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  1. Been doing a lot better on the east side lately. And I've been fishing both sides. Landed 12 lakers and one rainbow in about 3 hrs this afternoon all directly across from Taughannock and south to Myers. That whole stretch was nonstop action. Found fish at many different depths.
  2. Thanks, yeah it was nice looking but not real big... 20.5" and 3.25 pounds. Got it on a stickbait just 5 ft under the surface in about 60 fow.
  3. The lakers are everywhere this time of year. I've been catching them in as little as 14 fow all the way out to 360 fow and everywhere in between. The cold water makes them roam around wherever they please. In the deeper water I've been running spoons/stickbaits 30-50 feet down.
  4. Well you're right about that. He'll hopefully hear more complaints this summer. Still usable and yeah the bubbler is great. Got out on Friday for a couple hrs, 8 lakers, 1 LL
  5. 16 old oddball spoons - $20 including shipping (PayPal f&f)
  6. Really nice box! Is shipping to the Ithaca area available for these? If so, what would be the price including shipping? Or might you be at the Watkins Glen show in late March?
  7. I was out on the south end of Cayuga 1/2/20 and the surface water temp was 41 degrees.
  8. Anyone know or hear anything on whether they might repair the boat ramp at Taughannock Falls State Park? The concrete is all busted up and it's tough to get any good traction pulling the boat out of water. It seems it got a lot worse over the past year. Small ramp, likely wouldn't cost that much to pour some fresh concrete and maybe add a few ribs for better traction. Would be a great thing if they fixed it for 2020.
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