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  1. 8lb & 10lb fluro for me... I went higher for a bit and caught fewer fish. Went down to 6lb for a bit too but lost too many good fish. I couldn't agree more, learning to play the fish, staying sensitive to it's moves using a very good drag system is the key.
  2. Very odd... that one doesn't even remotely resemble a brown.
  3. You hear how he got it? Broke his line, and he went back around and hand lined it off the planer board.
  4. It makes sense it would be much better a week later... Seneca is further behind Cayuga with water temps than I realized. I knew it took longer to warm up, but didn't realize how wide the difference in temps between the two lakes was at this stage.
  5. Woah Mike, did he get the monster bass on a baby rainbow? Whether that's legal or not, pretty badass, lol.
  6. 5.15 rainbow caught Monday, successfully released. Got a LL just under 4 same day too.
  7. The LL that was first marked as a brown was weighed at Geneva. The one thing I don't understand is the Sampson weigh in scenario... if there aren't enough volunteers, they should at the very least come to that conclusion several days before the derby starts and make the announcement to all who have entered the derby. Not the day of, that's not right. I will say that I am thankful the derby is still happening and thank those who have worked hard to make it happen.
  8. I noticed that too, Bobby. Not sure what the deal is on that.
  9. Congrats John! Rainy day fishing, drying out now turning the heat up. Found 3 rainbows, 1 LL, and 1 laker on the mighty Seneca today, just nothing over a few pounds. Big ones coming out this weekend!
  10. Highly recommend these spoons! They catch lots of fish, and very reasonably priced!
  11. Hey Frankie! Good luck fishing and if it's slow we can always have fun stick chasing! -Finn
  12. Live well donuts, wow. I'm glad you mentioned coffee, gotta bring alot of that! I'll be out there both weekends, just me and my golden retriever, Finn. Good luck to all.
  13. Lol. Maybe a book signing out there as well? I'll pull right up!
  14. Hey Les, are you fishing Seneca this weekend? And Canandaigua next? If so, good luck and might see ya out there.
  15. Hmm, should be all of them then. Atlantic salmon don't breed in the finger lakes as far as I know.
  16. Do they clip fins on stocked salmon? Or is that only on lake trout?
  17. Ok, got it. If I get skunked might take the Venmo option to rest up for the rest of the fishing weekend, otherwise I'll be there.
  18. Ok, got it. Thanks Brett. Pay entry fee at weigh in or PayPal/Venmo in advance?
  19. Nick, do we need to launch at Sampson for this or is it ok to launch elsewhere and drive to Sampson for the weigh in?
  20. Thank you for the measurements. I'm looking for a narrower one. I actually bought one last week that I'm now working on getting setup. I'll definetly let other guys I run into who might be looking for one know about this one. Good luck with the sale.
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