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  1. Nothing available in a spray for the DIY that I'm aware of. For the sealing, I assume you're talking about the plywood in the transom. You will most likely have to sandwich 2 pieces or maybe 3 for the correct thickness. Total Boat epoxy is fine but not necessarily the penetrating type. Lots of info on youtube.
  2. it's labor intensive but once to start drilling out the rivets to remove the splash well, you will see it's not that bad. Plus you can get to replace all those thru transom bolts and seal everything with 5200.. Replacing the foam is optional. lots of info out there about the pros and cons.
  3. Generally, I would say it's picking up some trash. Look at the board itself for something bent.
  4. I would keep looking. Not a 4winns fan and not really a fish friendly boat. I would put it in the category of a family day cruiser that dad can occasionally. fish on until the wife sees you drilling holes! The Cobra's are ok. A step up from the previous OMC's but still not as easy to work on or for parts as merc.
  5. I can't imagine you will find anything in the Rochester area. Should be somebody in Sodus or between there and Henderson.
  6. Agreed. And I do the same, usually at the Oak. Just another reason why there is not another weigh station.
  7. Agreed, the numbers out of I bay or even Rochester in general are crazy low compared to the west end or Sodus.
  8. Long ago when it was locally owned, the weigh station was at the Port of Rochester and then it was moved to Rochester Hollow Grinder. Back then, it was truly an event!
  9. Water is kryptonite to wood, regardless of type or strength. Make sure to seal both side and extra coats on the edges.
  10. Unless you are running your riggers constantly, they should not drain your cranking battery. It may have been something else that was a constant drain, combined with the riggers. Keep in mind, it is not enough to just have a kicker with electric start. it is about the size of the stator and how many amps it puts out.
  11. I went to a 4 blade and ha a bit higher rpm and more control at low speeds including trolling.
  12. Either will treat you well. The only issue I see is finding one. A buddy at work was on a waiting list for a 70 Yam for over a year.
  13. TM should have it's own battery(s). Riggers and other electronics off the cranking battery, or a house battery from a perko type switch. JMO
  14. cone isn't narrow enough. a basic 2d transducer 83/200 or 50/200 gives much better results. chirp has it's place as well as side view but not for trolling. I run a basic 2d for trolling and another ff with chirp and dv and sv for sm and perch. JMO
  15. I would consider something else if your main fishing is trolling.
  16. A pontoon with canvas on a windy day will eat those batts up. 36v will help but still...,IMO Your Merc will probably not be enough... it still has to charge the cranking battery as well. An onboard charger if you have shore power will work and will keep you fishing everyday, but still your run time will still suffer depending on all the variables being use and wind. A troll bridge unit is another possibility. you can google it for information.
  17. I can see the convenience of that, but I would still have to get up adjust the lines.
  18. Could have been an otter It was well over 40 years ago. And badger's do exist in NY, although rarely are they seen.
  19. Trolling off of Braddocks one spring, I noticed a small doe outside of me heading deep. Knowing she most likely was chased into the lake, I figured she would keep heading north till her lungs gave out. We pulled up our gear and cut her off, forcing her back to shore. While fishing in Black River Bay just outside of the river, I noticed something swimming in a tight circle. When we got close enough, my dad reached for it with the net and then realized it was a badger that had most likely been hit by a prop. Dam lucky he didn't bring it into the boat. Another early evening on the Black, I saw a couple odd shapes in the sky coming toward me from over Sackets. Not even a minute later, I got buzzed by 2 Stealth Fighters, most likely out of Ft Drum. Scared the hell out of me and almost went in the drink! Drifting for SM east of Bear Creek near Pultneyville, without a GPS or any other idea where I was for that matter, I had apparently drifted into the NO Boat Zone near Guinnea Power Plant. Soon, I was given a nice reception both by air and water. It's surprising how much water, those helicopter blades can move.
  20. I had a 308. great rifle , Although it was a late model with the detachable magazine(clip) . My dad has 4-5 of the early models. Much more valuable.
  21. I'm in the middle of a floor repair myself on my Sea Nymph. It's a good winter project. Good Luck!
  22. Not sure what you're referring to by stringers? Never seen an aluminum boat with stringers, An epoxy floor is fine but you would not apply an epoxy over paint or poly. Only over the bare wood. I would not use poly regardless. Generally, becomes brittle with age and does not soak into the wood like a good resin or even a good oil paint.
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