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    "Fishing for Hospice Fun Fishing Derby and Fundraiser” This is an opportunity for fishermen to raise money for a cause that has helped many people in some of the toughest of times. As fishermen, we are blessed to be able to do what we do and create memories every day on the water that for some last a lifetime. We also tend to be a grounded, competitive, and generous group of people who are willing to reach out to help others. This event is meant to combine these things into an event that enables us to collectively help others. Who: All fishermen are invited to participate – both ELOSTA and Non-ELOSTA members (membership is encouraged and will be available at the weigh in) When: July 1st Where: weigh-in will be at the Mexico VFW Pavilion from 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM (in the event that all fish are not weighed in by 6:45 - everyone who is in line by that time will have their fish weighed in) Cost: $20 per boat (additional donations are welcome) How to enter: Contact Phil Lucason at 315-709-9958 preferably by text with your name, boat name / team, and your cell phone number. You will get a text or phone call back confirming your entry. Payment will occur at the event weigh-in and is “on your honor” to pay once entered. Two Categories: Single largest trout or salmon AND biggest combined three trout and / or salmon The two winners will have the donation to Hospice made in either their name, in memory of a loved one, or their team name. All fishermen are to use their best judgment for their safety and the safety of those they are fishing with. In the event that you are unable to fish due to weather or other unforeseen issues, please honor your sign-up / donation commitment and go to the Mexico VFW during the weigh-in time. Someone will be there to meet you and accept your donation. This is our opportunity to help others by doing what we love.
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    Fishing Flea Market - vendors will be selling fishing tackle and related goods and there will be Guest Speakers presenting seminars on Fishing Techniques for Salmon and Trout going on as well. It will be at the Brewerton Fire Hall off of Route 81 near the West end of Oneida Lake. This is a great opportunity to pick up some new to you tackle and equipment at a fraction of the retail price or to find that discontinued lure that you are terrified of losing because you are down to your last one. There will be a $2 entry fee for anyone 16 years of age or older that is used to send kids to DEC camp. Tables are on a reservation basis only and you need to call Bill. For information on getting a table to sell items or further questions please call Bill at 315-515-8278
  3. Thanks. It is quite an undertaking by the researchers of Cornell. In the end they would still be looking at the female DNA if they are using the mitochondrial DNA - even with males. Love the Maury comment. In order to get bigger fish they would actually have to take time and effort to separate the sizes as they came into the hatchery and then try to only use three and four year olds to spawn to try to artificially direct genetic selection towards potentially bigger fish (more in the lake to try to get to maturity without being caught in the first 2-3 years). The super large fish in Michigan are older fish that have made it to maturity. With the cuts out there the pressure has moved to other fish species and allowed them to get to this size / age class. Their bait density / biomass is no different and maybe lower than ours on a cubic hectare basis. In the end I think that they are happy with numbers / catch rate and not having to do more work with the shoestring budgets and manpower that they have available. They truly are doing a great job with the resources they have available. Most college kids would mess things up more than help with many of them having a hard time identifying a guppy. If any study, trying to figure out if selective breeding would make a difference, (which we all know that it should) was going to take place in any form, it would need to be driven by a grant with a university heading it and us charter captains would be more efficient at separating the species, gender, and size than any college students. Another push would be for them to open another tube to a holding pond and any "smaller" males sent down the tubes or directly into the dumpster, rather than placed in the "male breeding tub". This would at least eliminate the jacks and the small two year olds without much effort. It was nice seeing people interested in the future of the fishery able to get together again. It was also great that Scott, Tom , and Dan were willing to give their time to be there and answer questions and give us information. Good luck this deer season. Phil
  4. Thank you to all who came out and especially to the DEC staff who volunteered their time to share updates, information, and answer questions. It was a very informative event. Phil
  5. Bump Hope to see familiar and new faces. The Hatchery looks great and it should be a fun and informative night. Sent from my Pixel 6a using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. On October 19th at 7PM there will be an end of the year meeting for anyone interested in attending at the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. DEC personnel will be there to go through the egg take, hatchery updates, general health / observations of the fish handled at the hatchery. There will likely be other information presented on the bait fish trawls and any research being done or proposed for the fishery. Please spread the word and try to attend to become more informed about what is going on and to be a part of or listen to meaningful discussions / conversations.
  7. Thank you to all of the members who were able/ chose to spend the afternoon together. It was nice seeing many old faces / friends and some new members as well. Congratulations to all of you who entered fish, placed, and who won the raffles. Good luck on the water. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Yep [emoji3] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Remember to register. See you in a week. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. A clarification for the derby. The newsletter had the minimum lake trout incorrect. Lake trout must be a minimum of 5lbs to weigh in. The same as the other trout species. There is no minimum length requirement. That was from when the slot limit kept Lakers out of the 25-30" length from being kept. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces at this year's picnic and derby. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. If there is a small craft warning posted the derby is off, but the picnic etc... Are still on. The location is at the Mexico VFW. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. All current, prior and to those looking to become members of ELOSTA; Please mark your calendars for August 6th to attend the annual picnic / derby at the Mexico VFW. This is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends surrounded by fellow outdoorsmen who love the fishery we have. The picnic starts at 12 but the chicken dinners will start to be served at 2pm. There are two options for the picnic - chicken or hamburgers/ hotdogs. $22 for chicken dinner $17 for burgers and dogs plus salads, drinks, etc... Kids 12 and under without chicken are $8 but if they want chicken the price is the same as an adult at $22. The derby is $15 per angler, everyone on the boat must be entered, everyone entered must be a member or get a membership at the picnic, and everyone entered must attend the picnic and purchase a meal. Weigh in closes at 1:30pm sharp. Minimum weights for each category of trout and salmon will be in the newsletter. It has been 5 lbs for trout and 20lbs for salmon in the past. If a small craft warning is posted the derby is off, but everything else is still on. This is meant to be a fun friend / family derby. This is the organization's main fundraiser for the year. There will also be raffles and t-shirts to purchase. Please call Jerry Loughnot at 315-699-0112. Be sure to give him your name(s), meal choices, and whether or not anyone is fishing the derby and if anyone will be signing up for a membership at the picnic. Thank you in advance and great fishing. See you soon. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. It has not - call him at 413-441-4068. Awesome boat and is in the water.
  14. It was a great meeting and we are grateful for Steve and Chris giving us their time. A brief summary is as follows: Hatchery is fully staffed and still working on water issues from the wells. Wild young of the year salmon sampling is the lowest in 10-15 yrs. Cormorant control is back. Lampreys being seen on fish are form the 2020 year class that was not treated. The BIG ONE: --- The new lake management is that it is a wild fishery and will be supplemented by the hatchery system which changes a lot of decisions and puts more chance into the process. Alewife survey is up to 200 sample sites. Lake Ontario Advisory Panel will remain as a permanent tool for decision making. Other discussions were about cormorant hazing, stocking techniques, Net Pen projects, Coho study, Atlantic salmon study, ........ There will be a lot more details in the ELOSTA newsletter - 3 pages. Phil
  15. Hoping to see many old and new faces. Lots of good, clean, fat, healthy alewives this weekend - looking forward to the preliminary trawl data.
  16. Ditto on how well taken care of that boat is. Very nice boat and well kept.
  17. I just got an email about a missing fisherman out of the Golden Hill State Park launch. He was in a kayak and I have attached the image that was sent to me. Hopefully he is found so that his family can have closure. Phil Lucason
  18. All are invited to the meeting tonight at the Mexico VFW (meetings are open to the public). The meeting will start at 7PM and will be inside the main building. There will be updates about the lake fishery counsel made up of lake and tributary anglers, hopefully some word on cormorant control, stocking, fishing reports, etc... Hope to see you there. Phil
  19. Looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar and new faces this weekend.
  20. ELOSTA will have a raffle or 50/50 as well. Donations can always be made to help send kids to DEC camp through ELOSTA too. Looking forward to the event. Thanks Phil
  21. It will be at the Mexico VFW on April 9th morning until early afternoon. Entry fee will be a nominal $2 per person. There is an indoor and outdoor venue (if needed) for vendors. Tables are available for a fee (depending on the number of tables, size of the table, and possibly an outside versus inside rate). Exact times, food, and other information will be added as it gets firmed up. We already have a few vendors looking to unload a lot of stuff. There are plenty of tables still available. Please call Bill Pingel to get a table at 315-515-8278.
  22. Next Wednesday, June 16th, ELOSTA (Eastern Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Association) will be having a public meeting at the Mexico VFW on Route 13 at 7:00PM. All members and non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Topics will range from the bait fish situation, cormorants, fishing thus far, picnic / derby discussion for August, and other pertinent information as well as any techniques and or tips people are willing to share. Looking forward to seeing you there. Phil
  23. It has been cancelled by the fire department last night due to the C-19 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. A big shout out and thank you to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery Biologists and staff for the job that they do. After literally going every year and standing above the arena since the late 80's I was finally able to partake in what goes on down below. The perspective definitely changes when on the floor and many of the misconceptions that I did not realize I had have been cleared up BIG TIME. It is a whirlwind once the fish start coming and does not stop until the last one is spawned, research samples are collected and tallied, and everything is scrubbed down. There is a nice energetic and passionate group of young biologists and technicians who will make sure the hatchery fish continue to be of the highest quality. They all spoke with passion about what they were doing, studies they were taking part in, and fishing adventures they have had recently with the trout and salmon on the lake and in the Salmon and Oswego Rivers. One of the biggest misconceptions that I had as well as many of you reading this may have as well was that only the small males were being spawned. Not intentionally by any means!!!! From up high I could pick out the bigger ones that may have been overlooked or sent down a shoot or dumpstered without spawning. When at the sorting table it is fast paced and the fish in front of you is the one that goes into the tub to be spawned. Once there is a sufficient number in the tub the rest are discarded - big and small. We did some really nice males and a couple not so big males with most reflecting the average size coming up to the hatchery. What happens below the hatchery in terms of selecting out the biggest is outside of the hatchery's control and has been going on since the inception of the fishery. This was something that I had dreamed of doing and can't thank Tom enough for the opportunity. Unfortunately I was not able to put the eggs up due to cross country practice, but hopefully another time. My girls walked away with a whole new level of appreciation as well and Lizzy got a full blown milt mustache courtesy of a big chinook who was more than ready to go - if only I had a camera to take that picture to bring out when a new boy comes courting or for those special moments. Morgan who some of you know, said that if she wasn't going to be a physician assistant she would definitely be heading into fisheries biology -not only because of the fisheries, but the people who were on the floor with her. Thank you again for a Lake Ontario fishaholic's experience of a lifetime.
  25. Well done Mike and crew! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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