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  1. Looks like a brown trout to me. The 1st pic almost makes it look like a LL, but that tail is a brown trout tail. I've had them jump several times, not super often, but sometimes. And yes, the 3rd pic is a rainbow. Nice day on the water!
  2. Thanks for the reminder, I honestly needed it.
  3. Actually, I love it! And it's hard for me to sell. But I acquired a 2006 Honda 8hp, had my eye on a 2 cylinder for awhile.
  4. Haven't timed it, but I'd say at least 2 hours, maybe more. Really easy to refill and it also has a connection for a portable tank.
  5. 2005 Yamaha F4 outboard, excellent condition. 4hp 4 stroke motor with internal gas tank. long shaft, runs perfect, incredibly fuel efficient, extremely lightweight low hrs, regularly changed fluids, good to go. Comes with an extra brand new impeller, which I purchased for it but haven't installed because the motor pumps water great. Selling because I upgraded to an 8 hp. $675 cash Ithaca, NY
  6. Just curious, what were his thoughts/reasoning for coming to that decision?
  7. Come on guys, can we rally some energy to convince Bear to hold the spring derby?!?! We could all use some extra fun and we can still social distance at the weigh station. The NLTD is still on for Memorial Day weekend.
  8. Wow, that's massive. Congrats! North or south end?
  9. I appreciated your initial post Bob stepping up and you're right Cuomo took it too far closing boat ramps. I'm glad he quickly turned that around. I think everyone's trying to navigate the best decisions they can through a situation that hasn't been seen in a century. Fishing will help keep us afloat in many ways through it.
  10. Here's a couple of nice pike I caught over the past few weeks on Cayuga's south end. These were the first pike I've ever caught in the Finger Lakes. I was targeting trout, and these toothy critters showed up. Both 32", very healthy and released.
  11. This site is more fun when guys talk fishing. The ramps are open, quit complaining and get off yr asses and go fishing.
  12. Ah, I see now they only make this model in a 15" short shaft. On the 3.5 they offer 15" and 20". I can only use a 20" on my boat. Good luck with the sale.
  13. I'm sure it'll depend on which officer you're dealing with. This undersheriff had pretty lenient statements, but I wouldn't bet on his friendliness from others. statement from a Jefferson County Undersheriff: “If we get a complaint, the first thing we’ll look to do is education and try to gain voluntary compliance,” he said. “Everyone’s intentions are in the right place but in some cases (they’re not considering the consequences).” “Say if a couple (that lives together) launches a boat by themselves, I don’t see a COVID-19 violation there,” he said. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/04/coronavirus-ny-temporarily-suspends-use-of-all-its-boat-launches-for-recreational-use.html?fbclid=IwAR2Vq6xJwMFHgibizrb2Es3yYCgTSVFAFmHU-PMwatYt7c_y12wDFrIEseE
  14. T Falls and Treman were open the last few days too, but then they both closed yesterday.
  15. Both Treman and T Falls boat ramps on Cayuga remain open so far. I called Treman a day ago, and they said it could change but right now they're open.
  16. Great fish! Exciting. I lost a 10 pounder back in November, halfway in the net snapped the line. Man, the fish were really hitting Sunday. I had a few other rips, I knew good fish.
  17. beauty! what was the weight on that LL? I landed 3 LL to 4.5 lbs, 2 browns, 1 laker Sunday afternoon. Aggressive fish that day.
  18. I'll take the 4 "Assorted producer spoons". Sending a PM
  19. That's incorrect. State Parks are generally open. Certain parts of the parks like the playgrounds and camping are closed. It's tricky to decipher exactly what's closed and open.
  20. Taughannock Falls State Park just posted this on their Facebook page: Taughannock Falls State Park 2 mins · Here is the latest update on what is going on at the park: The playground is CLOSED The boat launch is open,HOWEVER the date for putting your boat in the seasonal slip has been pushed back to May 7th and NOT April 15th as previously stated. Camping is closed until further notice The trails are open at this time. It is very important to continue "social distancing" by keeping at least 6 feet from other hikers! It is strongly recommended that you wear a protective covering over your face as well. PLEASE limit your group to only those that live in the same household. We want nothing more, than to be able to be fully operational, but a lot of it depends you and your willingness to comply with the recommendations. We need to work together to "Flatten the curve" Be Safe...stay healthy and hope for brighter days to come!
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