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  1. I am guessing that you replaced the distributor cap ,not the whole distributor. Was it timed if you swapped the whole thing out ? Usually the fuel pump is good or bad . When was the last time the plugs were changed or looked at ? After checking them I would pull the carb and have that rebuilt , sounds like the float or passageways could be messed up. Local car repair shop /marina / can do it ,or check out the net for carbs rebuilt [ depending on how much down time you can deal with in the middle of the season. ] Or buy a new one ,probably around 350-400 depending on where you buy it from.
  2. Depends on time of year and water temps among other variables. Saw a big name Charter boat out of Olcott fishing west of Wilson Saturday. In April, May and early June I see boats that are out of Oak Orchard docked in Wilson. 1st stop for them is usually the Bar. IMHO anywhere from the Bar to Olcott and from 15 ft to 550 ft can be productive during the whole season. During the fall run Olcott has a ton of boats patrolling out front that are going after the staging Kings. Don't see that out of Wilson. Sometimes it's just a personal preference where you have caught them.before ,so you stay in your comfort zone and return to that area.
  3. I would suggest you buy 2 of the 22" . They will steady your boat while in the ditch like you wouldn't believe . If using just one and taking waves on wind on the port side ,set up the bag on the port side ,it will have a natural tendency to push the bow into the waves and make it easier to steer . I also recommend the G2 Bags ,they are IMHO the best ones out there and are bullet proof . Just bought my second set from them ,different size than the first ones and I will use both sets at different times based on lake conditions .You email in what you want , takes a day for them to get back to you and they ship immediately from Pa. So you get them in a day or two.. I have no affiliation with them ,just saying you will not be disappointed . G2 outfitters.com I believe is there web site.
  4. I know most ducers need water to keep help keep them.cool. So my uneducated guess would be , yes as long as you keep anything hooked up to said ducers turned off while on plane. Hopefully your not forgetful. If all your worried about is the paddle wheel I would run it until it fell off , or just remove the wheel and be done with it. Then put it where the manual tells you to place it.It's pretty useless to begin with as you have GPS giving you more accurate info .
  5. Yes you can. The fiberglass is just a outside shell for the transmitting/receiving cable that runs inside the length of it.
  6. No way would I pay 5,000 for a transom repair. You could buy another boat for that kind of money . . I am guessing that 500 to a max of 1,000 would be the going price for the repair your looking at. 500, for a basic plate over and 1,000 to knock out rivets and weld her back up. This would be based on you taking engine and anything else on the transom off so they have a clean slate to work with.
  7. Pressure treated wood unless it was from.20 or do years ago because of chemicals they used then vs now ,is not something that should be put in a aluminum boat. google it if you want to know why.
  8. I would stop at your local body shop and ask them or stop at a welding shop that does aluminum .If your wood is solid I would think they could just weld a piece of aluminum with the same dimensions over your existing tranny. Or even a bit smaller that would go up to your rivets .. If wood is shot its not that hard of a DIY project to replace it . Then have the shop weld on the replacement or cover over piece. Two metals that are the same should not have a corrosive reaction. If it was me I would have them cover it vs removing it and then fabricating everything back on it.
  9. The summer LOC tourney starts tomorrow , 6/27 , is that not part of the LOTSA tourney ?
  10. Microfiber cloth with Plexus is the best thing for cleaning. Plexus lifts the dirt and micro does the same thing without digging into the eisenglass. Rain X is used to disperse water and generally only good when moving about 20-25 mph. Not to be used for cleaning and I personally wouldn't use it for what is made for on eisenglass. Regular glass ,yes.
  11. My interpretation of your question ,if that is what it is. Start at the beginning by going through the dockside wizard and entering all the correct info that is asked. I would check your fuses in the computer and all your seatalk connections. If all that checks out and your display still shows "not finding steering " then go to raymarine.com look into there forum under Autopilot or get there tech phone number and call them.
  12. Most. if not all mfgs recommend a area on the transom ,in the hull .for mounting ducers. Running two FF with the same frequency, regardless of ducer location will not work. You should be able to run them if one is on low frequency and the other on high ,no guarentee as I have seen people having issues even under those circumstances
  13. Nope .The Niagara River acts like a dam ,we may get a bit more but not the full shot .
  14. You can always go to Raymarineusa.com and post up in there forum where someone from Raymarine will answer your question. Takes a day or 2 before it is posted and they respond with a answer. You can also go through there autopilot section listed in the forum and see if that question was asked before or use the search icon. That is if you do not get any help on here or what is posted does not fix it.
  15. I have seen a lot worse being used. Having said that you don't want to take out the prop shaft seal by it being out of balance. It would take some time for that to happen judging by what I can tell from picture. See what the local shop charges for doing it right and balancing it vs picking up a new aluminum one from them or online. Not a bad idea to have a spare prop , in that case just go new and put the old one as is , in the boat . If you travel far and might be there over a weekend it doesn't do any good sitting in the garage if your 100 miles away and whack a rock in the middle of your trip. So yes you can use it as is and yes replace or repair as soon as possible .
  16. Need your rated max RPMs for the motor. Then need your RPM numbers at WOT with a average load on the boat along with the different altitudes your operating in for those numbers ,which may be different. Otherwise we/you are just guessing and may be lugging the engine or going over your redline , which in either case leads to the early demise of your power plant.
  17. Since you asked about Wilson ,not Olcott try Googling Wilson Boat Yard Marina or Facebook , they have nice rooms and a restaurant that is now doing takeouts as well , along with dockage . .IMHO Wilson , as Hawkeye mentioned , is nicer than Olcott for slippage [ more protected from Ontario when it gets nasty ] , rooms and food along with being closer to the " Bar " if that is one of the areas that you want to fish.
  18. Pretty much goes with the territory , I guess if it bothers you that much ,don't go out until the hatch's [ these are not as bad as the biting flys ] are over with
  19. Looks like 5/8 or 1/2 " line , but that's just a guess judging from a picture . That's what I would do and it would probably end up like that for a long time . Almost looks like it says 5/8 but I can't blow it up enough to tell.
  20. Have to take the whole section to a hydraulic shop. They can figure out the size..A hardware store might even be able to help you out., doesn't seem like it's a high pressure hose if you have a clamp on one end. Matter of fact if I couldn't find a replacement hose I would buy a hose from NAPA and a hose coupler from the hardware store . Cut the hose a few inches from.the end and slap it on . At least for the weekend if you wanted to get out on the water.
  21. Looks like you can cut some more off and re-clamp. If not and it has the screw in fitting on the other side some NAPA store make them in house or a hydraulic repair place would have it or be able to make you one.
  22. Not sure about this particular situation .Most setups I have seen have a PS line that goes to a heat exchanger and many times people fail to drain them/properly winterize . So there is a possibility that is cracked and oil may have leaked from there. If that happened you can fix or replace . 3rd option is to couple in a longer hose ,eliminating the cooler , and leave it laying flush on the bottom. That in itself acts as a cooler with the lake never getting warm ,the extra 5-6 feet of hose helps cool it down and the PS doesn't really get overly hot up this way to begin with. Guy I know did that and no issues .
  23. No problem ,your welcome . If I can have one person rethink the way they fish when going solo or better yet finding someone to go out with ,then my OPINION got through. Glad you have made it 35 years by yourself , I have you beat by 25 years fishing on the lake , doesn't mean a thing if your out there and thing go south in a hurry. . What's. your late Dad have to do with anything ? Again for those of you that have a hard time comprehending , this is just my opinion ,that's it . Done with this thread .
  24. Ok , how many that have replied or read this post that fish solo use a kill switch tether ? How many have a two way radio and cell in a dry bag that they wear , how many wear a life preserver ? How many file a float plan with another person ? How about having a medical emergency and getting to land by themselves. I have seen.guys out there solo in a fog and no radar , talk about playing with the Grim Reaper. Share a Seat on here is a great idea for the person that may have second thoughts about rolling the dice. Again my opinion and good luck to all that partake in this .
  25. IMHO no one should be out there fishing alone unless your tethered to a kill switch ,even.then its questionable at best . I sure wouldn't want to be legaly responsible for running any kind of tourney with a 1 person limit. To many things can.go wrong , should be same rule as diving alone.
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