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  1. Bozeman Bob

    Oak docked boats

    A boat from the late 70s judging from the motor hanging off the rotted out transom by the steering and control cables. Tough call on going full speed out of the harbor and having someone pulling out of a slip and possibly getting T Boned. Vs half speed and throwing a monster wake. Glad to see a successful rescue in any case.
  2. Bozeman Bob

    hauling over size boat ?

    Measure the beam at the stern ,might be surprised what it is where police might measure it. You can go online to NYSDOT or google it and get a permit for about 30.00 or get a blanket permit for the year. IN most cases you will need a ton of info ,like axle and tire capacities of truck and trailer. Distance between all axles including truck and trailer. Hauling route,date your going to do it,signage, usually they give you a 1 week window to do it. There are people that get you the forms so you don't have to deal with the state ,but they charge 100.+ ,google it for your area. My boat has a 11' beam and I pull it 40 miles twice a year without a permit,do it on a weekend morning and have a vehicle following me ,sometimes with the flashers on. Drove past 5 police cars last year,no problem. I think they get more court time with nailing 4 speeders in a hour vs taking a up a hour to write up one overwidth load. So they cant be bothered if it looks secure and stuff isn't falling off the load.
  3. Bozeman Bob

    Banging noise

    If its engine related we need more engine info. Generally the boat make does not matter and probably half the people on here, including myself , are not up to speed on all boat models and what power train they have. If it's some non engine sound or drive train sound then pull a hatch cover or two while it's happening and narrow it down. Loud banging sound with a load or higher speeds in many cases is a rod knock.
  4. Bozeman Bob

    Motor Skips

    How old are the batteries ? If you take the ball off and pull some cable out, then hit the up button with no resistance does the engine hiccup ? Sounds like you have a amperage draw that is robbing the electrical system on the engine and the end result is your " hiccup " issue
  5. Bozeman Bob

    Motor Skips

    What year motor,boat make does not matter. More info is needed. Dedicated house battery that downrigger is hooked up to ? Drigger hooked up to same battery as motor uses . How many batteries are you using and condition of them and alternator? Sounds like a current draw from the rigger that ends up with the engine not getting the proper volts to run correctly .
  6. Bozeman Bob

    Removing hardtop

    If its what the picture is shown I would cut a section of the roof in the center. Put a couple hinges on the cut section and flip it forward while in use. I would put a cooler or something on the deck on each side of the center. That would funnel everyone down the center chute. Just a suggestion and something I would do before completely cutting the hardtop off.
  7. Bozeman Bob

    Removing hardtop

    Never done it and never would do it. I don't know of anyone that would trade there hard top for a soft top. No leaks , easy to mount pulleys , search lights , radar dome, antennas , store planner boards etc. If there is anyway you can raise it ,even with a spacer installed in the support brackets I would go that route .
  8. Did it today,steady bite .probably dropped 3 or 4 that might have put us in the money, still had fun ! A few comments. It's great to see a tourney in July on the west end. Cheap buy in and decent pay back, thanks to the Town of Wilson matching entry fee's. Be great if they could do it every year and it probably wouldn't hurt to see if Olcott might Co- sponsor it, either by matching fee's or both towns splitting it, making it a joint Tourney over two days ?. Maybe call it W.O.W , [ Wilson Olcott Weekend ] Both Towns get a lot of revenue from fishermen and both ,IMHO, do little to promote there fisheries or give back to those that drop a lot of money into the local economy. Wouldn't hurt to put up a few waterproof posters around town or at the very least the launch ramps and Tackle Shops to attract the out of towner's that might not visit this site to get info. With the cheap buy in the charter boats ,even if the have clients will buy in. The locals and visitors with smaller boats are not intimated ,get a taste of tourney fishing and it doesn't break the bank. A non-obligated short Captains meeting Friday night would help the Calcutta end of things and maybe a few questions ,if any ,could be answered,like radio station number monitoring for cancellation and updates etc. Again thanks to whoever set this up,[ Mean Machine ?,] and hopefully if it happens next year I can thank you personally.
  9. Bozeman Bob

    150 Mariner oil mix

    No , that is pretty much the standard mixture rate for all 2 "smokes." The problem is if you decide to lean out the jets you run the risk of burning a hole in the piston. Better to be a bit rich than lean.
  10. Bozeman Bob

    Olcott- is a temp dock available?

  11. Bozeman Bob

    1970 Mercury 85 hp 4 cyl

    Tim Calms. ,Paridise Boat Works or Motor Works.. Silver Lake NY. Or find him under his name on FB. Or Google both. He is the guru of older Mercs.
  12. Bozeman Bob

    How do you get fleas off

    Velcro in use Video was just posted on FB Lake Ontario Trolling Discussion and Report
  13. Bozeman Bob

    How do you get fleas off

    Guy today mentioned spraying line/spool with something silicone based , depending on what you feel comfortable putting on your line. I am sure there is something that they use for cooking that would be ok. Again like my last post, I have not tried it, just relaying info given to me.
  14. Bozeman Bob

    How do you get fleas off

    Facebook-- Lake Ontario Trolling Discussion & Reports-- Posted today flat stick,like a 12" ruler,attach male Velcro to side of wood. Rub stick over tight line and fleas will stick to Velcro,then smack stick against something and fleas get flickered. Never tried it ,just relaying what I read.
  15. Bozeman Bob

    A-Hole with fireworks

    Sorry to see what they did. I would think the Marina's insurance carrier would cover it. To me its the same as leaving your car at a repair shop and finding it burned out the next day. The shop must cover it, even though they had nothing to do with the damage.
  16. Bozeman Bob

    Options on Alumacraft 19 ft

    Just used the search engine here and a 93 18 footer was gong for 5900 and a 96 190 Trophy was going for 9,500 with a kicker and maybe a few more options. So the asking price seems in line. Maybe if you showed up with 6 grand and said you have to buy tires and batteries etc, the boat may follow you home. Don't know the situation with the Marina and what services he paid for. A sea trial and good batteries may have everything working to your satisfaction. I wouldn't lose sleep over a few things that need repair , its a 24 year old boat.
  17. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Volvo penta aq125a

    Don't forget to look under boat parts ,not just boats, as well. There was a bunch of stuff listed under Buffalo ,including 4-6-8 cylinder engines ,had them listed as Mercruiser and Volvo ,but didn't say what belonged to what.
  18. Bozeman Bob

    Prop damage!

    Wont cause engine damage. Will cause damage to prop shaft seals and possibly shaft carrier bearings/struts/couplers, depending on what drive system you have. Outboard- I/O -straight inboard.
  19. Bozeman Bob

    Wanted Volvo penta aq125a

    Pretty common engine for older Bayliners . There is one listed on Craigslist in Watertown ,boat motor trailer 1,000 Probably get it for 500 as its been listed for a couple months and hull looks shot. Use the search icon on Craigs and start out with bayliner and or Volvo and narrow it down from there , Select cities/towns your willing to travel so you can broaden your search area.
  20. Bozeman Bob

    Mercury outboard distributor 4 cyl

    Like I suggested PM Hank on here and he will respond. Use the search icon for---- Hank L&M
  21. Bozeman Bob

    Mercury outboard distributor 4 cyl

    Picture of motor is on Craigslist, no cell number.
  22. Bozeman Bob

    Mercury outboard distributor 4 cyl

    Probably want to PM or get in touch with Hank from L& M Marine who is a moderator on here. The Craigslist engine looks pre trigger vintage.
  23. Bozeman Bob

    Mercury outboard distributor 4 cyl

    Trigger as in Rotor or something else ?
  24. Bozeman Bob

    Mercury outboard distributor 4 cyl

    What went on it ? Gear ,bushing ? All the guts are available at NAPA or similar outlets. There is one complete engine listed under boat parts on Craigslist about 15 miles south of Oswego and he is parting it out . Not sure if under Syracuse or Rochester, I did a broad search. Using Mercruiser for the search icon. Probably get it for 50.00 or less.