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  1. Hmmm , I thought I read someplace that it takes a year for a "drop " of water to move from one end of Erie to the other. I would think if they opened up the dams as much as they can on the St Larry that they could keep the levels somewhat under control. Not going to lose any sleep over it , just deal with it when the time comes.
  2. Bozeman Bob

    Volvo D4 service tech near Wilson NY

    Not sure where the original post is, this one does not mention Volvo D4. Correct in doing your homework ! Personally anything under 30 or so I would prefer gas ,from a cost standpoint , ease of replacement, troubleshooting and being more familiar with working on them.
  3. Bozeman Bob

    Volvo D4 service tech near Wilson NY

    Yes Advantage is the dealer I was thinking of ,a few doors down from Milton. The bigger question may be what year is the Volvo he is looking at. Marine engines seem to be a few years behind land engines, so it may have minimal electronics on it to even worry about. If the boat was what I was looking for along within my price point and the engine was a "basic" diesel I don't think I would back off the deal worrying about a mechanic to work on it, [ knowing who is in the area ,or having the ability to pull and trailer it to a shop if need be ]. They are fairly bullet proof , can run twice as long as a gasser if maintained ,gobs of torque, more efficient ,not to smelly if you have a side exhaust or run a additive.
  4. Bozeman Bob

    Volvo D4 service tech near Wilson NY

    I did write " in most cases " and did mention diagnostic equipment as the biggest difference. There is no real differences in the actual design/ working parts of any diesel. The main differences are USUALLY found in the electronics and fuel delivery. Pistons,glow plugs,injectors, crank. cooling system are all basically the same, whether a Cat/ Volvo/Detroit etc. Just like all 4 stroke engines work the same ,except the Wankle .There is a Volvo dealership with certified technicians in Batavia. Just down the street from Milton Cat. One of the techs in there is a big speed boater on Ontario, but I haven't been in there in years to be able to give you a name. They have road technicians.
  5. Bozeman Bob

    Volvo D4 service tech near Wilson NY

    Unless it's a newer engine and must be serviced by a " certified " Volvo tech to remain in warranty I see no big upside in " certification" . I call on mechanics all week long and the certified ones at dealers in most cases is just a piece of paper. The independents might not have the car makers dedicated scanners ( can't buy them ) which makes it easier for trouble shooting, but they figure the problem out ,might take a few more minutes because of that.
  6. Bozeman Bob

    Volvo D4 service tech near Wilson NY

    Dan the Diesel Man ( Dan Chappman ) works independently out of his service truck. Keeps his boat at Bootleggers and is there at least every weekend and then some from mid April to late fall.Dont know what his expertise is with Volvos, but to me a diesel is a diesel with the only factor being the electronics involved. Probably can get his number if you want to pick his brain.
  7. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Boat Trailer

    I would be at 9200 and up.30 + - gallons of gas and 3 batteries along with anchor ,lines , crap in drawers and safety gear alone is around 500 + lbs. Probably have a 200 gallon tank and most people will not run them much below 1/4. You also have a holding and freshwater tank ,which you would empty out at end of year but if your trailering during season, probably not.
  8. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Boat Trailer

    Are you sure about the weight capacity ? My 27 comes in at close to 8,000 and the 28 with a cored hull at 8500. These are listed are by the mfg. and straight off the construction floor, no gas [ 7 lbs a gallon ] batteries, oil, gear , riggers and anything else you can think of. You may want to recalculate the carrying capacity to have a small margin of error.
  9. Bozeman Bob

    Niagara bar spring fishing

    Wilson is 12 miles from the bar. That is why the creek that flows into the harbor is called 12 mile creek. In Olcott it is 18 mile creek . Then there is 4 mile creek which is also 4 miles from the Niagara River, the starting point for the names of these creeks.
  10. Bozeman Bob

    Crestliner Sabre 1989

    I think most people use the expandable foam that comes in cans like paint.. Not sure if they do small sections so they can ream out the drain holes. Maybe run a line of rope through them and then pull it back and forth then pull it all the way out. Some guys use pool noodles , even read where someone was contemplating ping pong balls. You would have to check/Google Canadian boating laws in regard to legality. Think its something like 20' and under in the USA that it's required.
  11. Bozeman Bob

    Hydraulic steering

    I am no engineer but I would say that when they say one motor they are referring to you possibly having 2 " 90 HP " engines ,not a kicker which is not going to be used when the main motor is running. I should hope that at trolling speed you can use the 4200 like you planned. I would think that there concern would be the thrust of two 90 hp engines at speed and being able to turn them, not a kicker at idle attached to your main motor. Have the EV 200 on one inboard boat and the 150 on another inboard both twin 350's with excellent results. The 150 came out after I installed the 200. A bit cheaper but same great quality.
  12. Received pm from " grandson" in questionable English, scammer IMHO . Why not just answer my posted questions for others to see ? Also why does he insist on texts, not actuall calls ? If I was being falsely called out I would want everyone to read what I have to say. I would- lock - delete- mark ad sold , if I had the authority. Here is the pm. for sure i can always provide everything you need about the boat, i can get in touch with Grandpa to know more about the boat, but are you interested in it?
  13. What is the year of the boat ? What is the exact length of boat ? Where is boat located if I wanted to look at it ? How come there are no registration numbers on it ? Your area code is in the Rockies in Colorado ,not the northeast , a bit strange. Most people would start out posting on Craigslist , especially if the boat is not set up for fishing ,which appears to be the case of "Gramps" boat , which you are selling " because I don't need it " . Does gramps know your selling it ?
  14. Something sounds fishy. 2016 Bayliner, with a 1978 siezed block . Not sure of length , maybe swim platform, but not stated.. 7- 9,000 for trailer, that's the cost of a new triple axle with a 15,000 -20,000 lb capacity. and 32+ boat. No registration numbers. (Maybe its USCG COD.)I will delete -apologize my post if out of line with my questioning, have just seen a lot of scammers recently on Craigslist etc.
  15. Bozeman Bob


    So if I am reading this correctly the total fines were 165,000. I know this happens on Erie , not so sure about Ontario as its a much smaller community of fishermen and boats. A lot easier to pick out " thieves" because of that. Rochester may be a different story. Nice to see they got caught !
  16. Even without the boom something like 90% of the ice on Erie melts before making it to the falls. The mouth of the river is a natural barrier. The boom.was put up to keep the smaller ice from clogging up the water intakes for the power plants ,not to protect the shoreline. Some say it actually hurts the natural ecosystem by the lack of scrubbing action of the ice hitting the bottom. Seems like every year a small section comes undone not the whole boom.
  17. Bozeman Bob

    A-1 Boat Repair

    You should post this in the This Old Boat forum on this site. Cable is a easy do it yourself fix. Please repost in correct forum .
  18. Thehulltruth.com has a 2000 Pursuit listed. Low hours and look like Long island NY area so not in water all year long.
  19. Bozeman Bob

    Low speed steering

    If it's a I/O the best thing you can do is put as much weight in the bow area along with removing as much from the stern. One battery at 50 lbs would be a 100 lb difference if moved up front. You might have/want to put sand bags up front. The I/Os have a natural tendency to wander ,mostly because of all the weight in the stern area . That creates bow lift which takes the deep V of the hull out of the picture. The deep V in the bow helps steer it -tracking straight at trolling speeds. It may still wander a bit after that and sometimes the best thing to do if it wanders is to wait and see if it comes back to the course you were on before making constant over corrections.
  20. Bozeman Bob

    Radio hand held or mounted.

    Been discussed numerous times , try search icon. IMHO purchase both . You have a longer range on mounted , nice to have a back up and if a "real " emergency happened and the boat was going down you can grab the handheld and use it while in the water.
  21. Bozeman Bob

    In Need of Manual for Digi Troll II Downrigger

    Generally you can go to fish307.com or Cannons web site and get- download manuals/schematics from there.
  22. Bozeman Bob

    Shark weights

    Most Charter , tourney and serious fishermen will use any and everything that will give them a edge and that includes mental. IMHO the real Shark weights belong in that category. Do the facets on there flashers and weights really attract fish ? I do well with them , black version , i have both the 15 and 17 # for different conditions, so I feel confident with them. Is one brand spoon etc. really any better than another one of the same shape and color ? Probably not, but to most it's what they feel more successful with. You spent how much for your rig and equipment , what's a extra 30 - 40 $ for the real thing vs a semi copy of a shark ?
  23. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Furuno gp1871 F

    Will be purchasing the 1971 in the next few weeks. IMHO Furuno is top of the line as far as FF goes. Going to use the current Airmar ducer that is in hull on my boat. Don't think I need the updated ducer that you have a option to use. Have the 585 on other boat and am not in any hurry to upgrade that excellent working unit.The 1971 is a upgraded version with a bigger screen. Will keep the older Garmin GPS so I can leave the 1971 on full FF display ,unless returning to port when I can go full screen on the 1971 GPS. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
  24. Hope the engines were winterized properly. Bright side from looking at your numbers is he did make some payments and I would think if the AJ is in decent condition you should be able to move it quickly for more than the 2600 that was owed on it. Good luck all the way around !
  25. Every Thing Boston Whaler on FB has quite a few listings as well as www.continuouswave.com or WhalerCentral.com