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  1. Are these standard size or mags? If they are standard size, I'll take them!
  2. Fishstix, I received the Sutton 71, thanks so much again, really kind of you. I see it's one of the heavier weight Suttons which I didn't have any of in that size. I look fwd to running it. Will let you know if/when it produces.
  3. I caught some of my biggest fish on a sutton 71 this year.
  4. Yes, I believe all the lakers I caught that day were post spawn.
  5. I got out yesterday afternoon, trolled north up the west side from T Falls. Landed 7 lakers to 8 pounds. Fished 60 - 200 fow, fish hit anywhere from 40-60 ft. down. I ran one line up high, but no takers. All spoons.
  6. Yeah, I hadn't either until recently. I think the figures I posted were the minimum emissions allowed those years. Most of the upper midsize - larger outboards, like yours, had those ratings a bunch sooner.
  7. Les, I found this info that shows when EPA ratings went into effect. 1-STAR (low emission) -- equivalent to EPA 2006 limits - went into effect in 2001 2-STAR (very-low emission) -- 20% cleaner than 2006 EPA limits - went into effect in 2004 3-STAR (ultra-low emission) -- 65% cleaner than 2006 EPA limits - went into effect in 2008 https://www.boattest.com/view-news/5859_what-does-carb-3-star-mean
  8. Hey Les, yes it does say 2006 EPA standards for emissions, but the serial number shows it as a 2000 or 2001. I guess they rated the emissions ahead of the manufacturing date.
  9. It's manual start, and no power tilt/trim but it is significantly lighter than the later models. About 80 pounds. It's a 2000, very low hours don't know exact number. Very clean, runs excellent.
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