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  1. Sounds good, Don. You can private message me on here or text or call my cell 516-509-2046, leave a message if I don't pick up. Get in touch soon if you're able, as I'll be going out of town for awhile for work at the end of the month. Mike
  2. Hi Don, Based on the serial number it is a 2002. With very few hours. Mike
  3. Very well maintained Honda 8hp outboard, 17" short shaft, tiller, almost new prop. Runs perfect with very low hours, manual start & tilt. It has the connector for battery charging, just missing the cable to go to battery terminals (about $40 online). Comes with a like new 6 gallon fuel tank. Happy to run the motor for anyone seriously interested. $1600 or best cash offer, no lowball offers please Pickup in Ithaca, NY
  4. I was out on Cayuga a few days ago afternoon/early evening and picked up 7 lakers and 2 landlocked salmon. Caught most of them just south of Myers, both east and west sides. Love fall fishing, fleas and weeds disappearing, fish starting to come up higher in the water column.
  5. Actually, I'm mistaken. It looks like they didn't release a new manual for every year. Yours was probably manufactured sometime between 2009-2016.
  6. If you have the serial number, you can look up the manual here and it should say what year it is on the cover of the manual. https://marine.honda.com/support/manuals/models/BF5
  7. Just a heads up, this motor is not a 2020 model. Honda redesigned this motor in late 2016, and this one is the older design.
  8. I'm curious if anyone might have an updated flea report for Canandaigua. I know Les said they were bad back on 9/16 but I'm wondering if the cool weather we've had since then may have eliminated them by now?
  9. Awesome. Did you mean 55-60 feet of water, or 55-60 down? Thanks for the report!
  10. Thank you, I'm trying to find one a bit narrower. Good luck with the sale.
  11. Hi, could you give me the trailer's width between the tire fenders? Thanks in advance.
  12. Les, I really like the part about the 12 lb test withstanding kings up to 32 lbs. Must've been a 35 pounder that broke me off, lol. I love fishing light line, and in the summer, light leaders in combination with SeaFlee or something similar.
  13. Any season for me in my 18' but only when there's light wind out of the south.
  14. This one just pays out the top 3 heaviest fish, no categories.
  15. Thank you Bobby, the Margeits and everyone involved who make this tournament the best run tournament on Cayuga Lake each year. All the effort that goes into organizing it so well is hugely appreciated! I was thrilled and surprised I managed a 3rd place finish with a 29 lb box, especially given the weights from previous years. Conditions were tough out there with the weed mats and fleas out of control. Congrats to the winners and big thanks to the sponsors too. Also a great hang with folks at the weigh in.
  16. Agree... except the dead bait is still in the water, rotten and caught in floating weedmats everywhere.
  17. Thanks for the review. I have been using the regular Sunline Supernatural mono line for several years and I love it. It does have less stretch than most mono lines. I'm bummed to hear their new No Flea line wasn't very effective. But also not that surprised I guess because the fleas are so relentless right now. I bought a spool of 30 and 40 and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I'll probably try the 40 first and see if maybe it's a little better than the 30. But yeah, they both have pretty low diameter for the strength. That's another reason I like their line. I've been using the Blood Run 30lb flea line and it's pretty good but I don't like how slick it is and have had knots pull out a few times. But there aren't many options these days. I'll report back after I try the Sunline 40 lb No Flea.
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