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  1. Sampson looked better last week. Same conditions at launch ramp. Logs and debris. Who knows when the state will come in and clean it out.
  2. Seneca

    What we need here is Donald Trump. This guy knows how to do business. He would get us a nice marina and campground for under budget and built on time. Those two woman that came here have no idea whats going on. These two woman like to talk.
  3. Seneca

    All this place needs is a little dredging minor patch up around the marina and weed control and we could bring back the boaters. People have complained about the conditions of this marina now for 25 years. The state could care less. They drove out the boaters here. I use to keep my boat here too. The slip on the far north west corner. It sits now empty with weeds and a rotten dock. Who do you blame. Not the people that keep their boats here. The state. The slip you have your boat in now has change owners about 3 times the last 25 years. We saw this problem coming. Nothing got done about it because nobody cares. This is the best area on the lake to have a nice marina. We have some of the best fishing on the lake too. You don’t have to travel very far to find fish. A lake this size needs a marina in its mid section. We have the campground to bring in the people too. Fix the marina and boaters will come back and rent a slip. The campground is going down the same road too. This area needs a lot of money. Look what they did. Build 10 high class cabins so the people can come from all around the state to sip a little wine here. We sure have a bunch of stupid politicians in our state. All they know is tax the balls off the people. I had a post up about Allegheny state park with all the money they put in this park. There not done yet. They plan to put in over 10 million to dredge red house lake and build a new dam there too. This is tax payers money. What kind of money do they draw there to justify the cost for this project. Just campers. Somebody is playing politics here. Its time we all wake up and take a good look at all of them. If other areas of the state can get money we should too. A marina and campground pays for itself.
  4. Seneca

    I see no problem launching a 21ft boat. Be careful walking on the dock and securing your boat to the dock. The docks need major repair. You can see a lot when the marina is empty. Its time to fix this place or close it up. Safety first.
  5. Seneca

    Sampson I was down at the marina today to check out the condition of the launch ramp. dock looked warped and rotten. Water level in marina was low. Not a boat on the lake. I walked around the marina to check the condition of the place. This place is looking very deplorable to dock a boat hear. I wonder how long the state will keep this marina open. If we don’t see some improvement soon I don’t think this place will survive another winter. All the years I have been coming here this is the worst condition I have seen this marina. The new high class cabins are coming along nicely but the park roads took another set back from another winter. I got to get my buddy to get his boat out soon before I get snowed in. Today looked nice to be out there. High 63. 8 inches of snow the other day is almost gone now. What a screwy winter here. Over 100 inches of snow. I wonder what march will bring. My bees were out today looking for food. I had them up at the house looking for a snack. I think I will put out some feed for them tomorrow. Very strong hives for this time of year. Buds on the trees already.
  6. Seneca

    This park needs a lot of money for major improvement. The roads are deplorable. The plumbing system needs major improvement through out the Park. We could use better rest rooms too. Tree cutting and new gravel put in the campsites. The money they wasted on building 15 new high class cabins is a waste of money. They could have used it for major park repairs. The park across Sampson has cabins rentals. They hardly fill them up. The cabins Sampson has now only fill up during the weekend. Its New York State. We have to expect this kind of thinking from our elected officials. I don’t care what anybody thinks. Its all political. Have you been to Allegheny state park lately. The state pored millions into this park. Years ago the finger lakes region had the political pull to get state money. Today its different. I think its time the people that live in this part of New York State take a good look at your elected officials. If they cant come up with some state money for marina and campground improvement. Vote them out and put in new people that will represent our interest. If we cant get the money. New York City will spend it on crap they don’t need.
  7. Every 20 years our state constitution comes up for a vote. I think next year we can order the state to rewrite the constitution. We need more yes votes than no votes. Vote yes for a new state constitution. The Cadillac approach or nothing is a big joke. what do they want here. its a dirty shame to let this place rust away now.
  8. I still have a young heart too, but I listen to what my body tells me to do now. Anybody that takes medication and fishes in the hot sun all day is looking for trouble. I remember when I had to take the old guys off the lake early because he wasn’t feeling right. Now I know what he felt like.
  9. Ed it sounds like your getting old. That sun will put you in the grave. Try getting out early like 6 am off the lake by 10.30. better yet take up night fishing. I'm like you now. Cant take the heat no more. Could it be old age.
  10. SK8man I fished with 3 sawbellies per rod spaced 6 ft apart with 2 ft leads. When I found the depth the trout were at I fished with one bait. I fished with 2 rods. I was after lake trout. I hated rainbows. By the time I found out I had one on he made a mess out of everything. I set my sinker down to 70ft by watching my x15 paper machine. the other one down to 60ft and set my reels to free spool with the clicker holding it in place. Sit back and listen to some good music and wait till I hear the clicker go off on my reel. I Jig and watch the flasher now. The hell with the bait. Dead bait off a jig will work too but that mini seth rig was a big joke years ago. Its amazing now how the time have changed. I had no luck with my speed net catching saw bellies. They were to fast for me. I caught my bait with bread and tiny gold hooks. If they didn’t take the bread. I would snag the bait with the gold hook. The darker the better out there for me. Just me and the stars and the dog listening to the water splashing up against the boat. Let the sunshine boys get their beauty sleep while I’m out catching fish. Start trolling at 530 till mid morning. Go back to the camper to sleep till 4 or 5. You can get addicted to this kind of fishing. Its not meant for everybody. When I fished lake Erie steady for walleye at night. I watch the fisherman leave by 11 pm. By 1am only two of us were out there fishing. I never saw one boat on Seneca fishing at night. That lake can kick up fast at night. I liked to fish on the same side of the Sampson marina. I loved the west side off long point but if the lake kicked up it was ruff coming back 3 miles in ruff water. Good fishing off long point and Willard at night but no picnic when it got nasty. Canandaigua on the south end was no picnic when that lake kicked up too. I never caught fish at the drop off I had to go up past long point in the deeper water to find fish. Today I think they still have one guide going out at night there. Those other two guys you mentioned have been gone now since the 70s. The happy hooker charter if hes is still doing it works out of seager marina. I know this lake can be fished at night. The only difference today. The fisherman are not night people.
  11. Canandaigua and keuka are good lakes to fish at night. Seneca is different. This lake kicks up around midnight every night. I very seldom saw night guys out fishing this lake at night. Years ago night fishing was very popular with the old timers. All you need is a little common sense and know something about the lake and you can catch fish. If you decide to try fishing at night. You are on your own. Don’t depend on somebody to bail you out if you run into a problem. The techniques they used years ago are obsolete today. Never use a Coleman lantern in your boat at night. You could start a fire. Hot lanterns burn fishing line. They draw bugs in. You also loose your night vision too. Lanterns are to bright. Your eyes get use to darkness pretty fast. You want to keep them that way. Red light in the boat is the best for your night vision. You need about 500ft of good anchor line to hold your boat in 250ft of water. You have to fish around the moon. Never fish at night with a bright moon. Start with a new moon up to almost to half moon. Bait will never come up with a bright moon. Sawbellies stay deep. Darker the better for fishing. I use 12 volt 25 amp bench lights that clip on the side of boat. These lights are bright enough to bring up the bait. Years ago we used a speed net to catch a saw belly. These stinkers are to fast for a speed net. Like I said before. Bait is obsolete today. It will still work if you are rich and want to be a nurse keeping them alive all night. That’s up to you. My choice is a jig and flasher or use a good fish finder that can see your jig down to 80ft. Once you get the bait up. The trout will be below the bait. Put the jig down to the level the trout are. You are fishing the thermocline. Lakers will still stay in their comfort zone rainbows will come up and chase the bait around. Browns like to stay in the shallow water close to the bottom were they can find the thermocline. Start fishing now up to mid august. By September the bait and trout are to deep for lights to bring up the bait. The thermocline moves down. The way they use to fish canandaigua years ago. The went up to black point and moved south by the end of season. I could never figure out why they went up this far from the south end to fish at night when I went up to vine valley to fish in 150ft and still caught fish. I never fished on the weekend. I fished during the early part of week. I hardly saw fisherman out there. Never saw them on Seneca. Boy that lake is very dangerous at night. I fished worse. Lake Erie is the most dangerous of them all to fish at night. Any lake is dangerous at night. This game is not for everybody. I'm use to the night life. I worked all my life on the 3 shift at work. Now I prefer to sleep at night and get up at 530am to go out and fish till 10 am. Screw that hot weather. I look for shade around 11am. If you decide to try it. Take a partner out with you. I took people out with me but most of them cant stay up all night. My black lab and me were the only ones out. He slept most of the time till I pulled out some food. I had to feed him too.
  12. The state owns the park. They control all interest. Its only my opinion it could go private someday. I cant see some private outfit coming in and buying the marina and controlling it while the park stays with the state. I hope it stays the way it is now. If it ever goes private. It wont be the same. We need seasonal campsites here. The state don’t want to hear it. 30 years from now this place is going to have a different look to it. I see a beautiful marina along with seasonal campsites. I don’t think the state will have control of it. I wont be here to see it. This area is a gold mine for development. Money talks bull sh-it walks. All it takes is the right politician to come by. Once the area comes up with a master plan. Everything will fall in place. For now its all talk and no action. This is the best place on the lake to boat and camp.
  13. This comes as no news to me. The people that have kept their boats there including myself have complained about this problem now with the marina for 22 years. If they started this project 12 years ago. It wouldn’t cost so much to update it. The longer they wait this project will cost a lot more. I agree the state cant afford this kind of money for one place. Like I said before. Private money is the way to go. If we go private. I think the campsites will go private too. Give it 10 more years. The area is planing long term now. They haven’t figured out yet what they want to do with all the land from the military bases. Once they come up with a master plan. I think Sampson state park will be sold to a big land developer with lots of money. For now I would be happy to see the boat launch updated. Nothing fancy just a little blacktop spread around the area with a cheap fish cleaning station.
  14. I was looking at the marina last week. I see no work started yet. I think somebody is playing politics with this project. It makes more sense to start this project now than wait later. I heard its going to cost over 5 million to update the marina. That was figures 2 years ago. Now its probably over 8 million to update it. The longer they wait. This project will never get started. If you look around other state parks around our state. These parks are getting millions to improve their park. I heard last week. The state is going to start building some cabins along the lake soon. I heard we might have some kind of whi fi soon too. They are starting to put money in this park for the campers. Don’t get your hopes up for the marina. We might see the boat launch get updated. The rest of it will sit there and rust away till the next politician comes by and says he wants a new marina for Sampson. This park needs millions just to improve the campsite part of it. I think we might be better off looking for a private money to improve this marina. The state has the money but we don’t have enough political pull to get the money we need now. To many mouths to feed now.
  15. You gave me a couple magnum heads. I bought 30 more from capt John