyone have any input on whether this might be a good idea? Just want to help the lake.
  14. cinnamon fish

    Cayuga Cayuga Color Advice

    Didn't know that. Thanks for the info, Gambler!
  15. cinnamon fish


    Yeah, both Seneca and Cayuga are gonna be huge mess this week. Campers, sheds, houseboats, and tremendous trees and debris were washed into Seneca today near Lodi and Valois.