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  1. Most windshields on boats are the same as far as sweep goes. Blades are usually shorter than the car version. No big deal to turn power off when blade is on one side or the others vs one that parks itself.
  2. I can ask the same question about the jab.
  3. They are all aftermarket, not boat mfg specific, Westmoreland. Defender Marine , Ebay will all have them. They are fairly universal, if yours has the parking feature and you like that ,make sure the replacement states that in the ad .
  4. Flatten the curve , everybody isolate for 2 weeks , wear mask , herd immunity. 70% of people get jabbed and were good , fireworks by Cuomo the bully predator.signifying it's beat , countries 100% jabbed doesn't matter, boosters 1 ,2 and 3 $$$$, start jabbing all kids , southern border wide open , no jab or china test., fly them all over in the middle of the night , northern border closed and these people are jabbed, have visas, will take test and spend money here not lookng for free handouts, nothing the government has said or forced down our throats has worked or is factual. Vaccine definition changed to cover there ass. It's here to stay , live your life or hide in the basement.
  5. It is not up to the retailers in many cases , if the MFG sets the bottom line as the " MAP " and you go lower they will stop selling you that product if caught doing it. They can be creative and for example if you buy a certain MFD they will throw in free installation or some much lesser priced item but that MFD is still sold at the MAP number. As I said before,not all MFGs care what there product is sold for as long as they are getting paid by whomever. It's a calculated risk dependent on what products they are selling and how fast they are flying off the shelf or not.
  6. I have been in sales for the last 45 years , most ,if not all retail stores average mark up is 50 % . Overhead is huge , Brandon somehow getting a hold of a product and selling it out of Moms basement has zero overhead. The legit distributor doesn't have a fighting chance against Brandon and whenever possible they will report Brandon to the MFG who will try and track him or find out how he is getting the product and shut it down. I have been in the room when a motorcycle shop was going off on S&S ( major HDavidson supplier ) about this ,online sales . S & S took care of it , didn't want to lose shop as customer.
  7. Sorry I am not wrong, they set the suggested retail price and if you come off it they stop selling you the product.i am talking about larger companies like Raymarine , Hummingbird etc. Some companies allow it ( price slashing ) but in the process lose there base that kept them in business over time or sell enough product that they don't care. Gearwrench would be a good example of everyone cutting each others throat. Then you have Snap On/ Mac tools that do not budge on there prices. You can argue all you want ,go to the FTC, not going to change a thing
  8. Manufacturers can tell there distributors what the list or selling minimum price is. Don't adhere to it and your contract or exclusive right to sell there products is terminated. This keeps legit distributors from slitting each other's throat and allows them a profitable margin so they can stay in business. If I was a distributor and knew that the product I was selling was allowed to be whored out to anyone and sold with hardly any mark up I would stop buying and selling that product. This , ( MFG setting selling price ) , protects a legit distributor from having to compete with Brandon selling out of his basement . Leveling the playing field or should I say keeping your distributors happy is the end game for most MFGs. Good luck with the FTC , might as well be fighting City hall or the dictators of NY. I would be spending my spare time doing fishing gear / boat maintenance instead of getting worked up about something that you have no control over.
  9. I am getting 5 boosters shots and a oxygen mask fresh air system instead of the traditional useless face diapers. Speaking of useless , noticed the CDC changed the definition of Vaccine shots to cover there ass's for a shot that is not a Vaccine. I don't believe a word that comes out of Fauci's mouth and his funded Wuhan lab that started this ****. Not afraid to live ,not afraid to die . Especially after 2 years of constant intimidation by people that we elected . Screw the government, they are all above the law and do not even follow there own mandates ,which they can shove up there.....
  10. IMHO it's worth whatever you can get at the scrap yard. If it would actually fit someone's boat without modifications $$ I would be surprised. Finding some one that could actually use it as is would be a bonus.i may be completely off base with my opinion, you could try something like Antique Classic boats or Chris Craft Ownership Group on Facebook , and see if anyone there might know its worth .
  11. So you are talking Canadian money ? In the USA where most of the LOU members live this is the price I got when I searched it out. Maybe you should of stated that when you started talking money. Living in B.C. must be a heck of a road trip to get to Lake Ontario. Honestly a stupid statement about bringing them to BC. along with adding taxes and accessories to try to get close to the 10,000 you said you paid for it. You do know if I went to Canada and bought one with the exchange rate I am still looking at 4500-,5000 in American cash.
  12. Axles are not welded to trailer so whatever issue you had with your tires had nothing to do with Venture itself. Did they put a cheaper BRAND tire on , maybe. Or maybe it was a mfg defect in the tires. Bought a car 2 years ago with 4 almost new Michelin s on it. Everyone of those tires were junk. I had them balanced 2 times at different shops and it didn't matter they kept shaking no matter how I rotated them. So in your world it is the car mfg fault ,ok.. Pretty sure big ass travel trailers do a lot of flexing rolling down the road , with axles being bolted on the frame . Don't bring up actual tractor trailers flexing
  13. 10,000 $$$ you must of bought the gold plated version . I am seeing them for 4500 $- 5,000 in aluminum .
  14. Well I know if I smoked a car engine under warranty the dealer would tear it down to see if it was something I did outside oil change and filter not tightened ,drain plug stripped and leaking or something failed ,like a piston ring ,main bearing ,bad casting part etc. I do agree they should of handled it better ,but not that surprising for many companies in today's world. Good luck.,it is probably better now than new.
  15. For whatever reason , load placement, a piece of weak material ,drilled holes , etc. the trailers tongue failed. Does that mean Venture makes a poor trailer ? No., it would be the same as a GMC proven sbc or big block failing before its time and then declaring that GMC blocks are no good. This is the first negative post I have read on this mfg. So IMHO , Venture makes a decent trailer and this issue is the exception to the rule ,albeit 7 years after the original post. My triple axle pulled a 28' from CT. to Buffalo with no issues and I was at full weight capacity ( and 5-7 hundred lbs over it if the boat mfg specs were correct.) Towed it local a few years back and forth seasonally ,sold the boat ,kept the trailer and have a 27' on it now ,again close to or at rated capacity according to Whalers spec sheet , full tank of gas and I am well over it. Trailer has been flawless for me.
  16. City of Buffalo recently ordered 10 electric busses. Cost was 1 million per bus. Diesels are 500,000 per bus. So , us taxpayers are dropping a extra 5 million for 10 busses that will not outlive the diesels as salt puts them.on a level playing field. Makes perfect sense , that 5 million couldn't be used for myriad of other things , from education to food and shelter for the inner city people . Or, know wait for this, lower taxes, maybe put it in a reserve fund . Of course it's probably federally funded , our taxes again , and that grant money has to be used for that vs something that might make sense.
  17. You can research them at www.fiberglassics.com. in there Glassic Library section. Listed under fiberglass boats as well as aluminum boats. Looked at there brochure from 1956 and did not see your model listed. Things changed almost monthly with boat building back then so who knows what they put out vs what they advertised. We had a 16' fiberbglass Lone Star that was maybe a 1960 or so. It held up to a bunch of teenage boys beating it up on Erie water skiing and pounding waves. Good luck !
  18. 7 year old post , you should start a new one with your issue.
  19. Might be easier to install a dedicated deep cycle battery with a isolator so that it will charge off your engine but not discharge the starting battery if the engine is off. I have converted a few and now go with a new electronic distributor that eliminates points and the Thunderbolt ignition module or whatever your wired in to Same price as petronix but IMHO a better set up and a new distributor to boot. Best price I could find for a used module was 150.00 , paid 120.00 for updated distributor and pitched the Thunderbolt module. Is your engine idling higher now ? I wonder if you couldn't put in a Mercruiser momentary kill switch that they use for there older models. I am sure you could fabricate a bracket by your shift mechanism that would hold the switch and work off something moving the shifter ( not familiar with OMC outdrives ).
  20. Another Albe on marketplace ,28' newer engines ,in Oswego ,maybe its on this site , named Sparks, a lot more money than the other one. It is a lot more boat and gear ,so there's that. The 28 should have a 10-11' beam vs 9-6" .
  21. That Sportcraft has the doghouse located towards the center of the boat ,not at the transom. Still somewhat in the way and you end up working or always walking around it. Keep looking for what you want , do not settle for anything less.
  22. 1993 27' Albemarle on Buffalo Craigslist, asking 25,000 , new motors . Probably started out in the ocean with a tower . Good looking rig.
  23. "Large rolling waves " are usually the aftermath of a big blow on the lake . They slowly dissipate over the course of a day or so. Controlling speed isn't any different than being out in 3-4'+ waves. Short of looking at a Lake cam or getting info from someone that is or was just out on the Lake it's a crap shoot . Weather forecasters do not mention this and they seem to be wrong about 50% of the time.
  24. Read it itoday in the Buffalo News sport section ,was in there weekly fishing report .
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