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  1. Check the small hoses and fittings between the fuel pump and the carburators. They may be cracked, deterioated or loose. If in great condition then go after carburtors. You're leaking fuel & sucking air someplace.
  2. When I stack, I put a spoon on the bottom about 20 ft back. Flasher/dodger is 8-10 ft higher and only 7-10 ft back. Trick is to let it down SLOWLY. Flashers/dodgers will not go down as fast as clean spoons.
  3. They won't survive if you don't. (sorry but wiseguy in me) Hold their heads in the direction of your troll for a few minutes to try to resusitate them, then push them downward. Many do survive this way.
  4. IMO, If you can see the other guys net up in the air like that, you're too close! Similarly, there should be a law against Autopilots as some guys turn them on & don't pay any attention to where they're going especially when they're cruising out to the fishing grounds. I've been nearly run over numerous times by cruisers
  5. I don't have a Panther. but I learned a long time ago to ALWAYS CHAIN the motor to a tow ring or heavy cleat on the boat.
  6. Is there a side cover on cylinders, on one side? i.e a water jacket cover. Removing it may allow you to at least see in there.
  7. Way back when...a radio study was conducted that concluded they don't go very far: Seasonal Movements and Habitats of Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) in Southcentral Lake Ontario - ScienceDirect Of course this was before the gobies.
  8. Stuff already mentioned does affect blowback however there are a couple other variables. (!) size of your cable. 200 Lb has much more blowback than 150Lb wire. (2) coated cable has more blowback than uncoated (3) shape of your weight. Cannonballs have more blowback than torpedo or fish shaped weights. (4) hardware you're running. Probes will require at least 2 Lbs more to achieve the depth you want. Flashers & pinchpads will have a slight effect also.
  9. Well that's a load off your mind...Compression difference is real bad...definitely a rebuild. rings, head, etc. or someone bought for parts. (cuz they expensive) Good luck with finding a new one. Let us know what you get.
  10. Do not run "off" the ball, rather run "ABOVE" the ball. (and above probes) Blacks is the only one I use.
  11. BB - not necessarily changing winds. If the ripples are in the same direction on both sides of the calm area, it's definitely a temp change. i.e slightly different density issue and/or local surface current change.
  12. I was also out Wed, basically off Long Pond. Saw lots of bait in 65-70FOW. Got 2 small salmon over 105FOW, near the surface on Blk/slvr spooks.
  13. When you're in an area with a surface ripple then see a glass smooth surface area, there's a surface temperature change there. It might be anywhere from 0.2 to 0.5 degree F.
  14. If you look at all 5 of these graphs you'll see they are for specific Longitudinal lines and 1 latitude (which is E-W in the middle of the lake.) The temp midway between the longitudes can be slightly different. True Upwellings are unstable water. Although some fish are caught there, I've always had better luck to the outside of them where the water is much more stable. i.e. as Brian said "head offshore."
  15. On my compression gauge there's a knurled ring up by the gauge to release pressure. If that's not fully engaged, (closed) readings will be very misleading. If still low, squirt a few drops of oil in the cylinder and test again. (If still low, I'd go to an auto parts store & see if I could rent a gauge for a couple hours) By hard to start, do you mean engine didn't want to turn over or do you mean it took a long time cranking to start? I.e did you have to lay on the starter for a long time? A couple years ago, when I was out in Big-O and engine stalled on me. Dumb me...I cranked & cranked.. After about 10 minutes of rest & panicked swearing, it started but died again. I hobbled back to launch on kicker. I was dumb cuz all that cranking really weakened my starter. Testing it and I had to replace it. Starter shouldn't take more than 3 or 4 seconds at most to get it going. Checked carbs & pump, recharged battery. Ran fine in driveway for about 5 minutes & I was happy. Took to launch, it started fine but when I put it in gear & backing out, it died and wouldn't start. After a lot of swearing, I asked for help in the forum on "Iboats.com. " (where I learned that there were a lot of 3 bangers still going strong.) Anyways, a suggestion was to check the automatic choke solenoid. Sure, as beans, the O-ring inside it was shot and the spring was fouled. This solenoid allows a lot of fuel into the engine, and it was flooding out. (E-10 gas *!**!!) Runs like a top now. Make sure you TEST, TEST, TEST & retest components before replacing them. Parts can get very expensive!
  16. DOUBLE CHECK that compression!!!!! That's very very low! Older 3 bangers should be around 90 psi. Any engine below 70 is going to run like sh[t. You sure your gauge is working properly? Hopefully the gauge you're using is a "screw-in" not a hand-held one. A bad coil can take out/deteriorate the power pack. That's why I replaced all 3 coils. Coils can be expensive, but I bought mine from "Marineengine.com". I'd suggest you buy a cheap multimeter (ohm meter) and test all 3 coils and the power pack before you put any more money into it. Again, Harbour Freight has them cheap (No I don't work for HF....some of their stuff is worthless but their multimeter is more than enough for what you need) You can google the specs and test procedures for your engine. Those 3 bangers are almost indestructible and there's a lot of info and videos out there. As for hard to "turn over". pull all the plugs out and wrap a rope around the flywheel. PULL! (As you didn't hear any noises, it could be that you just wore your battery down trying to start it)
  17. You can buy an inline spark tester at Harbor Freight for like $5 and test in your driveway. (disconnect all plugs so it doesn't start) Tester should illuminate the same for all 3 plugs. I had a similar condition on my "3 banger" (Less the VRO) a few years ago. i.e top plug very wet after idling. I found that I had a weak coil. I replaced all 3 coils and performance improved dramatically.
  18. you're not sparking properly on that top cylinder.
  19. Feel free to call them & find out (585-428-7432) rather than being a ""keyboard warrior."
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