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  1. if we get another damp cold spring and can't treat. we have more lampreys in the lake. when can they start treating. our best weather around here is July thru sept.
  2. Iets have a lamprey tournament. the best garbage can with the heaviest weight wins. sell the crap to the highest bidder who loves to eat them.
  3. I know our weather the past 5 yrs has been pretty bad during the spring with heavy rain. high stream flow washes out the chemical. we have to do something different. who knows what kind of weather we will get this spring. with a mild winter now. I think we are in for another damp cold spring again. if we don't treat. more lampreys will enter the lake. that why I'm trying to preached to everyone here we have to do something different. it means more money. different ideas.
  4. The treatment we have now is not working. some parts of this world. people pay big money to get their hands on this crap for food. this small pile of lampreys is nothing. just think what the lake look like with all of them in it. I think the government has done a better job with the help from Canada to control them in Lake Ontario. we have to do something different here. I heard they have a newer and better chemical to treat lampreys. the cost is twice as much. this state is broke. we have to get the money from other independent sources to treat this problem. man created this problem back around 1830 when the canal went through. man should be able to solve this problem. it takes brains and people that want to work together. most of us here will never see the good old days of Seneca lake trout fishing again. I still remember what the lamprey did to this lake 50 yrs ago. now we have to rebuild it again. with our big fat state government that can't add two numbers together. where will the money come from. it time we make the DEC an independent department from all state programs. I'm willing to pay 50 dollars a year for a fishing license. we could get independent money from other donors to help pay for sportsman programs in our state that want to have good hunting and fishing. it could be done real easy if we wanted to do it.
  5. nice looking trout. I see no lamprey marks.
  6. President trump tried getting the American people some help 3 months ago. Democrats kicked the bill down the road. you say we must work together. I agree. we tried working together. it has to be the democrat way. look at the federal deficit. 28 trillion. how long can we live with this. once the interest rates go up. buy buy economy and everything in it. I'm thinking about the children born today. what kind of world they will live it. I think its time we stop our foolish spending and start living within our means. if we can't come up with a sensible budget. shut the government down. we don't need it. I'm glad you brought that up about our intelligent voters putting these people in power. if any of them had any brains we wouldn't have them coming up with these foolish spending bills. I think its time we cut the crap out of the government. cut out all the pork and get rid of all the deadbeats. lets open up the country now. get the government out of the private sector and let the people have full control of themselves. we don't need another spending bill. we need people that know how to lead. for your information president Trump will be re elected next year.
  7. when I first saw this bill. I new it was dead on arrival. The people that wrote this bill should be drug tested and given an IQ test. drug testing should be mandatory every six months. do you think we need another stimulus package when we already have a 28 trillion dollar deficit now. what we need is people with common sense that know how to lead.
  8. cherry bombs 50 years ago were very powerful. I put one under a trash can. the bomb blew it 10 ft off the ground. anything that hit the water. sawbellies were gone in a half second. I tried hanging a 4x4 gill net. those little stinkers wouldn't go near it. M80 tied to a sinker. now I here cherry bombs in a bottle. once the wick gets wet the bomb is useless. the slightest movement every baitfish is gone. these stinkers are very shy. New moon bait came up about 5 ft below surface. once we got to the half moon. bait was about 30 ft below. every night after half moon they kept moving down.
  9. I find it hard to believe people needed cherry bombs to collect bait. I stayed away from weekends altogether. week nights were much better to go out. If I saw somebody and they came up to see how I was doing. I told them what depth I was catching fish at. just stay away far enough because we don't need to get tangled in each others anchor rope. anybody that needed cherry bombs, was a dumb fisherman. fishing with bait was very popular back in the old days. a lot of fisherman used brined bait when they went out during the daytime. if you wanted dead bait and wanted to save a lot of money. you had to get your own sawbellies yourself. I always had a gang hook out with brined bait. I caught my own bait with my 5 tiny gold hook setup. on a good night I could collect 400 sawbellies with those hooks. I used a ice chest filled with ice and salt. when I got my bait, each bait went in alive. the ice and salt kept them fresh till I got them in a stronger solution. my method worked enough to save some money. the information we have today. we wouldn't have any bait left in the lake. the bait we get now is commercial brined bait. that stuff is much better. no need to go out and get your own. the bait laws we have now killed the bait business.
  10. Now that we covered all the hardware. we need to talk about anchoring a boat from 60 to 250 ft of water. the bottom of these lakes have a hard pan. very hard holding a boat with a 10 mph wind. anchor wont hold. I made up a 40 lb anchor out of scrap metal. that bad boy held my 18ft boat. anchor in 250 ft I needed about 150 ft of back up. 60 ft 120 ft did the trick. when down fishing. what a job pulling this rope and anchor out of the lake. when I fished. nobody could see me out there. my running lights on boat were shut off. if somebody came running up the lake. I turned my lights on and flashed my high power candle light on the water to let him know I was there. turned everything off when he left. I mostly caught LT at 250. 60 ft BT and a few RT. I hated the RT. LT nice to watch them come up from the depth. BT good fighting fish. today we have better batteries, rods and reels, along with excellent fish finders. who needs bait. jig tipped with a piece of meat should catch fish.
  11. https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-8-1-2-in-150-Watt-Aluminum-Incandescent-Light-Fixture-with-Clamp-277894/202847393?mtc=Shopping-VF-F_D27E-B-D27E-27_3_EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-MULTI-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE&cm_mmc=Shopping-VF-F_D27E-B-D27E-27_3_EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-MULTI-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-EXT_CORD_WORKLIGHT_SURGE-71700000053850018-58700005136763031-92700048746781177&msclkid=ef53c61ad1a31189404e99c2c05813c8&gclid=ef53c61ad1a31189404e99c2c05813c8&gclsrc=3p.ds This is the light I used. cut the plug off, put on 2 clips for battery, use a 20 watt light bulb.
  12. my setup was simple and easy. I used a medium action rod with 10 pound test. I tied off my leader section with a tiny bead chain swivel. I spaced my mini rig with 3 sawbellies per pole 4 ft apart with another bead chain small enough to go thru the pen 9 reel. my sawbelly leader was 24 inches long connect with a spring clips we use today the sawbelly can swim around the bead. at the end of line I used up to 2 ounces of lead to get the bait down to the depth I needed. 70 ft worked best for me. I set the clicker on the reel and free spool it. stuck it in the rod holder and waited to I hear the clicker. if you watch the old Jaws movie you would know what I'm talking about. who the hell needs M80 and cherry bombs. that's an old wives tale. my ice fishing rod with 5 tiny gold hooks spaced up 2 ft long. all I did was let the hooks sit in the water and the bait would come up to the hooks and slowly lift it out of the water with 3 sawbellies on it. bread balls worked too. when I caught a trout I had a section spaced with 3 cans full of water to stick the bait in it till I came up to the one with the trout on. I never used tribble hooks. I use one hook per bait. those tribble hooks were terrible. most of the time the hook would be in the trout stomach . single hook i got most of them out. this is hands on fishing. you have to be very skilled to be good at it. if you need flash lights to see what your doing you wont last with this sport. the darker the better. if I need a light it will shine red. I never used a Coleman lantern on my boat. one mistake I could have a fire. worst thing about them. they destroy night vision. I want light guided down not out.
  13. I used one of those lights connect off the big motor. my other 2 bench lights clamped off the sides of boat. we didn't have lithium batteries back in those days. I never use the main battery from the boat. I used a heavy duty wet cell battery I used for a spare. I could go all night with 3 lights. I have a lithium battle born battery now for the camper. the price for one of these batteries will scare the birds away. I paid 950 dollars for it. it will be a long time before we see more of these batteries come down in price. I see more coming to market but don't match up with the battle born. I use now AGM in the boat one Vmaxx 100 AH, one 65 amp optima. I need another battle born for the camper. they have them now for 900 dollars. but waiting for them to come down a little more. I could build one for 600 dollars 200 amp lifepol4 to risky playing that game. if I got tired I just sit back and rest my eyes with the clicker set on the reel. when I here the clicker fish on. just hope I didn't have a rainbow on. I had no problem seeing in the dark. my eyes adjusted to darkness pretty fast. my flash light had a red plastic cover over it.
  14. Sk8man you had balls to fish with a 13 footer on Seneca at night. did you launch from Sampson to fish Dresden. I stayed on the east side and fished off willard a lot. as you know nice drop off in this area . I never used a Coleman lantern. to dangerous to use in a boat at night. lantern got to hot and brought in to many bugs. I used a 12 volt system with 20 watt bulbs connected to a 100 amp hour battery with bench shop lights. I clamped them to each side of boat and I tied off a floating light off the motor. I had bait all over the place front and back. could not catch a sawbelly with that net. I never went over to clarks marina. it was a big click. I stayed at the DEC launch site. I stayed overnight there too with my truck camper. only and hour and half ride from Arcade. back in those days. fishing was different. a generation of different fisherman. today its all geared up to see who can equipped their boat with all the fancy high tech toys that catch fisherman not fish. If I had the fish finder we use today and went out and Jig under the stars with the jig tipped with dead bait. we could catch fish this way. I know it will work. all you need is the 12 volt lighting system with 400 hundred feet of anchor rope. you could put that jig in the fish zone and see it on your fish finder. we had to use mini Seth green bait rigs to find the trout. I had 3 sowbellies tide to one pole. one pole on each side of boat. Lake trout were down about 70 feet. rainbows I tried to stay away from them. they made a mess out of everything. as you know. when you went out by yourself its was dangerous. when we were younger we didn't think about it.
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