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  1. Samson park fishing

    fishing sampson from the wall can be tough. never fish it when the water is clear. fish it when the water is cloudy. Seneca is a bait tank lol.
  2. Sampson state park marina

    I learned years ago never listen to fishing reports. most of them aren't true and the better fisherman keep quiet. full time job can cut into a fishing business. you cant live on a charter business here. your full time job is more important. I wanted to have a charter boat on Seneca 30 years ago but my RR job stopped me from doing it. now that I'm retired and have all the time now to fish 24 hours a day retirement changed my lifestyle.
  3. Sampson state park marina

    If I had a charter boat at Sampson. I would try to lure in some of the tourist that come and go every day. I cant make no money by letting my boat sit. I have to be a little creative. start out by lowering my price to help lure my people I want to take out. offer a different style of fishing. if they want to pull copper, let them do that. offer night fishing for trout with live bait or Jig for them with our modern day fish finders at night under the lights or troll for them during the day. there is some limited perch fishing during the warmer months but thats hit and miss. tough racket.
  4. Sampson state park marina

    This lake is not dying. seneca lake has gone down a little but nothing like I saw back in the late 60s and early 70s due to lamprey kill and high pesticides from agriculture run off. The water quality has good down quite a bid today from more agriculture coming to the area years ago. hog farms and the return of more wineries. I think its time the EPA get to work here and start enforcing better water quality for Seneca and all finger lakes. I think the DEC should put the lake trout limit back to 3 fish limit again and return the fishing rod limit to 2 poles per man again. have you notice the decline too since they passed these two political laws from our liberal governor just to get more votes. we can't blame the Dec for high number of lamprey again. blame Mother Nature for bad weather when they want to apply the treatments. I havent fished Seneca much the last 2 years due to other interest but plan to get back again this spring and fish it hard. no way this lake is dying. I hope we can get our marina updated soon. we sure need it. lets get the road paved too. I still laugh at all the money they wasted for 10 high class cabins they could have used the money for other park projects. what we need here is Donald Trump lets make sampson beautful again. you can have those toxic dumps Great Lakes.
  5. Sampson state park marina

    if you like your site. mail it back to them right away. you have nothing to loose. something is going on here. I hope its for the better. every time we see changes it cost all of us more money to enjoy what we love to do.
  6. Sampson state park marina

    I thought the state owns the marina. it looks like the state is trying to get out of this marina mess they have created here from no maintance over the years. it sounds to me they have sold this place off to special interest. if they are trying to nogatiate a lease. we have a new owner here. 10 dollar fee to park a car. who knows whats in store for people who launch their boats here.
  7. Cleaning fish at the finger lakes

    I clean mine out in the middle of lake too. I don’t feel guilty about it. Its much easier on me than fooling around with newspaper and no water to clean them up on shore. Fish guts are biodegradable. They sink to the bottom of lake and other fish clean them up. Our great lakes are toxic dumps. All trout and walleye eat gobys. I haven’t heard of any fisherman dying from eating our fish from our lakes yet. Do I hear anybody complaining about our toxic weed pods floating on the lake and washing up on shore. This crap stinks and very toxic. Where does this crap come from. Agriculture run off. Do I here anybody complaining about our chemicals sprayed on our crops around the lake . This stuff runs off the land right into the lake. You give me a nice fish cleaning station at our boat ramps and I will bring what little fish I keep for myself back to shore. Fish guts pollute our lake. Lol. This what happens when people watch to much fake news and watch TV programing from the far left. They forgot how to think
  8. I like mustad short or long shank single barb hook. I file off the barb for easy fish release. I add hearing oil to the spoon for extra smell. Pro cure oils, hearing, rainbow trout or sawbelly flavor work for me. Small spoons 31 35 44 small shank, bigger spoons long shank. I like a peanut with a 24 inch leader tied off the hook to for more fish catching. The spoon does the attraction and the peanut catches the fish.
  9. Seneca lake new marina

    Lineman 49 I was surprised how much they changed the area. It looks much better than the old buffalo harbor we had years ago. I fished out of the old marina during the 70s. The area was old school. I had good times there. I got sick of it and moved west to Barcelona, much better fishing. I agree the old marina was much better. Get a season pass for launching and I could launch all I want. Old ramp was big and deep. You could launch 25 ft boats with the old ramp. The new marina is to high class for me. I live to far away now to fish that part of Lake Erie. I go to Barcelona now. When I lived in Tonawanda back in the 70s I used the free ramp at Ferry Street. Came up the river fish the fish market or go over on the Canadian side to fish for walleye. You need two fishing license if you fish the river. Caught hundreds of walleye at Waverly shoals back during the 70s. It’s cheaper now for me to drag my gear down to the Finger Lakes 2 hour drive. The marina at Sampson is still old school yet. Most of the old guys I meet here have passed on. This place is changing now. I see something big coming here. Who knows when we get it? Like you said they want it their way. This place sucks now from Friday to late Sunday. Only time to fish now, Monday till Thursday. Boat sits on the trailer during weekends. I let the experts use the lake. This lake looks like the Daytona 500 on weekends.
  10. Cleaning fish at the finger lakes

    What we need is fish cleaning stations around our state parks. A two dollar tax on our fishing license would help pay for the stations. I’m mostly a catch and release fisherman. Once in awhile I will bring back a few fish that I know won’t stay alive when I release it. I take the head off gut it out leave the skin on and throw it in the cooler with ice to help keep it fresh. The head and guts go in the lake over deep water. It makes no since to bring dead fish back to the campground clean it and throw the guts in the dumpster on a hot day. The dumpster will stink draw rodents and coons to it. A fish cleaning station makes more since than a crazy law like this. This law started back during the 70s when our sports fishing were booming along Lake Erie and Ontario. Our sportsman clubs lobbied for a fish cleaning law to help control the fisherman who cleaned their fish out on the lake. If these people lobbied for a fish cleaning stations. 99 percent would bring their catch back with them and clean them right at the station. No law just common sense fishing.
  11. Seneca lake new marina

    The buffalo small boat harbor is run by the Niagara transportation authority. They sucked the taxpayers dry for their new harbor. They tried to copy the same setup they have down in western Ohio now around Port Clinton. Buffalo waterfront is too small to have a harbor like that. I hope the city of Geneva use a little common sense if they do decide to build a new marina. Keep it small about 50 slips. My wife and I use the walking trail all the time when we are here.
  12. Seneca lake new marina

    It’s a dirty shame the state is letting the Sampson marina rust away. We need state money here. Yesterday they had a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new high class cabins they just built here. I didn’t go to the ceremony my wife did. They had all the big shots there promoting their new cabins. I’m glad I didn’t go. They would have thrown me out. I would let them all know how I feel about wasting 3 million of our money on new cabins we don’t need here when the rest of the park needs major repair money to upgrade this place. I guess we can expect this kind of thinking when we have a bunch of morons from the left spending our money. We need a new way of thinking in New York State. The Geneva water front is city money. So far I think they have done a very nice job trying to improve their waterfront. Do we really need a new marina when they have one up there now? They need something big to draw a lot of people to the area. This lake needs a marina half way down the lake. My wife did say something to them about the Sampson marina. They said they are trying to do something about the Sampson problem. they sure are trying when they just spent 3 million on 10 new cabins. The friend of Sampson was there too. 25 years now we have been trying to get state money to improve this marina. It’s still rusting away in very deplorable condition. 3 million could have gone a long way around here updating this park like roads new stone in the camping area tree cutting and improvements around the campground.
  13. Check your leaf springs lol

    Who knows what caused this accident here. It could be an overloaded trailer. I see a lot of undersized trailers on the road today. Boat dealers sell undersized trailers all the time to help keep the cost down. Buying an undersized trailer is the worst thing you can put under your boat. You are looking for trouble. Be leave me I see a lot of them on the road today. I oversize my trailer one thousand pounds. First thing you must know. The weight of you boat when its empty. Then the weight of your motor and kicker if you use one. Add the weight of your gas with a full tank and all your gear for the boat. If your trailer is rated for 3 thousand pounds and you boat load is close to this number. Your trailer will handle this load for a few years. But over time your trailer will began to weaken a little. One way to look for trailer problems. Look at your tires. If they show abnormal ware on them. This is a warning. Most boaters over look this. Its an accident waiting to happen. Spend the extra dollars for an over size trailer. Your money ahead. I don’t think broken springs caused this accident. It so easy to spot broken springs. Look on the side of one. You can see them broken. The trailer spring u bolt is the part you must check once a year. If its loose tighten it or replace it. Check the bolt on top of it. Broken u bolts cause broken trailer springs. You have to check them. Go to a truck stop with your boat and get it weighed. You might be a little surprised to see how much weight you are overloaded.
  14. Sampson looked better last week. Same conditions at launch ramp. Logs and debris. Who knows when the state will come in and clean it out.
  15. Seneca Sampson

    What we need here is Donald Trump. This guy knows how to do business. He would get us a nice marina and campground for under budget and built on time. Those two woman that came here have no idea whats going on. These two woman like to talk.