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  1. I don't use smelly jelly. I use pro-cure. Herring oil. I also use rainbow trout oil too. they have alewife oil . Pro-cure is probably the best product on the market. go to their web page and see what they have to offer.
  2. I use a plain peanut no skirt with 3 beads with a single hook. smelly jelly. pro-cure herring oil, rainbow trout good stuff.
  3. Real turnover doesn't start till the surface temp warm up to 55 degrees down to 40 to 50 feet. we wont get these kind of temps till late may early June. once we get a real lake turnover we see some silting on the surface of lake. after turnover the thermocline starts to set up. warm water we get now will be around cloudy muddy water were you can find some stream run off. clear water right now is very cold. LT deep now RT LL and BT will be in close to shore or fish with down riggers up high.
  4. Super ski is still the best if they still make them. mine sit in the basement now. what I like about them they go out to the side with very little pull on the mast. I could pull small divers off them too. what I didn't like about them. in very ruff water. the boards dive down when I made a sharp turn in ruff water. I hardly use them on the fingers lakes. I use them mostly for Lake Erie walleye fishing. I have the small board too. they work but I think there very over priced for what you want them to do. you can take a small noodle foam cut it up to the right length you want and run your deep diver off this setup. I use the deep six the magnum one that can dive to 100 ft. I let the foam back far enough away from all other lines. it caught fish.
  5. your state don't have any bodies of water to fish. LOL. look on your state map. up north on Lake Erie you have north east, 30 miles west, you have the marinas off Erie, go another 30 miles west you have Walnut Creek and go another 15 miles you have nice launch ramps area on the Ohio PA border. lets go south now. south west area of your state you have two nice reservoirs with very good crappie fishing, along with some walleye fishing. I know you have more reservoirs in your state too. 3 more just south of corning NY. you also have the allegany also for walleye and some crappie. LOL. you come to the finger lakes because you want to fish. we have cleaner water. LOL. Dude get off the computer and discover your state a little. you have a lot down there. LOL
  6. This state will never approve fracking. we allow gas drilling here but its very limited. I live 2 miles from two natural gas wells. there very clean and we have no problem with our ground water. I wouldn't worry about the fingers lakes region starting natural gas drilling. there economy is built around the beauty of their lakes and drawing people to the area. more money to be made with tourism. PA is a much different state compared to NY. PA is an oil state. NY is not. we care more about clean water and clean air. thats why PA fisherman come here to camp and fish. we have cleaner water and streams. I favor limited fracking but only in remote areas away from people because they have to depend on their ground water to survive. I have wind mills in my area also. they collect a lot of energy but we don't see the benefits here. the energy is sent down state. some people are trying to promote solar here but that will never work here because we hardly get any sun. I think the best way to go is coal burning power plants because its very clean with the pollution equipment installed. forget about going green. somebody is having a wet dream on the far left.
  7. I'm no jigger. you know more about it then me. I troll. maybe somebody can clime in here and help you out who likes to jig. sheldrake is a good area to jig. just move around till you find the depth you need to get fish.
  8. I prefer sheldrake over deans cove area. sheldrake has more structure. troll in 150 on bottom and head south about 2 miles. this area can produce a lot of fish if its not to windy. the contour in front of deans can be good too but you have to troll north to find flat bottom. the secret you have to be on the bottom. fish are there, but you can't see them on the TV. most of fish will be on the smaller size around 18 to 25 inches. its very rare you will get anything bigger then this. big fish are there but all they do is follow your lure.best lures to use is dead bait and the peanut. this type of fishing is skilled fishing. you have to know something about the bottom of lake. if its to windy. you wont be able to keep your lure on the bottom. troll speed must be slow . to fast of speed you can keep lure on the bottom. I know those fish are there. you just have to find them. it sounds to me you like to jig. fish the structure. you will catch fish if you can find them.
  9. surface temp about 36 degrees. you have to find warmer water. bait and trout will be down with it. 39 degree water is the warmest water in the lake right now. 150 to 200 ft on the bottom. this time of year fish can be pretty easy to get if you know how to fish the bottom contour. if I launch out of deans cove and went over to long point and started fishing in 150 on bottom. I will have my limit.
  10. if we get another damp cold spring and can't treat. we have more lampreys in the lake. when can they start treating. our best weather around here is July thru sept.
  11. Iets have a lamprey tournament. the best garbage can with the heaviest weight wins. sell the crap to the highest bidder who loves to eat them.
  12. I know our weather the past 5 yrs has been pretty bad during the spring with heavy rain. high stream flow washes out the chemical. we have to do something different. who knows what kind of weather we will get this spring. with a mild winter now. I think we are in for another damp cold spring again. if we don't treat. more lampreys will enter the lake. that why I'm trying to preached to everyone here we have to do something different. it means more money. different ideas.
  13. The treatment we have now is not working. some parts of this world. people pay big money to get their hands on this crap for food. this small pile of lampreys is nothing. just think what the lake look like with all of them in it. I think the government has done a better job with the help from Canada to control them in Lake Ontario. we have to do something different here. I heard they have a newer and better chemical to treat lampreys. the cost is twice as much. this state is broke. we have to get the money from other independent sources to treat this problem. man created this problem back around 1830 when the canal went through. man should be able to solve this problem. it takes brains and people that want to work together. most of us here will never see the good old days of Seneca lake trout fishing again. I still remember what the lamprey did to this lake 50 yrs ago. now we have to rebuild it again. with our big fat state government that can't add two numbers together. where will the money come from. it time we make the DEC an independent department from all state programs. I'm willing to pay 50 dollars a year for a fishing license. we could get independent money from other donors to help pay for sportsman programs in our state that want to have good hunting and fishing. it could be done real easy if we wanted to do it.
  14. nice looking trout. I see no lamprey marks.
  15. President trump tried getting the American people some help 3 months ago. Democrats kicked the bill down the road. you say we must work together. I agree. we tried working together. it has to be the democrat way. look at the federal deficit. 28 trillion. how long can we live with this. once the interest rates go up. buy buy economy and everything in it. I'm thinking about the children born today. what kind of world they will live it. I think its time we stop our foolish spending and start living within our means. if we can't come up with a sensible budget. shut the government down. we don't need it. I'm glad you brought that up about our intelligent voters putting these people in power. if any of them had any brains we wouldn't have them coming up with these foolish spending bills. I think its time we cut the crap out of the government. cut out all the pork and get rid of all the deadbeats. lets open up the country now. get the government out of the private sector and let the people have full control of themselves. we don't need another spending bill. we need people that know how to lead. for your information president Trump will be re elected next year.
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