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  1. Haven't seen them yet, just a lot of cottonwood attaching itself to lines. The fleas usually start in July.
  2. I would recommend Nick Overacker, Reel Stories
  3. Congrats to Bob on the win! I fished out there Saturday only, landed 11 lakers (every single one was around 3 lbs only), 2 rainbows (4.5 lbs. biggest), 2 yellow perch. Couldn't find a big one, but worked hard, and enjoyed fishing Canandaigua. But yeah, the amount of pleasure boaters was astounding! And they don't seem to care much about blasting right next to a fishing boat.
  4. Ok, gotcha. Which weekend is Bear's Fall Derby? Crud, I've gotta miss the August 3 date too. Hope to be in for Margeit's derby the 10th.
  5. I usually fish this one, but I've gotta be out of town this year for a family thing. I'm curious what date Bear is going to have his August derby. If anyone hears, please post it. Thanks and good luck to all!
  6. I'm looking at potentially buying a boat with this old Merc 100hp on it, has power tilt. If I buy the boat, I'd be looking to sell this motor and re-power it with a newer 4 stroke. I'm told the old Merc starts & runs, just has a slight hesitation at times. Any interest?
  7. Sounds like a great day. Good to see the salmon are turning on now with water temps getting up into the 40s.
  8. I've used them on spoons anywhere between 2.5" - 4.5". Pretty great size for most trout/salmon spoons.
  9. 5 Packs of Eagle Claw size 1/0 Siwash Salmon Hooks unopened 8 in each pack, 40 hooks total $15 shipped - Paypal friends and family
  10. They come AS-IS in the pics... that's why I'm selling them for next to nothing. Most are fully functional.
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