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  1. Ray4852

    Sammy pac spoons

    The silver plating on Sutton spoons are terrible. look on eBay you might be able to find some old miller flutter spoons.
  2. Ray4852


    I'm not stuck in the past. football is won with big lines and giving the quarterback more time to get rid of the ball you might be right about the quarterback getting rid of the ball quicker. the plays he makes is little league football. short pass here another pass there. you call this football. I believe in big lines to protect the quarterdeck. give him more time to get the pass off. I want to see more Conrad Dobler style linemen out there. you take a cheap shot at my quarterback i will get even with you. to many cheap penalties destroying the game today.
  3. Ray4852


    anybody thinks the pats have a weak line you don't know football very well. if the pats had a weak line they wouldn't be on top of their division every year. offensive and defensive lines win football games. no line you cant win a game. the game is won in the trenches. these guys get beat up every play and get no credit for it. the coach and quarterback get all the glory. the media with the cameras show it to us every play. we have to watch the coach and seconds later the quarterback. it looks like a beauty contest to me. the guys on the line get called for a cheap penalty because he touch the quarterback. football is turning into a game of cheap penalties. if the pass receiver cant catch the ball the fans want the ref to call a penalty. back to the bills games, we should have beaten Dallas in the second game. the redskins beat us in the trenches. those other two game we could have one but the coaching was much better from NY and Dallas.
  4. Ray4852


    The bills went to 4 straight super bowls and lost all four. they should have one 2 of them. one problem with this club. they got beat at the line of scrimmage. big lines win football games. all the fans know who the quarterback is.
  5. Ray4852


    Brady has a line. if he didn't he wouldn't be playing football today. football games are won at the line of scrimmage. no line your quarterback is useless. Brady was drafted around the 8th round I think. that's good drafting. best players come from the later rounds of draft. its all about scouting and know what kind of player you are getting. most of those high round picks last a few years and gone from football.
  6. Ray4852


    The problem with the bills this year. they didn't have an offensive line and pass receivers. if Brady played here they would Cary him off the field. we have a quarterback now. he missed 5 games because he likes to run all over the field. he will learn how to stay in the pocket when he gets a line in front of him. Brady has a good line to protect him.
  7. Ray4852


    If the pats didn't draft well they wouldn't be on top every year. NFL is not like MLB. NFL share TV money. every team has the same salary cap. MLB don't have a salary cap. big markets like Boston and NY can go out and buy the best players. Red sox bought the world series last year, they have an owner who knows how to spend money in a big market. Take a small market like Cleveland Indians they have to draft and develop their players. end of their time they trade them for more prospects. big markets like Boston and NY can sign them. its all who drafts the best. New England.
  8. Ray4852


    If Tom Brady wore a bills uniform he wouldn't last 19 years. The pats have a better organization. they know how to draft and get the best out of their players. The pats have the best coach in football and a smart owner who wants to win. The bills have a terrible organization the last 19 yrs. all they care about is selling tickets and filling the stadium. They have a new owner now. he wants to win. Buffalo has the best young coach right now. A good draft they could take over their division. Pats fans you are all spoiled. your like The NY Yankees. you think you should win it all every year. I think the pats will win the super bowl again this year. If tom brady is smart he should retire and walk out in good health. next year Look for Buffalo to win their division. you New England fans get your hanky out and wipe the tears away. your at the end of your time now. its time to let somebody else win.
  9. Ray4852


    The game is about money. money controls professional sports. someday every play will be controlled by a computer. people put big money on these games. if the ref makes a mistake. the people complain because they lost money on the game. The people are brain dead. all they worry about is there lost bet. if you put thousands on a game and loose on a play that was an honest mistake. you would be nutty too. not me I don't gamble. its only a game. pro football is the most croup sport of them all. the super bowl is the biggest gambling day in pro sports. I don't watch it. its a lousy products. I watch my old western movies of the 1950s instead.
  10. Ray4852


    I wanted KC to win too. The pats have a good team. we cant take it away from them. every year they draft on the bottom of the list. they keep coming up with good players. best quarterback and coach in the game. there getting old. good football organization. I don't know who will replace them when they go down. it could be Buffalo in their division. it looks like they have a good quarterback now. they need an offensive line and a few good receivers.
  11. Ray4852

    Sampson State Park photo update

    no matter what happens some of us wont like the changes they make, that's life. The one thing I know. every time they make a major improvement like this. its going to cost more money to enjoy what we like to do.
  12. Ray4852

    Fish hawk probe .

    save your money. you can see the thermocline on your fish finder.
  13. Ray4852

    Sampson State Park photo update

    I checked out the marina last week. its looking good. I talked to somebody and ask him when will we be able to launch our boats. He didn't know. I ask someone else and he said late May or June. my guess who knows. I will just have to use the state park up north to launch. This place needs a lot of work to get it done by may.
  14. Ray4852

    No Perch in Canandaigua Lake

    This crap has been going on for over 70 years. its all political. The dec can stop it but they need a signature from our state brain dead government to make it a new law. no sale of pan fish in NEW York State. will it happen, not in our lifetime. the special interest run the show while the rest of us pay up the you know what in high taxes. we had our chance two years ago to change our state constitution. what did the voters do. vote it down. so we have to wait 18 years now before we can vote again. most of us probably wont be hear. we need a voter ID law now. our state is looking like California if we don't do something about it now. we wont have any good fishing left.
  15. Ray4852

    Good read

    Nice looking Victrola. I bet you got it from the old timer from Penn yan. I had one of those automatic reels. I sold it cheap to an old timer at the launch ramp. If you break the spring on the Victrola. its very hard to fix. two turns on the handle is all i need to keen tension on the spring all season.