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  1. I second the Hans the carver recommendation. Extremely knowledgeable, expertise is musky. http://hansthecarver.com/
  2. I'm on Grenadier several times a year. Had a few muskies in the boat over the years.
  3. I was Fishing Grenadier island the past 3 days. Western end down the bridge. Nothing. Spoons, stickbaits, plastics, 2ft shallows out to 20ft, dropoffs and flats - no action. Some crap floating, not as much as I expected. Will be back in 7 days, hopefully the bite will be better.
  4. Grenadier Island Walleye 6/14 We have been staying at a camp on Grenadier Island for the past 20years. Pretty familiar with the water, know the area for pike/bass/musky. Have not done well with walleye, don't see them, and don't see many folks fishing for them in the area. We have tried harnesses at night by the Canadian bridge without success. Due to license and customs, we will stay on the Canadian side. Is there hope for getting walleye local to Grenadier Island without a hour boat ride? General location is fine .. and perhaps hints on methods would be great. Will be there this weekend for a few days. I did look for a few minutes, did not see topics with Grenadier / rockport in the subject lines. Thank you in advance, - john
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