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  1. I ran Penn 625 manuals for years. That big dial for depth was the nuts. Quality was tops as well. I was considering the 825s but went with a new pair of Walkers due to how compact they are. If you like the Penn's, go with them!
  2. Decided my winter project would be to remove the floor panels and recover with vinyl as well as change the original fuel hoses and possibly the bilge and livewell hoses. The floor is remarkably solid except for the center panel over the fuel tank. I replaced the floor in my 24' Crestliner Sabre years ago and that was cake compared to this PITA. I am just realizing the floor panels go under the splashwell. Does any former or current Gls195 owners have any knowledge as to how to get the panels out? Thanks in advance.
  3. 409 or Fantastic works. A really cheap but toxic option is toilet bowl cleaner from the dollar store.
  4. If it were me, and of course it is not... unless there is some sort of sentimental attachment to the rig, I would sell it in Az.
  5. Agreed. If it was working fine, I would use a plastic epoxy and call it a day. FWIW, I use an 83/200 but only because I could not find a 50/200 for my lawrence. Not much difference but you will get a bit more coverage in deeper water with the 50.
  6. +1 I use the Trollbridge 12x24 to maintain the batts for my MG Xi5 and am very satisfied.
  7. I was up to Millens 1st week of October. It was on then, but the wind made it tough.
  8. Possibly, but it didn't look like above. This was red and more ball shaped and was mostly submerged with about maybe a ft. above the surface. Earlier this morning, I contacted the Rochester Coast Guard for any information. They had only 1 other report of it which seems surprising...Anyway, they looked into it and said it was placed there by the Feds doing some sort of Geological Study and was done in early October while not informing any of the local agencies. Sounds about right... Anyway, this thing doesn't sit very high in the water, so keep an eye out!
  9. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge of what appears to be maybe a weather buoy on the East side of the bay, South of the channel markers and north of the 104 bridge. I noticed it for the first time this year while perch fishing, Sunday. Just curious!
  10. x4 but don't hesitate to pull the carb and give a good cleaning. It's a simple set up.
  11. looks like this post was over a year ago. I would think he made a decision by now.
  12. Crestliner Sabre 21'-27' from Mid 80's till early 90's then became the Eagle WA. not really uncommon. However the 21' was the most common w/outboard. Sometimes with the SST transom. And don't forget Lund although generally the HT's are I/O. Also Sea Nymph but I don't recall a HT model.
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