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  1. I saw the DEC trucks getting off the thruway at the Batavia exit yesterday. They delivered 138000 salmon and 10000 steelhead to Oak Orchard.
  2. I have watched the workers at the hatchery take the big salmon and throw them without stripping or milking. They like to handle 15 to 20 pounders.
  3. Pretty poor looking leaderboard. Haven't filled the top twenty.
  4. Today the smoke is worse than yesterday. The sun is a red ball
  5. More than 110000cfs coming into the lake than the amount going out.
  6. Any reports on what the trout and salmon are eating l
  7. They usually stop here every year to fuel up. It's one of the few places that truck can deliver diesel to the pier.
  8. The launch is open now.
  9. Last year they drew down the lake level into March and the level started a foot lower in Jan. This year they haven't started to draw down yet. The snow levels are higher this year so it looks like we're in for high water this year.
  10. It takes years for the water from those lakes to affect the water levels here. Lake Erie has the most impact. The IJC say's they can't control the lake level but their decisions don't seem to show that is true.
  11. There wasn't a single salmon or steelhead on the leaderboard from Monroe or Wayne county. I'm sure it wasn't a lack of fishermen. But it can't be good for businesses in the future.
  12. Try using a rubber band on your line and clip the band in the release. They still might not pop the release but the rubber band will stretch and you will see the rod move up and down. Sent from my RCT6B03W13 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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