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  1. Ray4852

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    lucky13 I never talked to a fisheries manger. what I think of them. they are very book smart. they live by the fisheries book. and my opinon there like a college professor. when you get done talking to them you won't have any brains left to think. do you remember that pacific herring bait we had up on Lake Ontario. good tough bait. the best bait for brining. one slab would last all day. did they get political with that bait. they said that bait carried a virus that could kill king salmon. anybody believe that BS was probably from another galaxy. that bait was taken away from the fisherman. then they sold the Atlantic herring for a few years. then we had the sawbelly left to use. good bait but not as tough like the herring. I wonder where they got the sawbelly from. our finger lakes or Great Lakes. I will tell you one thing. commercial sowbellies are a lot better brining yourself than catching them yourself and brining. commercial ones come brined but they still need more brining to get them perfect. its been over 8 years since I bought a case of commercial brined sawbellies. my receipt fell apart. the ink wore off the receipt. I only have two packs left. I didn't major in biology when I was in school. all I know. when we have a disease it dies when we die. don't you think its the same for fish also. brining only cures the bait and make it tough. my sawbellies are 5 times harder than the commercial ones I buy. last case cost me 40 dollars. I think its double now. don't worry about the moderator. I think he's pretty level headed here. my kind of guy.
  2. Ray4852

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    lucky13 your post makes me laugh. do you fish or pretend you are a fisherman posting on a fishing board. for your information I'm a true sportsman. what I'm worried about here is people like you that have no clue what you are talking about. one thing I agree with you; taking bait to a man made pond and using it. I would never use it there. No such thing as under brine bait. where did you get that information from. pike roam all of the Great Lakes and we have them in our finger lakes too. have the pike destroyed our lakes. disease that get in our lakes is caused by man not some fisherman using brine bait. man pollutes everything on this earth. not some fisherman using brine bait. its human nature today to screw the little guy to death because most of them are to stupid to know whats going on. like I said this bait law sucks. it put most of our small tackle shops out of business. years ago we had small shops all over selling live bait and tackle and we didn't have all the problems we have today. our government allowed this dumping into our lakes thats why we have these problems. only bait I use is certified brine sowbellies thats it. you cary my receipt for me.
  3. Ray4852

    Lake trout from Cayuga,

    Lake trout are good eating. they break down pretty fast when you throw it in the cooler. bleed it and pack it in ice right away. 20 inches is the biggest one I will keep for dinner. bake it in tin foil over coals. they melt in my mouth. up to 23 inches. I smoke them. any thing bigger. I throw back in the lake.
  4. Ray4852

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    The dec made a political mess out of the bait business in New York state. if you get caught violating any bait law you will pay a fine. the system stinks its out to get you. govern yourself use common sense. yes you can use any bait that comes out of the same lake you caught it from. don't take it to fish another lake. if you want to use dead bait buy it brined. you can buy brined sowbellies buy the case. I don't keep my receipt. a case will last a long time. I don't let them know I use it. keep it out of sight. no harm fishing with brine bait. you buy minnows. you better have your receipt.
  5. Ray4852

    Drifting Live Bait for Trout

    You will never get down to 100ft with 2 onces of lead drifting. you need wire line and 12 to 16 ounces of lead to drift light wind on Seneca. if you want to fish with 2 ounces of lead. you have to anchor your boat. fishing with live bait is very good way to fish for trout. why use live bait. dead bait is better. try using a quick fish, flat fish. peanut , apex or dry drifting with any kine of dead bait. buying a bucket of live fresh sawbilles is very expensive.
  6. Ray4852

    New York/Pa. Kinzua, Resevior

    how many fishing license you need that depends where you fish. if you fish pa, you only need a pa license. if you fish the Indian reservation you only need an Indian license. New York license only cover about 3 miles of the reservoir. Best time to fish this place is during the early spring on the Indian side of it. some fishing during late spring in pa fishing the channel. July is for the party boaters. you want my opinion. go fish Lake Erie for walleye.
  7. Ray4852

    Rather disturbing info

    Pap I didn’t think your pineapple post was funny. I agree with you 100 percent. We banned DDT yrs ago in the united state because it was very toxic. We should’ve banned it from the face of the earth. We turned around and sold it to other countries around the world. They use it now to spray on their crops and sell the product back to us. Our big chemical companies control all the chemicals in the world today. Big one now is the GMO. They are just starting to seep into the earth. Special interest groups have a big hold on the media today. They won’t tell the American people the real truth because our media is controlled by the democrat party. Why do you think we have a lot of cancer? 100 yrs ago a man and woman looked very thin. Today they look big and round because of all the chemicals and food growth hormones they put in our beef and chickens. We don’t feed our animals the natural way anymore we fatten them up with chemicals. A lot of people today mostly rural are growing their own fruit and vegetables and raising their own beef and chickens.
  8. Ray4852

    Rather disturbing info

    Gill-T The daily messenger is fake news. 95 percent of the media in the United States is controlled by the democrat party. they control the EPA and the FDA. our lakes didn't become polluted by climate change and coal usage. they got polluted by people from the EPA that didn't do their job. you can blame the special interest here. my opinion Canandaigua got polluted by to much development and over populated boat usage. we can blame farm run off too. years ago we sprayed DDT. this ran into the lake and we needed a fish consumption law. LT over 25 inches eat one per month. I release the bigger fish and keep the little fish 15 to 20 inches to eat. they havent killed me yet. you cant beat finger lakes trout. they melt in my mouth. I love them backed and smoked. best eating in the world. Seneca lake fish are safer to eat. I eat the small fish here also. they haven't killed me yet. we cant find any water on our planet that has clean safe water. man polluted everything. I won't listen to articles like this. I use common sense on everything I do today. screw the media.
  9. Ray4852

    Rather disturbing info

    This is old news. I laugh at this far left propaganda. these people that write these articles are lost out in left field. most of them believe in their BS. these people won't tell us the real truth. they get paid to spread the BS around. you think I listen to this crap. the air I breath, the water I drink, the food I eat and the list goes on and on. the food we get from the super market is killing us not the fish we get from our fishing hole. I eat finger lakes trout. I don't eat them everyday. trout from Seneca won't kill you. fake news is killing you. go out enjoy you sport. catch lots of fish and if you want to eat a few. go ahead. turn off the fake news. people are brain dead today because of it.
  10. Ray4852

    Samson park fishing

    fishing sampson from the wall can be tough. never fish it when the water is clear. fish it when the water is cloudy. Seneca is a bait tank lol.
  11. Ray4852

    Sampson state park marina

    I learned years ago never listen to fishing reports. most of them aren't true and the better fisherman keep quiet. full time job can cut into a fishing business. you cant live on a charter business here. your full time job is more important. I wanted to have a charter boat on Seneca 30 years ago but my RR job stopped me from doing it. now that I'm retired and have all the time now to fish 24 hours a day retirement changed my lifestyle.
  12. Ray4852

    Sampson state park marina

    If I had a charter boat at Sampson. I would try to lure in some of the tourist that come and go every day. I cant make no money by letting my boat sit. I have to be a little creative. start out by lowering my price to help lure my people I want to take out. offer a different style of fishing. if they want to pull copper, let them do that. offer night fishing for trout with live bait or Jig for them with our modern day fish finders at night under the lights or troll for them during the day. there is some limited perch fishing during the warmer months but thats hit and miss. tough racket.
  13. Ray4852

    Sampson state park marina

    This lake is not dying. seneca lake has gone down a little but nothing like I saw back in the late 60s and early 70s due to lamprey kill and high pesticides from agriculture run off. The water quality has good down quite a bid today from more agriculture coming to the area years ago. hog farms and the return of more wineries. I think its time the EPA get to work here and start enforcing better water quality for Seneca and all finger lakes. I think the DEC should put the lake trout limit back to 3 fish limit again and return the fishing rod limit to 2 poles per man again. have you notice the decline too since they passed these two political laws from our liberal governor just to get more votes. we can't blame the Dec for high number of lamprey again. blame Mother Nature for bad weather when they want to apply the treatments. I havent fished Seneca much the last 2 years due to other interest but plan to get back again this spring and fish it hard. no way this lake is dying. I hope we can get our marina updated soon. we sure need it. lets get the road paved too. I still laugh at all the money they wasted for 10 high class cabins they could have used the money for other park projects. what we need here is Donald Trump lets make sampson beautful again. you can have those toxic dumps Great Lakes.
  14. Ray4852

    Sampson state park marina

    if you like your site. mail it back to them right away. you have nothing to loose. something is going on here. I hope its for the better. every time we see changes it cost all of us more money to enjoy what we love to do.
  15. Ray4852

    Sampson state park marina

    I thought the state owns the marina. it looks like the state is trying to get out of this marina mess they have created here from no maintance over the years. it sounds to me they have sold this place off to special interest. if they are trying to nogatiate a lease. we have a new owner here. 10 dollar fee to park a car. who knows whats in store for people who launch their boats here.