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  1. I think I know who you are talking about. when I started coming here. this place was a tight click. very good people. I made a lot of friends here. we had very good park managers too. when these people started passing away the click got smaller and different people started coming in. this park started changing about 20 years ago. the state sold this place out to private interest. all we wanted was to update the marina and put in a few seasonal campsites. the state wanted no part of this kind of development. they wanted first class or nothing. state campgrounds have there good and bad points about them. private camps keep out the outsiders like you said.
  2. This use to be a very nice quiet place to fish and camp. when somebody has money they go crazy with development. this place is over developed now. I saw the good old days of this park. its over for me. I camped and fished here 50 years. this is no place for a serious fisherman to fish out of. the trailer parking is terrible here. after May. its turns into a rat race of people and speed bumps. good luck to all who plan to use this place.
  3. I agree but its only part of our problem. the real problem is our government. they took god away from the people. people morals and values declined. government got control of our media, education, and the crap they watch on TV. this crap has been going on now for the last 70 years. I agree the parents have gotten lazy with their kids. our society changed when the woman went out to work. this destroyed the family life in our country. its the man that was meant to go out and work and take care of the family and the woman who stayed home and raised the kids. today the woman raise her kids and goes out to work. where is the father. our educational system today is raising our children. that why a lot of them have problems. what did hitler do to his society. he took children from the family's and made robots out of them. its sounds like we are repeating our history don't it. you want to here something funny. the last time I was schedule to have a medical test. they had to ask me, if I ever had a baby, that means a man. my reply to them. what galaxy are you from. a man now can have a baby. lol. we are living in a sick time of human history. the world is not sick. its the people that are sick. like I said when we take god away from the people everything falls apart.
  4. welcome to the 21 first century. man has no common sense. a lot of people don't believe in anything. look around you. what do you see. people walking around looking at their cell phone. people don't know how to communicate with each other no more. maybe this boater was looking at his cell phone while he was speeding past this troller. who knows. I deal with this kind of stupid behavior all the time. only thing you can do is, you have to be the better man. laugh it off. we live in a brain dead society today. go do your thing. just use some common sense. its works for me. every time I get out of line. I can feel the spirits looking over me. they are trying to tell me something.
  5. its been over 30 years since I fished the upper Niagara river. When I lived in North Tonawanda, I had plenty of nice free boat ramps along river road.. 3 miles from the peace bridge I had rich marina a mile from this ramp I use the ramp at ferry street. the ferry street ramp is free. this ramp is in the hart of the river for fishing. if you don't know anything about this area. the Canada border runs down the middle of the river. if you want to fish the river you should have a Canadian fishing license. my favorite fishing was drifting from the peace bridge down to ferry street. I caught walleye rainbow and brown trout along with nice small mouth bass.
  6. this lamprey problem is here to stay. come back 100 yrs from now. we will still have the problem. Man created this problem back in 1820 when we built the barge canal. when we built the welland canal we connected the whole great lakes system together. what's next. the asian carp.
  7. seneca perch can be hard to find this time of year. weather is changing with strong wind. years ago I was pretty good at finding these perch. sure you can find a few inside 30 ft of water but Most of them will be in deep water. try fishing in deep water with lite fishing gear with wind 10 mph or more. its impossible to feel them hit along with the wind pushing you down the lake. you have to anchor your boat and you have to know were to anchor. its not easy. this time of year the north end is good if you can get a nice day with lite wind. I like to start out in 60 ft and drift in till I can find the depth they are at. the guy that started this thread. why do you want to fish Seneca. you have better fishing up on those Lake Ontario creeks. oak orchard will have some good perch fishing soon. these perch are easy to catch compared to what you have to go thru to find fish on Seneca. Seneca perch fishing is very overrated today. the perch schools years ago were massive. I blame the cormorants for the small perch numbers today and along with our foolish game laws that we fisherman can sell our catch. get rid of the cormorants and get rid of this damaging stupid fish law now. in 3 years we will have more than enough perch state wide.
  8. les I miss canandaiqua fishing tackle. he had everything we could think of. Walmart put him out of business along with the new 5 and 20 that went around canandaiqua. he still had a catalog business. something happen.
  9. those old victrola are worth a lot of money today. I have two. one beat up and the other like new never used. all cherry wood. if you have one. never get rid of it. someday it will be worth thousands of dollars. theres a lot of history behind that old box. it was develop and made right here. a lot of people make fun of it. its a shame what they don't know. this is real capitalism at work.
  10. those lampreys have been around since 1830. when Canada put in the wetland canal all hell broke loose. I remember the old tackle shops we had around Penn Yan. it was a factory for night fishing gear, victrola boxes and if you needed any fishing gear repaired. you could have it done right here. in Waterloo we had a couple small tackle shops. fisherman friend. berry bait and tackle. Lodi had a nice shop. all these shops carried everything we needed to fish these lakes. we had spoon manufactures too. Sutton company was probably the biggest one of them all. he supplied all the copper we needed too. the list goes on and on. I can't believe how everything has left the area.
  11. when I started out fishing with the meat rig I used a broomstick roller tip rod with 30lb deccron line. I used brass swivels small enough so they can slide thru my roller tip on to my Penn 49 reel. I spaced my swivels 10 to 20 apart. 5 leaders 10 feet long. the bottom swivel was home made. sinker 32 once. I lowered the bottom rig to I can hit bottom in 100 ft of water. I marked my line with my trolling speed. this gave me a good idea how deep I was fishing my bottom lure. 100 ft was a good depth to find trout. I fished this rig out to the middle of lake. early morning fish hit the upper 2 leaders by mid morning the bottom two leaders did most of the catching. when I got a fish on I reeled up took off the leader thru it in the boat till I came to the leader with the fish on. laid the rod down took off the leader and played the fish by hand till I lured him to the net. its was fun when I had 3 fish on at once. 2 meat rigs was enough for me. if you want to fish this rig today you have to be a little creative making up the rig. its old school fishing. years ago we didn't have the rods and reels we have today. fish finders started coming out around the end of the later 60s. my first FF was the lowrance green box. then I went to the vexilar paper unit. then I went to the X15 FF. those paper units were much better than the FF we use today. if your old FF broke down you could get it fixed. today they give you a coupon to buy a new one.
  12. one way to solve this problem. use a small piece of wire. twist it on the bead chain swivel to you get a nice loop. copper will work too. I saw those spring clips from net craft. net craft has a nice bending tool. get the wire and make them up yourself. if you don't want to fool around use a small swivel small enough so it wont slide off your bead chain. its a shame we don't have our specialty shops. this what happens when we switch from small shop to big box stores. those big box stores killed the little guy. all we get from them now is rubber worms and over priced tackle.
  13. bead chain tackle is pretty easy to find. I did a google search. amazon caries them too.
  14. Les, I rebuild those old Dave Davis cowbells. I get my wire from net craft. I wish I could find good quality blades only. netcraft sells blades, I built some cowbells from these blades but these blades pull to hard. they work off a handline. I like to keep everything simple off my down rigger rod. A small dodger and bait lure works for me.
  15. I bent the blades a little on those old cowbell rigs. it helped a little. I wish I could get my hands on those 3 blades rigs I bough years ago from a Lake Ontario shop. those worked pretty good off my down rigger rod.
  16. My setup is very basic but its perfected so well it will out fish any other method out there. I like cowbells. The old Dave Davis with 7 blade. I liked the old miller rig too. I fished it off a hand line. years ago I bought a set of 3 blade cowbells from a Lake Ontario shop. these blades worked so well. I used them off my down rigger rod. they were made out of aluminum . I tried to make them myself. my blades weren't the same so I stopped using them. here goes. you need a good wire rod and reel. I use the charter special reel with a shamannio roller rod. this rod works good but the rollers on it are Junk. I have to replace my rollers a lot. but thats no problem. it only takes about 2 minutes to pop out a bad roller and put in a new roller. I use wire line. single strand and braid wire. I connect a good ball bearing swivel at the end of my wire line. I don't use 3 way swivels. I make my own swivel. The sinker lead 18 inches with 12 to 16 ounce . I connect a small dodger or a spin doctor to it. my lure off the dodger about 3 ft. peanut, spoon, dead bait, flatfish and flys. every lure is coated with pro cure herring oil including the dodger. I set the rig down. I can go down to 200ft with 16 ounce sinker. my sinker is touching bottom all the time. my bait is probably running 12 inches off bottom.
  17. Did you guys really think winter was over. most of the snow will be up in the Adirondacks and down wind of Lake Erie. I heard my area could get 5 to 8 inches with temps down to 25 degrees. no surprise to me. all I can do is put on another boat cover. by weekend temp will go up to the high 50s again. last year snow didn't end till the middle part of May. I can't complain. I had 2 weeks in March with very nice spring weather. first two weeks during April was nice also. what's bad about this weather. the farmers with fruit trees with blossoms will suffer the most.
  18. I wonder how much one wind mill will cost the tax payer to have it repaired.
  19. I'm late to this thread but the information I post now will be good information for future use. you get what you pay for when you buy a battery. we have wet cell batteries, AGM and lithium lifepo4. standard wet cell are not meant for heavy duty use. 100 amp cost about 100 dollars. you can only discharge it to a 12.20 state of charge. this is 50 percent. next AGM. they build a different kind of battery. you still have to be careful how far you discharge this battery also. 50 percent is what they say works well for this battery. I never let my AGM go below 30 percent. this is 12.40 state of charge. the best AGM to buy are lifeline and the vmaxx battery tanks. they cost up to 300 dollars for a 100 amp battery. they have bigger AGM also but cost a lot more. I have one vmcxx now its 5 years old. good battery for the money. you can buy them on Amazon for 250 dollars for a 100 amp battery. lithium is different tecnology. I have one now. its 100 amp battle born battery. I paid 950 dollars for it 3 yrs ago. I think now they have come down to 900 . what I like about this battery I can discharge it below 50 percent every time I use it. company says I can discharge down to 20 percent with no damage to the battery. I use lithium in my camper when I do a lot of boon docking up in the high hills of the central Adirondacks. lithium has some very serious disadvantages when you use it below 32 degrees. you can still use the battery but can't charge it or you will destroy the battery. lithium if you take care of it. this battery should last 10 to 15 years with 3000 to 5000 charge cycles. my battle born comes with a 10 year warranty. next you need a battery charger for lithium. they cost up to 150 to 500 dollars for a high amp charger. next you need a battery monitor. the state of charge is all different with lithium. I use the vectron battery monitor. right now the only lithium I can recommend is battle born. there made in the US. all others they sell right now don't match up to the battle born. lithium some day will be a standard battery in our boats and RV. but it will take at least 10 years before they come down to an affordable price. over all lithium is the best battery we can buy. that depends how deep your pocket is and how much you want to pay for a battery.
  20. That roller tip is a very simple repair. I make this repair every year on most of my roller guides. first thing you do, take off the clip on the guide. use a tooth pick to push out the bearing. the roller will fall out. I buy new rollers and bearing in baulk. hold the roller in place install the bearing thru the roller and snap on the stainless clip to hold the roller to the guide. check the other rollers on the rod also. if the tip is bad you will have others that need to be replaced too. do the same to make a repair.
  21. Bob I understand how you feel about your 2 stroke engine. there might be a lot of old two strokes left. most of them are on there last leg. once your old 2 stroke dies. what's left. I agree the 4 strokes are big and heavy on an older boat. I have 1989 Lund boat with a Mercury 115 hp 6 cyl that weighs about 300 pounds. the transom can carry about 400 pounds. back in 1989 that boat was rated for a 130 hp motor. I feel your pain about paying 10 grand for a new motor. at my age it make no sense to pay that much money for a new boat and motor. I figure I have only 2 to 5 years left to fish. after that I will find a new hobby and enjoy life a different way. if you need a new motor soon. look on your boat decal and look for the weight on your transom can carry. my case I could not go with the 100 hp 4 stroke I probably go with a motor that weighs about 250 pounds. my transom will handle this with no problem. probably 70 hp motor. you do the same thing. no need to worry. the problem with us old farts. the world is changing everyday. we don't change with it. I'm not pushing for this new boat law. its here already. a lot of small lakes up in Canada already banned 2 stroke motors its coming here to the states soon. big corporation don't tell us how to live technology does. big corporations follow where the money goes and they build it. the problem with our society we have drifted to far to the left. we drove out all our business to have a socialist economy in our state. to many people are living off the backs of our people that want to work. thats why our people can't go out and buy a new boat and motor. the economy in this state is broke because we have to many taxes and regulation that make no sense at all.
  22. what we need here in New York State is voter ID. if we can get voter ID here soon. we can vote every politician who supports this crap out of office. we have plenty of natural gas in this state. it make more sense to use our resource and build 2 power plants instead. A lot cheaper and more efficent.
  23. I agree with a lot of things bob said about 2 stroke motors. 2 strokes motors were good motors during their time. we didn't have the technology 50 years ago to build a nice 4 stroke motor. the oil we used years ago was terrible. all it did was carbon up the cylinder and rob engine life. those old motors were hard to start. they leaked gas into the lake. the motor itself was a greasy mess. the emission on them stunk to high heavens when you trolled for hours with one. the only good thing I can say about them. they were lighter and easier to install on the boat. don't play that poor mans crap with me. the 4 stroke motors build today cost a lot less than a 2 stroke motor. we might pay a few dollars more up front to buy a new 4 stroke but over the life of the motor. the 4 stroke will cost you nothing with gas savings alone. I love my 4 stroke kicker motor. I can troll almost 50 hours on 6 gallons of gas. can you get the hours out of the 2 stroke 12 hours plus smell the smoke. we have new technology right now. lithium batteries. we can troll for almost the same hours we get with our 4 strokes with a small electric motor. I don't think we will see any 2 strokes on any lake in the next 10 to 20 years from now.
  24. I live 3 miles from 3 wind farms in Wyoming county. they collect a lot of energy. they are clean and very quiet. I have no problem with them. we fought for years to keep two land fill companies out of our area. we took the wind mills instead. wind farms are great for the Great Lakes. one problem. man polluted the bottom of these lakes with chemicals. if we install wind farms on Lake Erie or Lake Ontario. we will stir up the bottom of these lakes and cause more pollution. I think the cost to install them out there is more political than good for our state. we would do better if we built two coal burning or natural gas power plants instead.
  25. best shop for mercury in the finger lakes Barrett marine Waterloo.
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