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  1. You got RA all wrong. you have to live with it to understand it. its not the same in all people. every case is different. The drugs today help people live a normal life. years ago people suffered with RA. you might be right years ago. not today. medical science has help us out a lot. I believe 50 years from now people will have it better I was pulled off my drugs for two months this year for prostate cancer. radiation took care of it. I was glad to get back on my drugs. I feel like a normal man again. cost 7 grand every eight weeks. I thank god I have a good insurance. A lot of people are fighters with RA. you can't give up. it will get the best of you.
  2. people from rual NY state pay for NY city. that liberal cess pool sucks this state dry. they control our elections. this beautiful state we live in is not liberal its conservative NY. we have about 6 counties in this state that vote democrat. these counties all fight over who can get the free stuff from this state. on the western end we have Erie county and we have 5 other counties on the eastern end vote for these insects on the left. I live in the most conservative distract in this state Wyoming county. we can't stand these insects that run this state. we are trying to divide up this state. it could happened some day. I hope the federal gov don't bail out these 5 bankruptcy states. it would put the whole country in another Great Depression. what we need here is another Boston tea party. never give up your guns. buy more guns. comuo has no political capital to spend here. all he does is talk and take care of the special interest that keep him in power. we better get rid of him soon. I'm tired listen to him every day on his dog and phony show. its sickening. what a liar.
  3. I lived here for 67 years. my roots are to deep to pack up now and move to another state. if I pulled out of here I won't find any green pastures out there. NY is a beautiful state . we have everything here to make it better. this state is to liberal. if they moved to the center. we could solve a lot of our problems. look at the number of people that have left this state the last 5 years. wait to we see how many more will leave when this virus calms down. only way to fix this state . let in sink. get rid of the politicians that ran it into the ground. rebuild it from the bottom up. we need voter ID. then you will see these people get thrown out of office.
  4. I agree with Mitch McConnell. NY state should go bankrupt. why should the federal government bail us out. our state government put us in this mess we are in right now. this state tax the balls off the people that live here. they drive out industry with high taxes and foolish regulation that kill business. worst of all the special interest control this state. we had our chance 3 years ago to change our state constitution. what did the voters do. voted it down. we have to wait 17 years before we can vote again to change it. Cuomo won't go bankruptcy. he wants the United States to bail his mess out. who do you think put this state in this mess. him and the state along with the big special interest groups that control this state.
  5. sorry to hear you have a medical condition. I have one two. I have RA arthritis. the drugs I take puts me at high risk too. I keep my distance from human activity. I don't go to populated places. I watch myself like a hawk. I have lived this way for 18 years. I very seldom get sick. you can do the same thing too. be smart use common sense. you will be ok
  6. we can't hide from a virus. we have to get out and let our body get immune to it. if we sit the country will go down. your problem. you watch to much fake news
  7. more people die every year with heart, cancer, diabetes , auto accidents, hard drugs, no activity and the list goes on and on.
  8. why wait. open now. let people go back to work ,go out and do things. sitting in a house won't solve things. its only going to make things worse.
  9. something is down. you lol grow some skin
  10. people that make noise get something down. if you don't like noise maybe you should move to another country.
  11. I give the gov of Georgia credit for opening up his state. I wish our gov had his guts. The gov we have for our state is playing politics with this virus. all he does is talk and tell the people what they want to hear. the longer he can keep our state shut down the more federal aid we will get. any state that's 6 billion in the red can't fix there problem. if the people didn't complain we wouldn't have are launch ramps open. the model numbers are way off. how many people you think died because of this virus. I bet you about 10 thousand only. the rest died because people with serious medical history problems and life styles. the virus didn't kill them. I Think its time we open the state only and keep ny city shut down for another month. if you people want to sit in your house and hide from this virus ok with me. I want to get out and enjoy our short Summer we get here.
  12. Election Day is seven months away. do you think people will remember this BS. New York is liberal blue state. these people love democrats. I tell people if you don't know anything about your elected officals and believe me most of them don't have any idea how they vote for you because most people don't want to know because they are brainwashed by the media the TV you watch and the books they sell you. I will give you a tip. it only takes 5 minutes of your time. go to google put in the candidate name and look for his or hers voting record. if these people don't vote for your interest get rid of them. most politicians are liars. their voting record don't lie. what we need is term limits and voter ID. it can be done if people took 5 minutes of your time. nope people are to lazy. let somebody else do it for them.
  13. This virus is not going away soon. we have to be smarter than the virus. us common sense.
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