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  1. I fished stagers Tuesday morning for a few hours. First time out in almost 2 years. went 2/5. Worked 75-95’ red barn to microwave-All fish on FF meat and plugs went untouched. A lot of weeds floating around- had to check rods often. Graph loaded with fish
  2. I jus received mine - I am very pleased very well made 3season rain jacket.loaded with pockets. Quality! Thank you again for sharing
  3. I'm with Whaler- stealth, sometimes less is more but would like to add if you fish with older people those long lines are tough on them. your loaded up on some solid options for sure.
  4. Congrats to all who scored already - some fine bucks down it’s killing me sitting in the camper on opening day here in Eden,NY. snow is up to my hips- heart attack walking Took me 3 hours to get over 4’ of snow off trailer we are hoping to hunt Monday maybe?? With more snow coming tonight 😩 not how I wished my fathers 60th opening day to pan out . GL to those out and those who finally get out
  5. 1998 lock stock and barrel 16’ fiberglass sculling boat with sculling oar for sale. $2500- Buffalo area im posting for a friend - pm me for his contact info.
  6. Check out Memphis net and twine. We have purchased gill nets for work in the past. It has been awhile but I remember them selling it by the yard .
  7. That is very unfortunate to hear. Jim is a good man. I hope nothing to serious —Prayers
  8. Gill- Im with you this time. I’ve been in Wilson since April 1 staying at my parents house while they are away. I go to work Monday - Friday and it’s fishable , weekend comes and the weather goes all to hell. Looking out the window now and the lake is ROCKING.
  9. Wind blowing east now just ice tight to shore great looking mudline
  10. Gill- Saw the first boat out of Wilson on Tuesday. I was hoping whoever it was would report here but no suck luck. Good luck to you if you make it out.
  11. I am looking for a new paint job for this landlocked from 2000. It’s a pretty special fish to me for reasons -Some grease has bleed through on belly , yellowing the white The Blue on top just isn’t “ blue enough “ and the fish lacks its silvery shiny appearance it should have. I’m from the Buffalo area but will travel a reasonable distance - PM me if interested -Thanks
  12. Why does anyone live here if they don’t like winter?????? It about Damn time we got a real winter again - ice fishing , snowmobiling , skiing, grouse hunting in snowshoes . This is the best winter in years! Our country is getting softer daily - now we close schools for 3” of snow and roads plowed to the pavement
  13. Way to go bud- congrats too you both Was a beautiful day out there today
  14. I dropped some venison off at Wilson Beef last week . They told me they are at 49,000 pounds. Last year on the same date they had 79,000.
  15. Expect stagers still in close and 2 year old salmon and steelhead out deep Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Nice and simple Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. My last 2 trips my subtroll would cut out ( including the decimal on the readout) First time after checking out possibilities the unit kicked back on when the bilge pump kicked on. Today it worked for the first few hours - cut out and stayed that way for a time. I Tried kicking the bilge on to see if it would start back up- it didn’t but a 1/2 hour later kicking on the Bilge fired it back up and it stayed till I pulled rods . Anyone have any thoughts before I get to it this coming Friday. I have had it for many years without issue -Thanks in advance for any responses. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. Set up in 425’ and trolled north. Water was very warm! 70’s all the way down to 80’ .We took one mature king - 19# 115 down in 61 degree water. Hit a FF on a rigger. We also took 2 smaller kings and a steelhead same program. Worked out to 487’ and just couldn’t find any temp so we pulled at 9:30 and ran into 200’ and trolled into 130’. Took a decent steelhead down 120 on a rigger and a smaller king both on FF. Took a awesome rip on a dipsey out 220 with a spoon but no one home. Marked some bait inside and an occasional good hook. Off the water by noon- the heat was oppressive! Back at it again next weekend Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Had a great morning out of Wilson. Set up in 375 and headed North. Once we hit 460-485’ it was on. Temp was down 95. Riggers at 95 and 85 did the most damage. Black NK with orange ladder back spoon did well buT NBK flasher with green/gold fly took all our big fish. Went 13/14 -big healthy coho- kings and a few Steelies. Best king was 24 and best coho was 13.East troll was best Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  20. Are only king we landed today was on a watermelon warrior 52’ down over 280’ west of olcott.Best picture of the day was that depth for me. Small break . Had my nephew and brother who are very green. They lost another 5. All spoon bites.Worked out to 400’ but couldn’t get anything consistent going Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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