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  1. wife and I went for a 2 hour ride to Seneca today. The black lab needed a swim. I walk around the marina. there doing a very nice job. this will be a first class marina when its done. cant wait. nobody out fishing. lake very calm.
  2. yes we can meet up. i.m there about 5 weeks during the summer and fish two or more days with short trips a lot. I haven't done much fishing the last two years. what did you here. I wont listen to rumors. I learned to wait and see, I fished out of deans two years ago. I saw the machine they put in there. nobody there so I launch anyway. I hung my Sampson pass in my truck window. no problem. i'm sure somebody over there checked me out.
  3. sk8man why did you get that passport. you don't need it.
  4. New York state lost about 170 thousand residents last year. anybody here can figure out why we lost so many people because the people that live here have their heads in the democratic toilet. people it only takes 5 minutes of your time to go to google put in your state official name and all the information will come out about him. none of these democrats do a thing for us. all they do is come here and tell us what we want to here. this state is so politically divided and rotten to the core but the people continue to put this crap back in office. its time to get rid of the Democratic Party. we live in a beautiful state the democrat Aholes are destroying it.
  5. some of you guys should wait and see what happens here. like I said before anytime we get any kind of major improvement like this. its going to cost us a few dollars more out of our pocket. be glad somebody came in here and decided to put money in this place. I hope it stays the way its been but I don't think so. anybody who's 62 and older don't need the empire passport. just show them your drivers license and you get a ticket. Monday thru Friday only. we have to pay on holidays and weekends. you have to be a NY resident also if you get a state campground you can launch at any state park too. just show them your pass. what I;m worry about. my black lab needs about 4 swims a day. I hope they don't screw up the doggie beach on the south end of marina. those doggies won't like it.
  6. 70 years of fishing. God bless you. I hope you can stay healthy and fish 70 more years. not many men last that long fishing out of a boat Today. I think we should meet up someday and talk about the past years that went on during the Seneca lake fishery. today a lot different compared to what we had to go thru to learn how fish this lake. those old timers back in those days were a different breed. That old system was better. it weeded out the bad ones and the stronger ones survived. much better system compared to what we have today. why do you think our country is going to the dogs because people have it to easy. I think your about 73 lol.
  7. our climate is very cold here. 8 months of cold temps. i wont fish suspended fish during this period because water temp is to cold. bait and fish like the warmer water on the bottom. I can catch a lot of fish but most of them will be on the smaller side. 15 to 25 inches. when the thermoline sets up in late June. I can go after fish way up early morning out of temp zone. I can catch some big slobs in the early morning. once the sun comes up they move back down. If you want big fish. fish way up. if you want lots of fish. fish down. they will be smaller. I don't care about big fish, I release them back to the lake. I like numbers my dinks 15 to 25 inches. the good eating ones 18 to 20 inches. 21 to 25 they go in the smoker. 26 and up back to the lake.
  8. best ones I ever used came from a tackle shop from lake ontario. they hardly had any pull to them. they were 3 bladed bells. I trolled those ones off a down rigger rod. commercial ones from davis. they had 7 blades. these bad boys pulled hard. I bent the blades in the opposite direction a little to cut down the hard pull a little. I trolled them with a hand line or connect them to a down rigger ball. I got tired buying them. I made mine up with wire and looked around for parts to make them myself. 5 to 7 blades worked best for me.
  9. I like thin braided 4 to 6 pound test. I use a tiny snap to connect my thin Sutton spoon to it. troll it slow. nice action. this works nice for finger lakes and lake Erie walleye for me. no stretch with super braid line. 10 ft leader.
  10. your 70, im 66. I think we both know what when on here 50 years ago. I ask hows the fishing today they told me go to the white rock its been pretty good. that's the information I got years ago. it was all trial and error. life is common sense. the more complicated you make life the harder to live it. I like it simple. when I meant by the warmer water fish the bottom of the lake. that's were you will find them right now. after all these colds fronts we have had this month, they are glued to the bottom. forget your fancy sonar you wont see them. you have to know something about the lake to catch them. you wont find it in a book. you have to get out and fish and learn the lake. this takes time. good fishing lately, you might get your limit at the white rock. you get it now lol
  11. I cant wait to see it down. we need this place.
  12. Sk8man, you make a nice out door writer. you made a lot of good points but you make fishing to complictated for me. I agree this is a nice rainbow lake with a few browns but I think the Lake trout is still the bread and butter fish. Laker numbers are way down compared to what we had here 30 years ago. our weather the past month has been terrible. cold front after cold front with high wind. a cold front pushes fish down and makes them very hard to catch. you can still catch them but you won't get a lot.
  13. This is a tough lake to fish this time of year. where do you find the warmist water right now. I can go out tomorrow and run up this lake with one pass and come back and get the other ones I missed. I won't catch a lot but enough to keep my boat from smelling like a skunk. if you get that skunk smell in your boat. its tough to get rid of it. this is not a easy lake to fish.
  14. next year. if they rush this project. it will fall apart. The people that build this place years ago built stuff to last. today they build stuff to fall apart in a few years and look for more money to do it again later. look how they paved the road coming in to the park. that road won't last 10 years. the other part leading in is in worst shape now.
  15. Nice pictures. this project will take two years. No way we will be launching this year. they have to lay the concrete for the launching ramp. The longer it sits and dry the better. parking lot needs to be paved. Did you see the work they are doing to the walls around the marina. This takes time. next year we can launch. anybody tells us they will have this place done by June is full of crap. The worst thing that happen here. they let go to long. I'm glad we got somebody with some common sense to come in and put money here. its a good move for the area. with the financial mess this state is in we should be all glad we are getting our marina updated.
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