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  1. I picked up a couple of pretty chunky salmon nearby there Memorial Day weekend. And a good rainbow over there last year. Lakers have been pretty scarce for me in that area.
  2. Good call Les. I think you're right.
  3. I feel like the last 3 years in a row I said to myself, why are the fleas here so early? They've been showing up 2-3 weeks earlier every year the past few years. I remember telling myself late July is when they show usually, then last year it was early July. This year, mid June, crazy. I didn't expect to see them on Owasco yesterday, had I known I would have spooled up much heavier line. Still, the fish are there if you can keep your presentation clean. Good luck this weekend. I'd like to fish that derby, but I've gotta go visit my dad for Father's Day, maybe do some saltwater fishing.
  4. Most of the FLTA did well with lakers up to 9 lbs, some nice rainbows to 6.5, and 1 or 2 browns weighed. I personally and a few others had trouble finding any decent size trout... only landed 3 smaller lakers but did get one nice 28" 6.5 pound walleye. Fleas were extremely bad. Good luck.
  5. cinnamon fish

    Canandaigua Fleas

    Fleas on Owasco today were thick too... didn't expect them this early. Seems they come earlier every year.
  6. 24 1/2” L x 18 1/8”1/2 W x 9 3/8” H top of the fuel fitting height is 11”
  7. Moeller 12 gallon low profile gas tank Excellent condition w/fuel connector attached $80 pickup in Ithaca or meet at nearby boat ramp.
  8. How's that book coming, Les? I'm ready to buy my copy.
  9. Cool. Yeah, I've got a few in the freezer I've collected from fish that have spit them out on my boat. It'd be easy to grab a bunch of the floaters on Seneca too.
  10. Thanks for the tips... I knew sawbellies were the best way to go, I just have been avoiding that method just cause I don't want to deal with buying live bait and keeping it alive. But, might try it sometime. Nothing like being out on a calm night under the stars.
  11. SK8man, I'm interested in night fishing... but would you say that would have to be live bait fishing? Or can you get them trolling the right spoons at night?
  12. Yeah, I bought one from him awhile back and he was nothing but great to deal with. And this is THE perfect spoon box for my setup.
  13. Great day, Bob! Awesome pic of your Dad with that brown. Love Owasco!
  14. A lot of great info here. Just wanted to mention the LL I caught Friday had a lamprey on it. But in general, I would guess you're right they are probably harder for the lamprey to get to vs. the trout. Totally agree about the overpopulation of alewives... saw many floating over the weekend.
  15. For comparison, I have not seen one lamprey on Cayuga this year, or the 2nd half of last year, and I fish it every week.
  16. All 5 fish I caught in 3 days on Seneca had lampreys on them, one of them had 2 lampreys and they were small lampreys which means they are quickly multiplying. One laker had a massive wound from a large lamprey as well. It's bad. DEC needs multiple years of effective treatments before they completely take over the lake.
  17. I fished Seneca Big Fish Friday, landed 2 small rainbows and one LL salmon 6.74 pounds. Saturday, I had another big landlocked, maybe bigger than the day before, but broke my line halfway in the net. The rest of Saturday brought only one 15" laker. Sunday morning landed a 5.6 lb lake trout, and then nothing for 12 hours. Kicker motor started acting up, as wind picked up. Tough weekend but man, those salmon are super aggressive if you can find them. A lightning bolt of excitement, all of a sudden, in the midst of next to nothing. Good luck to all and congrats to the winners!
  18. I'm in for BFF. Good luck to everyone this weekend!
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