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  1. If I had a nickel for each time another boat made a possible mistake, I'd be a very wealthy man. We all make them. Sometimes without realizing even when doing our best to stay on top of things. Complaining about it on a forum built to help each other out doesn't do much good. Also, when you're running that much copper or any other line type that far out, it's also your own responsibility to make extra space for yourself so you don't have to worry about even the potential for problems with other boats. There's no way anyone else knows you have that much line out, that's your responsibility to be on top of. When one guy moves thinking he's moving out of the way, the other guy can interpret that differently. There are many times this type of stuff occurs, taking it with a grain of salt and moving onto the next fish is a big part of the sport. Best bet with that much line out, keep a bigger distance so there's room for error on everybody's part.
  2. Wow, that's a real beauty!! Congrats!
  3. It's there alright. They've already shutdown swimming in various places on the west side of Cayuga.
  4. When is the last time you were out? From my experience recently, things drastically changed in the past 4-5 days. Prior to that, Cayuga fishing was on fire. I believe the green water is the biggest factor, combined with the flea population exploding this past week.
  5. Toughest day I've have out there in awhile. Even with heavier line, fleas coated the lines within 5 min of them being set, weeds tough too, lots of green water. Couldn't find anything worth weighing in. Good luck to all tomorrow, gonna try my luck on Seneca.
  6. Also recommend https://bigspoonsportfishing.com/
  7. I recommend http://www.blackdogadventuresfishing.com/
  8. I had a fish/freight train on the line yesterday that took me nearly 20 minutes to get to the boat. I was in 270 ft of water and he peeled me straight down near the bottom several times, couldn't stop him. I thought of a sturgeon possibly, because he felt stronger than just about any fish I've hooked into on Cayuga. Turned out to be a 33 1/4" lake trout when I finally landed him. I would've thought even bigger by the strength he fought with.
  9. I saw this today on FB, looks pretty nice... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/940610279791705/
  10. Nope. FLTA = Finger Lakes Trollers Association
  11. It's a club tournament... have to be a member of the FLTA to enter. They're always looking for new members for any fisherman/trollers interested in joining. It's a $20 per boat yearly membership, plus $25 per tournament. They typically have 10 tournaments per year, 5 different lakes, 2 on each. This year, the first 3 were canceled due to the virus. Trolling is the only method for fishing allowed in the FLTA. I'll be there Sunday, weather permitting. Good luck. Anybody interested in joining the club PM me and I can put you in touch with the guys that organize it.
  12. I picked up a couple of pretty chunky salmon nearby there Memorial Day weekend. And a good rainbow over there last year. Lakers have been pretty scarce for me in that area.
  13. Good call Les. I think you're right.
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