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  1. Super awesome! And I agree with Reel Doc, the lakers in Cayuga have been fighting super hard lately. Had one yesterday scream out 100 yds of drag fast, a 10 pounder, thought it was much bigger the way it fought.
  2. Beauty! I was out there too today for a little bit... 2 - 10 pound lakers and 5.7 pound landlocked.
  3. I caught a few nice lakers a couple of weeks ago on that one I got from you!
  4. Can you guys tell me, a newbie to fishing for kings, what size is considered mature?
  5. If by chance that falls through, I'll take them.
  6. Thinking of ya Harvey. Rest up brother! If you need anything, let me know and I'll drive down.
  7. I was out yesterday out of port bay, fished between there and Sodus... 2 tiny kings to 18", 1 little brown and a 8.25 lb bow... killer acrobatics.
  8. Thanks for the great report. How far down did you get them?
  9. Anybody have a pic of the pages with all the teams and their weights? Thanks for putting on a great event.
  10. Good to know Bobby, thanks! I think at last year's derby I released a rainbow I should have kept. Glad to have clarification so I don't do it again. Good luck everybody.
  11. Quick question/confirmation... Is it true we can potentially have 2 or even 3 rainbows in our 5 fish box for this derby? I'm so used to flta rules, 1 rainbow, but I see the NY state regs say up to 3 for Cayuga.
  12. Thanks for the report.
  13. katydid, how did you do out of Deans yesterday?
  14. I was out from taughannock for just a couple of hours yesterday evening and when I arrived there were signs saying no swimming/algae bloom. The water didn't look too bad at the ramp, some algae but not a ton. But the water color out in the lake near there definetly changed to a more greenish color compared to just a week ago. Still managed 5 lakers 1 rainbow in a couple of hours, just gotta dodge some weed mats. Fleas too but they weren't as bad as my last couple times out. But that was trolling. Good luck!
  15. Calkins boat trailer Solid bunk trailer for 16'-19' boat Axle and hubs in great shape Working tail lights, turn signals Tires are old but still have tread on them, bearing buddies installed Can include a extra set of almost new tires/wheels plus spare for an extra $100 I replaced the larger heavy steel fenders with smaller light plastic fenders for 13" tires a couple of years ago. Will include the original steel fenders in case the buyer wants to put larger tires on. I have a transferable registration and can include a motor vehicle bill of sale. $550 or $650 with extra set of tires/spare
  16. If somebody comes and buys this today/tonite before I go visit some family, I'll let it go cheaper.
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