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  1. When are we going? Still need a bucket brown to fill the lake O wish list! Beautiful fish
  2. Well I'm done. Managed to get out to the 135 today. 70° water out to 100'. Going to be blowing tomorrow, I'm out in the am. Had a couple knock offs on spoons tight to the bottom.
  3. Tony getting it done on a cleo! Lake was a mess. Anchored up at the mouth of SR. Cold water and a pile of fish. Gotta do something 😄. We'll have to see what the morning brings. Might have to bail for Cayuga lakers.
  4. Heading up tomorrow morning for another go at it. Looks like the lady might give us a decent day Saturday. Conflicting wave forecasts as usual but looks like <1 with a few bumps thrown in. Can't catch em from the couch. I'll probe the 100+ Fri afternoon see what's going on. Would like to target fresh fish especially steel, but not above dragging the 50 for mud sharks. Be safe folks, head on a swivel. See you out there.
  5. I don't spend enough time to give scientific data, but I can say that the average length to weight of stagers in Mexico have decreased in the last 12 yrs. Based again on a handful of personal catches and comparisons to others . The one male king we boated last weekend was 39" - 26.9 lbs with a 24 1/2" girth. Fattest king I've ever caught in that size bracket. Less fish more bait? I have no idea. He had all of his fins, natural spawn? Curious.
  6. It was great to bump into you again Fat Trout. Last Saturday was definitely a perfect day. Great pic!! We had a knock off doing the same thing, scared the crap out of my grandson Andrew. Makes you wonder how long that fish was following. 😆 We're making a run this weekend for a 911 memorial cruise. Maybe I'll see you there. Oh, ..you lost me on the 26? I don't think I've landed 26 salmon in my career on that rig.🤣
  7. We we're lucky to get a full day in on Saturday. I love being on the lake but when she starts getting angry I'm gone. Found temp at 110 but Sunday morning was above my pay grade. Played with the mud sharks in the kiddy pool. All good. Might do a suicide run this weekend if she behaves herself.
  8. Thanks brother but I would have preferred banana 🍌 yellow
  9. Bugged out at noon today after getting soaked this morning. Looks like the action was out at the 100. Cruised the 70 for a couple hrs but got too sporty for me. Yesterday went 2 for 4 in 65 to 80. Managed to get 1 a piece for the weekend. Tough grind but had a great run. Thanks for all your support guys. Shout out to all the folks who keep us safe and free!
  10. Cannon hand cranks and dipseys. I can't handle more than 4 rods in rough water. It's a trip but it keeps you humble 🤣
  11. Got out for a quick run tonight. Most fish were between 35 and 45 ' hugging bottom. 2 knockoffs and 1 good king in the box. 26.9 fatty male. Kicked our butts in 2 to 3 ftrs Black and silver moons .
  12. Thanks Les, that's all I need to know. We're rolling, hope to get a couple hrs in this evening. I'll post any intel.
  13. Thanks guys, glad to hear from you. I can squeeze you in with me Hornet.
  14. That time again. Ready to roll tomorrow morning for the annual Labor Day Run. As usual keeping an eye on the wave forecast. Heads up on some starting #'s would be great. Usually start with a spoon spread then FFs. Looks like nice weather except for Sunday afternoon. See you on Mexico bay.
  15. Hello folks, hope all is well. Took some of the boys to Cranberry Lake this past weekend for an overdue pike and bass trip. Kind of a joint mission. Wanted to visit my mom in the lake and return my step father to her side. Those of you who may remember the original thread, pre covid, my son is a recovering addict. He has a little over 2 yrs clean and today is his birthday. He's 32 and put himself through cdl school and is scheduled to go out west for his 1st runs. Took him to the bus terminal yesterday, reminded me of when I left for Paris Island at 18. Rebuilt the misty harbor over the spring and took her and my stepson's's rig on his 1st adk experience. We primitive camped on the islands, barging a canoe with way too much gear,lol. Great trip. Absolute emotional roller coaster, weather included. Had a storm roll in one night and woke up to the sound of aluminum banging on rocks nothing some touch up paint can't handle but the scares might just stay there. Builds character. The last day while we were breaking camp a pair of loons came to visit our cove. They called and shrilled and preaned each other like 2 lost lovers. After a few minutes the male swam over to within a few yards of the new misty as if he was inspecting it. Everyone's hair was on end. That was his boat, and now it's my son's.
  16. Thanks ,hope all is well
  17. I'm no painter, but if you have a good base don't strip it to bare aluminum. Mine is a 98, had a decent factory base. Used the rusto etching primer on bare spots and rivets. It's not an auto body job but looks a he'll of alot better. I was going to clear coat but a good coat of wax is fine for me. It'll be all scuffed up by the end of the season anyway. If you go cheaper with Ruston, stick to the same primer. Did alot of research 1st.
  18. Good old Rusto pro. Takes forever to cure. But not too shabby for a buggy backyard Wagner shoot.😉
  19. She's small but fishes hard. Thanks, heading for the Adirondack next week, then Cayuga, then the yearly Mexico drill.
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