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  1. Here's another twist, my fish hawk x2 is the mobile unit with a small transducer that clips on the down rigger. It's battery operated 4 AAs in the probe and 2 AAs in the screen. It was off and still had weird lines running through the screen. I was pulling gear when it happened, still had one rigger in the water but the probe was out. I should never had said anything to my wife. Now she won't go in the boat for fear off dieing. 🙄
  2. Just read a ton of different articles and threads on misc. Boating sights. Most senerios point to a wiring issue in the boat. But...that electrical storm that ran all the boats off last Saturday evening must have been producing strong static electricity. I'm curious if anyone else out that evening experienced similar situations. I'm going to check the boat , but I'm leaning towards the storms.
  3. Never did it before, didn't do it all day until that thunderstorm rolled in around 6 pm Saturday. Crazy,guess she's going to the shop and trace wiring.
  4. Good exercise, did it for 10 yrs. Worst is a Dipsy out 250 that won't pop. 🤣 Think I have a breach somewhere. I don't do electricity.
  5. Thanks Crestliner, I think lol. Don't understand why they didn't work right just on separate battery and did when grounded to crank battery, then still worked when I removed the ground to crank battery. Weird. Maybe the short is in one of the riggers and not the boat? I don't know, more frigging problems. I miss my 16 with hand cranks already.
  6. Next labor day weekend I'm crashing your party Bill😂
  7. I need a little help! When I tested gear at my local lake a week ago the Cannon 5s would only work when holding the switch up or down. Read that I had to ground the battery for the auto up-down- stop to work. Using a 12" snubber at ball instead of the little factory plastic water line breaker. Ran a 10g wire from rigger battery negative to ship battery negative as suggested..everything worked Saturday. Saturday evening when the thunderstorms chased us we were getting shocked by everything you touched in the boat. Freaked me out. There were a few local lighting flashes at the stacks in Mexico that chased out most boats. When we pulled gear and ran the on board shocking stopped. Next day, Sunday I disconnected the negative post connection thinking I had a bad ground in the boat and was getting feedback somewhere. The riggers worked without the wire and not grounded. I'm totally confused. Was I picking up static electricity from the lighting or was I close to a water strike, or wtf? Lost
  8. Lake O 3, us notta. 2 knock offs and a screamer that broke off. Great trip. New boat ran great, few tweaks and good to go. If I don't get back this year I'll see you all next year. Good luck, God bless, keep it tight! 🫡
  9. Cruised the 120 out of SR this afternoon. Nice ride, couple knock offs on riggers with spoons. 50° down 80 but sporadic. Clear screen. Thunderstorms chased us out early, back at in the morning.
  10. Well that sukked. Temps all over the map, Mike had his head in a bucket, Brandon ate all the donuts, try again this afternoon.... maybe. Or Cayuga for Lakers. Oh well, bin there done that 😂
  11. Sept.1.Should arrive around 8:30 this evening. Waited all year for this run. Hopefully have some pics and reports over the weekend. Have my son-in-law Mike and grandson Brandon. Looking for Mike's 1st salmon, Brandon's 3rd. Picked up a cobra hand held, curious to what channel you folks hang on. I'll check in the morning. Is pine grove in good shape, or am I heading to Mexico launch? Any starting #'s would be appreciated. Good luck, keep it tight!
  12. Great pics, this weekend is looking decent so far. FYI, I Google Gary D, all I got was a port site. 🤔
  13. Good read. Spent 14 years running a 16 misty harbor with a 25 tiller and hand cranks. Good times, long days, and few humbling days. Overall some of the best fishing in my life time. Keep your head on a swivel, fish your gear, and respect the lake. They're just fish. Keep it tight, see you on Mexico bay in a couple weeks.
  14. Ok, question! Just received the mag 5s yesterday. Boxes looked like they were used for bowling pins. 1st, trying to pull the plugs apart without destroying them. Are they always that difficult or am I that weak? They say quick connect, my a$$!! Next they require an insulator between the ball and cable for the auto stop. I purchased a pair of 15" snubbers. Will the snobbery act as the insulator? Or do I still need it? If the snubbed works, it'll keep the balls in the water a little further, just have to rezero the depth gauge I guess. I'm over thinking it I'm sure. 😕
  15. I know, funny thing is I ordered with Amazon prime 🤣 can't win. Maybe I'll be ready for labor day, otherwise I'm running cranks
  16. I'm thinking about it. Right now I'm having a war with FedEx trying to get my riggers delivered. For some stupid reason they're requiring a signature. Tried the last 2 days to deliver. Just leave the sh$t by the garage like you always do.
  17. Had it out last October for the Buffalo run at Sandy Hook. Handles 4 footers well but I wouldn't stand up to retrieve fish. Angler should have raised the gunwales a couple inches or lowered the deck. Oh well, we fish what we have, not afraid of running the Misty to the 200 yd line lol.
  18. 😆 same issue here with the Bimini. I'd love to put a custom soft top on it so the tie downs and frame are out of the way. Another grand!🤑😮‍💨
  19. Yes, I really like your rig! Mine is similar, 2k Angler 180 walk through. A little tight but more comfortable. My question is, Like Hornet mentioned, is will they work on a 30° mount or do I have switch to 90°? There's only about a foot or so between rigger gimbal mount and the forward. Don't want to drill holes and use a backer plate for track system. Thanks Less
  20. You are a wealth of information Sherman! Thank you. What I've always liked about this site is that most folks with experience with multiple setups are more than willing to share their wisdom. Saves us weekend warriors alot of aggravation and money. Keep it tight!
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