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  1. I personally catch quite a few more rainbows than browns. Maybe bring the brown limit down to 2 and rainbow limit up to 2.
  2. Willing to listen to reasonable offers. I know it's not the best time of year to sell an outboard.
  3. ttt. Just ran this again yesterday on Cayuga. Runs like a champ!
  4. 1995 Evinrude 90 HP 2 Stroke Outboard. New tilt & trim motor. Will include OMC controls, extra fuel filter, and extra fuel connectors. Always flushed, fluids changed regularly. The direct injection was purposefully disabled on this, they are known to run more reliably this way. Bulletproof, well maintained badass motor. I decided I want to re-power the boat with a smaller 4 stroke, as it's a light boat and I don't need this kind of speed. Evinrude is still on the boat and I'm happy to demonstrate it for a serious buyer. Located in Ithaca, NY, can also meet at Treman or Taughannock Falls boat launch. Askiing $2200 cash or best offer Will consider a trade/$ for a suzuki/honda 60 hp or yamaha 70 hp 4 stroke.
  5. LoL, Les I promise I'll release most. They look like great colors!
  6. I can see them now... I'll take them! If I can see the Pirate spoons, I might buy them too. Thanks
  7. Curious about these also... photos aren't loading.
  8. I'm curious to see them but your photos aren't loading.
  9. Nothing's stopping me from fishing this... car broke down this morning, can't get it looked at until Monday. Secured a rental truck for it! An extra $65, whatever, gonna fish hard for a good cause either way!
  10. Not looking to argue either. I agree with you and I’m just adding that climate change is in a large part causing “the hundreds of thousands of tons of cow manure and massive amounts of other organics that find their way into the finger lakes” to enter the lake at a faster rate than has ever been seen before. And the higher humidity, rain and heat cause more of it to become various types of algae. No problem disagreeing. Good to discuss.
  11. It wasn't a normal spring though, much more rain than normal and the bulk of the rain came in May and early June instead of April. That leads to what we get the first half of summer.
  12. Thanks Les, very informative as always with your amazing posts. In my much more limited experience, I've always been able to drive my boat out of the green water by heading up the lake a bit or just generally by moving to another area of the lake even if it's quite a ways. This year was the first year that no matter how far I went, the color stayed green on some days out there. It seemed the various algae was literally everywhere. I hadn't ever seen it like that before, there was always an area to get away from it in the past for me. I understand there are many factors. The amount of rain and flooding the last 2-3 years has been more than we've seen in quite awhile too.
  13. Any pics of the final board? I'm curious. Wish I could've fished it.
  14. Yes the last 2-3 years have been bad, before that not nearly as bad.
  15. You basically repeated what I stated, except you're wrong about climate change. Climate change (in this example, more severe storms, flooding, and more consistently high humidity) makes all of these things that we both mentioned run into the lake much more often and in greater quantity. That's why the blooms are very quickly getting more severe and more frequent. The lakes have been loaded with people for years but the blooms haven't been this bad.
  16. Yes the green color is much more widespread than what usually occurs. All due to the algae blooms. Sewage treatment plants overwhelmed, farms, wineries, and folks lawn fertilizers running into the lake more each year as climate change gets more extreme.
  17. Soon, it will become a data center... http://tompkinsweekly.com/stories/new-data-center-to-provide-economic-environmental-benefits-supporters-say,2713
  18. How are the fleas on Seneca? Cayuga is loaded with them, was wondering if Seneca is the same?
  19. Great. Thanks Bobby. I'll be out of town for the next meeting but see you at the seneca challenge!
  20. Planning on fishing it! I'll bring the registration/$ to the flta seneca challenge, if one of y'all will be there.
  21. Because of the tall east & west shorelines/cliffs around much of the lake, when the wind blows from the east or west, the lake often appears fairly calm, because the bulk of the wind is blocked by the land and passes above the lake level at a higher altitude.
  22. I agree with all of this. And yes, I won't be surprised if we get 4 more years.
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