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  1. hookedupf7

    Update on my starweld

    I have been dealing with dealer. I thought he was giving me a line of bs so I went over his head. After talking to factory rep. I don’t think the dealer is bsing me.I got ahold of regional rep. He couldn’t answer my questions so he sent me to service supervisor at factory. My boat is brand new in April. It’s not like it is a couple years old...
  2. hookedupf7

    Update on my starweld

    Man I’m still fighting with them. They said they are going to fix it. They where supposed to pick it up New Years week. I haven’t got a phone call yet that they picked it up to take it to Indiana. I am going to call dealer and see if they . Mind you that I dropped this boat off the last week of September!!!
  3. Ha I might go out the night before and set a tent 😃😃
  4. Can’t wait last year was our first time out. Really enjoyed it. Gotta start saving 😃😃
  5. I asked in the shows section on this site. I think somebody said in March. I can’t wait to go. Gotta start saving now 😄😄
  6. Hey guys. Do they have a swap meet at this show. And if so can I get in under general admission for that
  7. hookedupf7

    Brewerton show?

    Ok thanks. Just trying to plan ahead
  8. Just wondering the date on brewerton show. I had a lot of fun there last year and want to go again this year.
  9. hookedupf7

    Update on my starweld

    As stated in earlier post trying to get major warranty work done on my starweld. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Boat is still not fixed. Live well is fixed but inside gunnel lids are not. . Thanksgiving I got a call from the dealer they have to send it to Illinois. A week ago I called dealer back and said they were going to get boat ready to ship. Instantly I fire an email to starweld. Next day reg. Rep calls me .After reaming this guy for for 25 minutes I get reassured boat will be shipped New Years week. Called a number to factory warranty rep today and he acts like he doesn’t know nothing about it. But states they will get rite one it. Been since June trying to get this stuff fixed. Maybe I finally got through to them. Or could be more smoke and mirrors. Next call may be from a lawyer!!!
  10. hookedupf7

    Not real happy

    ONTherise u was wondering the same thing
  11. hookedupf7

    Not real happy

    You guys hit the nail on the head. They put a bunch of screws through the level well when assembled it at the factory. Then there is a locker on the top of the side wall. After a week the whole top rail around it got flimsy. Something let loose inside.
  12. hookedupf7

    Not real happy

    Parts have finally come in. They have to replace front livewell and floor. The problem is that the boat is so New that they didn’t have spare livewell. I guess what is bothering me most is that I would like to talk to a rep from Starcraft and can’t seem to find a contact or been contacted on matter. I
  13. hookedupf7

    Not real happy

    I am not blaming dealer. He seems pretty pissed also.