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  1. Topcat , Outboard and I/0s are completely different animals.
  2. And you can move that shifter with the drive off to make sure it's engaging. Should spin only one way in forward and the opposite direction in reverse . Of course with it off the motor you can turn the prop with some effort and watch the drive shaft move.
  3. Did you make sure the male shifter lever on the outdrive slid into the channel slot on the housing ? I believe you should be in forward when doing this. Sometimes if you miss that , the drive still goes on .
  4. Charter Lakes will require a recent survey , in and out of water, by a certified surveyor.
  5. Spray Nine for scuff marks and just about anything else that is not going to be mopped up.
  6. After your done I would suggest going with Marine Mat deck carpet. Snaps in , easier to clean than SeaDek and less money.
  7. Find the water intrusion first . Might try googling Inject a dek to get real world reviews on it. Personally I would cut it out and replace the wood , inject a dek to me is a band aid . I go with the saying : fix it once the right way and be done with .
  8. Ok , fair enough , from what I have seen of the entries most if not all participants are big boats that already are docked at either port. The smaller boats , if any sure could use the public launch if slips were not available. Hope the tournament goes well for all ! (.Sorry I missed the Olcott , not Oak in the spring , must be the lack of fish west of those ports )
  9. Pretty sure that's what I just stated. Doesn't answer my question .
  10. Curious as to why the Big Boy is out of the Oak and Wilson for spring and the summer event is just out of the Oak.
  11. 2 year old thread, rule # 1 , do not use pressure treated wood on a aluminum boat. Electrolysis will happen and eat away at any aluminum touching that wood.
  12. Northern Tools , search Fuel Caddys, decent selection and various capacities.
  13. Way to go Brandon , great energy policy starting on day 1 . If it isn't broken why did you " fix " it . More gas per day was pumped through the Keystone than we import from the Russians per day. Gas will be 6 .00 a gallon on the water the way things are trending right now. FJB.
  14. Yes a 90 will move it but you add weight and gears and that engine will be working hard . The standard for powering is to be within 20 -15% of the max marked on the boat. The minimum I would run would be 120 hp. The extra 500 lbs in weight vs what your running it on now is huge on a small single engine boat. The boat will be a slug and pretty much have to be run at WOT to stay on plain and that isn't good for the engine , your working it to death.
  15. Size and shape screams 50s . Short shaft isn't working on any glass boat with more than 2* of deadrise.. Slap it on your wall of fame as you mentioned.
  16. Tom Allen posted it yesterday on Facebook. I am pretty sure he is a reputable source.
  17. Went there last year as well. No issues. I would blame Fauci and his involvement in the Wuhan lab if I contracted it . Anyway it sucks for the people running it , the local hotels , bars , restaurants, vendors and on and on. I received a random , if you want to call it that , today from NYS , telling me to jab any of my kids over 5 year and dont forget the useless booster. Harassment 101 and my " kids " are all over 30 .
  18. Total BS if it was bc of the China Flu. Just flew out west and back., O'Hara was as packed as it gets , full capacity on planes . No issues in Bozeman as in face diapers and going to a packed venue for a concert . Fricking NY tyrants.
  19. Most windshields on boats are the same as far as sweep goes. Blades are usually shorter than the car version. No big deal to turn power off when blade is on one side or the others vs one that parks itself.
  20. I can ask the same question about the jab.
  21. They are all aftermarket, not boat mfg specific, Westmoreland. Defender Marine , Ebay will all have them. They are fairly universal, if yours has the parking feature and you like that ,make sure the replacement states that in the ad .
  22. Flatten the curve , everybody isolate for 2 weeks , wear mask , herd immunity. 70% of people get jabbed and were good , fireworks by Cuomo the bully predator.signifying it's beat , countries 100% jabbed doesn't matter, boosters 1 ,2 and 3 $$$$, start jabbing all kids , southern border wide open , no jab or china test., fly them all over in the middle of the night , northern border closed and these people are jabbed, have visas, will take test and spend money here not lookng for free handouts, nothing the government has said or forced down our throats has worked or is factual. Vaccine definition changed to cover there ass. It's here to stay , live your life or hide in the basement.
  23. It is not up to the retailers in many cases , if the MFG sets the bottom line as the " MAP " and you go lower they will stop selling you that product if caught doing it. They can be creative and for example if you buy a certain MFD they will throw in free installation or some much lesser priced item but that MFD is still sold at the MAP number. As I said before,not all MFGs care what there product is sold for as long as they are getting paid by whomever. It's a calculated risk dependent on what products they are selling and how fast they are flying off the shelf or not.
  24. I have been in sales for the last 45 years , most ,if not all retail stores average mark up is 50 % . Overhead is huge , Brandon somehow getting a hold of a product and selling it out of Moms basement has zero overhead. The legit distributor doesn't have a fighting chance against Brandon and whenever possible they will report Brandon to the MFG who will try and track him or find out how he is getting the product and shut it down. I have been in the room when a motorcycle shop was going off on S&S ( major HDavidson supplier ) about this ,online sales . S & S took care of it , didn't want to lose shop as customer.
  25. Sorry I am not wrong, they set the suggested retail price and if you come off it they stop selling you the product.i am talking about larger companies like Raymarine , Hummingbird etc. Some companies allow it ( price slashing ) but in the process lose there base that kept them in business over time or sell enough product that they don't care. Gearwrench would be a good example of everyone cutting each others throat. Then you have Snap On/ Mac tools that do not budge on there prices. You can argue all you want ,go to the FTC, not going to change a thing
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