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  1. Where are you located? And is this one of the newer units with bluetooth? Thanks
  2. I had a guy speed troll right behind me while I was at 2 mph, and I mean exactly behind me, not off even a tiny bit to either side of me, closer and closer to the point that he was literally 20 ft behind my boat and then of course he snagged most of my lines and I lost my rigs. Couldn't believe another troller would do that. Entire lake, and he's up inside my ass. I pulled up to him after he finally passed me after he cut all my lines off, and tried to ask him what he was doing and let him know what he just did, and he just grumbled and went on his way.
  3. Greenhornet73, I can do $73 via PayPal friends, shipped to Syracuse if you're still interested.
  4. Thanks for the interest greenhornet73. I have an older 6000 also that I recently started using again. Working great. The Pursuits are a great bang for the buck reel. Unfortunately I don't have any plans to head closer to Syracuse at this time, but let me know if you are coming toward Ithaca anytime. I'd ship it to you but gotta get a little extra $ to cover it.
  5. How early will you guys open Saturday? Can I come by to sign up around 5am? Nevermind, I spoke to Bear, will meet him in Tburg this afternoon.
  6. Penn Pursuit IV 8000 spinning reel brand new, never used, never had line on it. Purchased as part of a combo but the reel is bigger than I need. $60 Pickup near Ithaca, NY or add $8 for shipping PayPal f/f
  7. Only 1 brown and 2 salmon landed in the whole tournament.
  8. Thanks Fishbowl. What weighted steel line do you use?
  9. Anyone know if weighted steel will avoid the fleas like copper does?
  10. Hillside, thanks, yes the flexible ones are what I have as well. Sending you a message.
  11. If anyone has any Quick Strike spoons in good or new condition and wants to sell some, post a pic here with the size and I'll likely be interested in purchasing them or send me a message. They are similar to Suttons but also a little different. I bought some awhile back that were never used before and looking for more. Thanks in advance.
  12. Is Bear holding a derby in August? If so, what is the date? Thanks
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