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  1. what do you mean by the good old days. I think most of us never saw the good old days on Seneca. we have to go back about 100 years to compare the fishing we have today. this lake is not dead. we still have fish in it. number one problem. the lampreys, DEC has done a great job trying to control them but still need better lamprey treatment. farm run off, to many boats that discharge gas and oil into the lake and poor septic management around the lake. we can blame acid rain too. I started fishing this lake around 1967. this lake had big trout but the trout had lamprey scars that made you sick to look at a nice lake trout. back in those days the fishermen had a different feeling and opinions about their fishery too. today a lot of people have become to spoiled to respect a great fishery. it took many years to rebuild the Seneca lake trout fishery. it was nice to see 35 inch trout come back to this lake. all I heard around this board and a few others is lake trout is a junk fish. they don't fight. we have to many of them in the lake. not enough bait. we need more browns and landlocks because they put up a better fight. I hate to say it. the good olds days are gone. we won't see it again anytime soon. it takes many years to build a lake trout fishery. none of us won't see it again during our lifetime. be happy if you go out and catch 10 fish days. your dong good. be happy if the fish are around 20 inches. I think what we should do now is roll back some of our fishing regulations to two rods per man. 2 lake trout per day and start a slot limit of 23inch and bigger must go bake to the lake. we also need better lamprey control. I think we need to look at all streams that run into this lake get some kind of barrier to prevent lampreys from going up the streams. all we treat now is the keuka outlet and the big stream at the south end of this lake. we need to do something different.
  2. what we need is a better lamprey treatment. the one we use now works but need the right weather to work. we can stock more fish. if we cant get a handle on the lamprey. they kill them too. I think we have a better treatment but too expensive right now.
  3. I think the problem with Seneca is the lamprey. DEC cant get the right weather to apply the chemical to kill the lamprey larva. what we need is a good period of dry weather. two much rain the last 5 years. I think the water quality has goon down quite a bit too. to much farm run off into the lake. I haven't fished Seneca much the last two years but I believe we still have a decent number of lake trout in this lake. fisherman got spoiled catching 30 fish days and now can only get a few. something happen. I think the lakers moved down a little deeper. too deep for most fisherman to go after. this lake is to big and to deep to say we don't have any trout. but those lampreys can do a lot of damage if the dec cant get a hold on them. I think you still remember what the lamprey did to this lake back in the 60s and early 70s. they destroyed the lake trout. it took a long time for the trout to comeback. its was nice to see a decent number of wild lake trout in this lake a few years ago
  4. I don't agree a walleye fishery can destroy a trout fishery. Lake Ontario is loaded with trout and salmon. have you ever fished walleye on Lake Ontario. you can catch walleye 15 pounds. I use to fish the oswego river. you can pull big walleye out of there during the early spring. Lake Huron is loaded with walleye and trout. look at Lake Erie. The states of Ohio and PA stock rainbow trout very heavy in Lake Erie. have the walleye destroyed the trout nope. A lake like keuka use to be loaded with native lake trout. walleye fishery here won't hurt this lake. I think a small walleye fishery could help this lake. walleye will eat some of those little trout in this lake and the trout will control the walleye also. when finished we could have fewer trout but bigger trout. the problem today. we only bicker back and forth. that's why we cant get anything done.
  5. I started the walleye talk on this thread. years ago we had a nice walleye fishery on canadagua lake. I saw the tail end of it during the later 60s. it was very popular on that lake. the old timers fished for them at night with lights hanging over the boat. they caught nice size walleye and trout there. the walleye and trout manage to live together. lake trout in that lake were big. plenty of bait. as the lake started to develop around the lake the walleye fishing decline and the fishery died out. our fingers lakes today is mostly trout and some panfish. I think the DEC could take one of these lakes and turn it in to a walleye lake no trout just walleye add the right bait and see what happens. keuka and canadagua I think could work. we need a good walleye lake. just a thought. we need a good walleye lake in one of these finger lakes. I think we have enough trout. walleye are good eating. the local economy would benefit too.
  6. I see we have four launch pads with one dock down the middle and one on each side of the marina. the two outer ones could be used for bigger boats and the wood dock down the middle for smaller boats. I know what's going to happen here. everybody is going to rush to the middle dock. those outer pads will be tough for people that have a bad back or knees to get in and out of a boat. the launch pads are nice. the material on the pad will make it easier with somebody with a big motorhome or truck camper to launch. they won't slide. but overall I'm very pleased with this project I'm very gratefull to see somebody come in and put money in this place. we needed it.
  7. looks great. cant wait to dry out the new ramp. got to get off the soap box and start fishing.
  8. Fisherdude if you got out and moved around the public you might come to your senses' get a trump hat and see if I'm all BS. people love that trump hat.
  9. you are right. do we really need a congress
  10. who do you think the Republican Party is, people like me who support trump. theres more trump supporters, more supporters than you think. I run into ages 18 to 25 and most of them are between 55 and 80 years of age who support trump. how I meet them ware my trump hat. they know what kind of man they are dealing with when they come up and talk with me. we all have the same political views. we are a very potent group. the younger ones are a little different. they come up say they like my hat. they like what trump is doing for them. they all want jobs. they just keep quiet. some of you think I'm radical;. I got news for you. I'm mild compared to what I have run into. if we let the republican establishment pick the candidate they want. you would see a revolution. we put trump in because we are sick and tired of seeing what the two party system is doling to this country. the people are starting to come our way. its getting better out there. people are scared to talk about it. they want some one to lead them. its human nature. the weak will always follow the strong ones.
  11. we had eight years of government economics under Obama. did it work. he created more welfare and paid people to stay home not to work. this moron claimed to be the man for the middle class. he killed the middle class. what's left of the middle class they paid the bill. he drove out our corporations with foolish regulations that kill business. you want more of this kind economics. yes we need 6 more years of trump and give me 8 years of pence also. by the time pence is done I will probably be in the bone yard. god help us if we put in another democrat. its time to get rid of them and replace them with a party with common sense and will honor our bill of rights and constitution.
  12. the only guy shaming trump is you. put two thousands in any working class people pocket is a lot of money. if you live in ny that's about a grand in their pocket. you go south you will get the full benefit. give the corporations bigger tax cuts. they will give it to there employees and build more factories in the us. when you tax them they move out. remember the rich put food on our tables not the government. government is mans worst enemy.
  13. this is the report I got today off Fox News. trump cancelled the mission 10 minutes before the planes took off. he called one of his top military men and ask him how many lives would be lost if he ordered a strike. 150 lives lost. cancel the mission. one drone shot down is not worth 150 lives. this man cares about humanity. if we hit Iran what do we get out of it nothing. all we do is rebuild them and let our country rot away some more. this man does not play with a loose cannon. he thinks before he does stuff. that's why he's number one in my book. the people that want a war is the democrats. we have nothing here to loose over a drone. we got Iran where we want them. just wait them out and they will come and talk.
  14. I know my history. what do we have to gain by fighting another war over there. if we have to fight a war let the jews do it. I wouldn't worry about a world war. nobody wants one. who can stand up to our military today. china now way, Russia. they have a few missiles but most of them will be blown up before they fire them. I don't work for nobody.
  15. our problem with Iran has been going on now since the days of jimmy Carter. he helped put that radical group in power that run this country today. when the shaw had control of Iran. that country had it pretty good. the globest took the shaw out of power because he wanted to build the worlds biggest plastic plant in the world over there. I don't think trump wants to get in another war over there. let the jews do it.
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