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  1. The algae I mentioned is harmful algae, toxic HABs. We've had significant outbreaks multiple times on both Seneca and Cayuga the past few summers to the point that they had to close swimming at multiple parks, multiple times. I know that's mostly due to runoff chemicals, but also in combination with high humidity and warm water. I get that warm water output is nice for fishing in the winter and spring, but it's not good in summer. And 160 million gallons of 108 degree water running through a significant stream everyday is gonna kill nearly all organisms in that stream.
  2. I couldn't agree more, Les. Thank you for voicing that. Especially a body of water that is already in need of more help than any other finger lake... lampreys, high salt content, algae, zebras, etc.
  3. We already have many harmful algae blooms on Seneca. This would make for more of them.
  4. This is what the Seneca Lake Guardian posted back in January... Greenidge is an inefficient gas-fired powered plant on the west side of Seneca Lake that wants to expand its energy generation NOT for public use, but for their own private Bitcoin operation. They want to withdraw nearly 160 millions of gallons of lake water each day, and return it to a trout stream that feeds back into the lake. Discharge temperatures could be as hot as 108 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than most hot tubs, and would be uncomfortable for humans, let alone trout, who prefer water from 40 to 52 degrees F.
  5. From what I understand, the bitcoin operations want to discharge hot water into the stream, basically killing everything in the stream and that then flows into the lake. I've seen efforts from the Seneca Lake Guardians trying to stop them, but it's not looking good so far. This is awful!
  6. When I was out Wednesday, surface temp was 38.6
  7. I'll take them. Sending you a PM.
  8. I got out this afternoon for a bit out of T Falls, 3 lakers and 1 LL. Stickbait a few feet under the surface in about 55 fow for the ll, lakers 25-45 ft. down.
  9. I drove by there yesterday and it was open. Last week I saw a guy there working on the bubbler, not sure of the status on it. But yesterday it was open and looked doable with the motor trimmed up.
  10. Nice work! I was out just for an hour or so late afternoon today, launched at Treman. Pretty shallow getting out but made it ok with the motor tilted up. Landed just one 7 lb laker, in only 10 fow on a stickbait. A few days ago got a LL near t falls about 20". Always looking for those mildish winter days to get out there for a bit, so refreshing.
  11. Are these standard size or mags? If they are standard size, I'll take them!
  12. Fishstix, I received the Sutton 71, thanks so much again, really kind of you. I see it's one of the heavier weight Suttons which I didn't have any of in that size. I look fwd to running it. Will let you know if/when it produces.
  13. I caught some of my biggest fish on a sutton 71 this year.
  14. Yes, I believe all the lakers I caught that day were post spawn.
  15. I got out yesterday afternoon, trolled north up the west side from T Falls. Landed 7 lakers to 8 pounds. Fished 60 - 200 fow, fish hit anywhere from 40-60 ft. down. I ran one line up high, but no takers. All spoons.
  16. Yeah, I hadn't either until recently. I think the figures I posted were the minimum emissions allowed those years. Most of the upper midsize - larger outboards, like yours, had those ratings a bunch sooner.
  17. Les, I found this info that shows when EPA ratings went into effect. 1-STAR (low emission) -- equivalent to EPA 2006 limits - went into effect in 2001 2-STAR (very-low emission) -- 20% cleaner than 2006 EPA limits - went into effect in 2004 3-STAR (ultra-low emission) -- 65% cleaner than 2006 EPA limits - went into effect in 2008 https://www.boattest.com/view-news/5859_what-does-carb-3-star-mean
  18. Hey Les, yes it does say 2006 EPA standards for emissions, but the serial number shows it as a 2000 or 2001. I guess they rated the emissions ahead of the manufacturing date.
  19. It's manual start, and no power tilt/trim but it is significantly lighter than the later models. About 80 pounds. It's a 2000, very low hours don't know exact number. Very clean, runs excellent.
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