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  1. Home bound. Would like to thank everyone for their input and support. Another great weekend on mother O. Big shout out to Capt. Mike and best mate ever Tanya for taking us on the last run. Lake went from 2's to 8's in an hr this morning. Still managed to get Brandon 1 for the road. Had salmon and rice for brunch compliments of Tanya. Excellent! Alot of good folks still left in the world. Be safe, good fishing. Clark
  2. Found temp this morning 130 over 160 out of Mexico launch. Little help from Captain Hachimo. Did a full spoon spread. Picked up a skip for Brandon. Back at it shortly on the SR side. Tough but great weather. Little bumpy but doable.
  3. Ran out of SR this afternoon. 70° water out to 130. Set up 2 dipseys with ff's and riggers scraping bottom with spoons. Few marks hugging temp 140 to 155. 1 knock off. Lake was beautiful tonight. See what happens tomorrow. Kids had fun.
  4. That's what I'm talking about! The blow bringing in silver. Thanks for the intell.
  5. Locked and loaded. Grandsons are off tomorrow, will head up in the am for the afternoon bite if all goes to plan. Weather looks good, hope lake lays down through out today. Hope everyone has a great labor day weekend, I'll be happy just hanging out at the launch lol. Mission is to get Brandon his 1st salmon. Andrew Jr is a salt, he's been rolling with me since he was 5. Triple check safety protocol and gear. Keep it tight, I'm stoked!
  6. Perfect. I'll only use 2 riggers, 2 dipseys, maybe copper down the shuttle. Have otterboats and a dbl reel single mast if needed. Boat isn't that big lol. Thanks for chiming in Less. I look forward to hearing from you every year.
  7. I'm looking at Cannon mag 10 ts electric and gimbal mounts. Have unitrol hand cranks with swivel mounts on old boat. I'm assuming the white down riggers are salt rated? I fish both as a weekend warrior,, so any gear won't see a ton of use. Trying to be cost effective. Also I could use the other forward rod holder with another adjustable gimbal mount for dipsy. I know I could just Google, but I like hands on experience. Thoughts?
  8. Fly by wire, fish in the boat, kid's with happy faces. Doesn't get any better.!! Outstanding!
  9. Thanks Hornet, have bearing buddies. I run a helix 7 and agree it's a battery killer. Alot to ponder. Trial and error. Every boat has it's on personality.
  10. Trailer's squared away. Leaf springs, bearings, tires. Captain chairs and pedestals ordered. Any recommendations on restoring faded jell coat. Picking up a buffer with wool pad for compound. Are all marine products the same. 3m was recommended to me. Also when switching to dual battery, can I run down riggers with other auxiliaries, or do they need their own battery? Thanks, Clark
  11. Yeh, that's ugly. Going to be quiet this week. Every year same bs. West wind at 15 +, 3 to 6 ft seas, and I'm chucking cleos at the light house.
  12. Yeh, that's ugly. Going to be quiet this week. Every year same bs. West wind at 15 +, 3 to 6 ft seas, and I'm chucking close at the light house.
  13. Send me a pm, I'll be fishing Mexico labor day weekend. Thanks
  14. Good advice EK, I'll have to try a test troll with the main motor. It's an 02 merc 90 saltwater smoker. Maybe a baffle. Don't like messing with bags.
  15. Starting to read up and search for components and advice on setting up for trolling. Watching the classifieds for good used riggers etc. Have a fish hawk from other boat. Want to covert to 2 battery system. Need a little input on proper mounting. Also keeping an eye out for good used kicker and bracket. 9.9 would probably be sufficient. Boat isn't huge. Any input is appreciated.
  16. This time of year hand signals work fine. Either a wave or the middle finger. 😆
  17. Outstanding!! Great pics. Lake looked perfect. I swore that this weekend was labor day. Was ready to roll till the grandson told me I need meds See you next Friday, 😆
  18. Thanks brother, can always depend on you. Good luck, I'll be listening
  19. Long range forecast looking decent for Mexico bay this coming labor day weekend. Hopefully the lake has settled into some kind of thermo, and not 70° out to 150. Any Intel would be appreciated. Crickets.
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