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  1. Great looking 1/2 ounce painted jigs 5 for $17 shipped anywhere in the USA Paypal f/f
  2. 21 various vintage lures (spoons & spinners) $20 shipped anywhere in the USA Paypal f/f
  3. 5 weedless style 1/2 oz. jigs all in excellent shape, likely never used, great colors. $20 shipped paypal f/f $15 for pickup in Ithaca
  4. I was out Friday... A few big chunks of ice at the water's edge on the ramp, but I broke them up and launched no problem. I'll be out there again today. Tight lines!
  5. Big thanks to Doc for making the ramp launchable last week. I'm sure more ice will be built up these next few days with cold temps. This coming Friday/Saturday look pretty good though, hoping to be able to launch again.
  6. Thanks very much for the info!
  7. I saw you quoted me, but didn't see any reply Doc.
  8. That's great to hear, especially the salmon and browns. I got out today also, landed 9 lakers, but I haven't gotten a brown or salmon in the last several times out. Good to hear they're out there! I'm curious how many feet of water and how deep you found the salmon & browns?
  9. Mine is stored in the garage. If a warm day pops up, I like to try to get out there. I always check all my lines and make sure any water is drained after use.
  10. The ramp looked ok today, a lot of ice melted. I just did some shore casting, but checked it out and saw a guy launch no problem. I'm planning to launch tomorrow, gonna be 52 degrees.
  11. No, I edited the original post. I originally had it at $27 shipped, then $25 shipped, then $22 shipped, and now $20 shipped (a steal). Thanks for the message.
  12. 7 spoons for sale, mostly NK Mags, not sure on all of them, 1 smaller. They come as you see in the pics, very good condition. $20 shipped or $15 local pickup near Ithaca, NY paypal f/f please
  13. Thanks Hop. I'm going to be out of town this weekend unfortunately. Any other days you might be passing through? Otherwise, I can ship to you.
  14. Selling these vintage Spoon Ful Lures spoons, unopened. They are silver plated. I have 15 of them all unopened. 5 for $30 shipped 10 for $55 shipped 15 for $80 shipped Paypal f/f only please or cash pickup Ithaca, NY area
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