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  1. Cable vibration hum was always a pretty good indicator for us back in the day. That, and bubbles coming off what appears to be the top 12" of cable. FWIW my GPS speed is usually just under a full mph higher than my ball speed.
  2. Doubt it was a Sturgeon. I've done that twice and both times they were very lazy. Probably knowing they could do anything they want at any time. Probably a fouled King, but a Musky is a possibility or a big cat.
  3. Never had a problem with Walmart's Batteries. Made by Johnson Controls.
  4. The buyer will determine how much when he makes an offer. it's just up to you if you think it's reasonable.
  5. When you are getting to that size range 28' and above, the stability of a straight inboard and ease of maintenance wins out. I/O"s aren't even in the conversation.
  6. I bought my Total Boat Penetrating Epoxy on Amazon and just checked... available with delivery in 6 days.
  7. Not exactly what you are looking for....I mounted a piece of poly board with 4 screws sealed with 5200, and mounted my transrucers to that.
  8. If you go to two riggers next year, you will want both in the corners.
  9. I have the Millenium and for the price, they are hard to beat.
  10. Winds from the East,,Fishing is the least!
  11. Looking for the display monitor only. If anybody has one, shoot me a PM Thanks in advance!
  12. If you're running the FF on the TM battery, that could be your problem.
  13. Are you using the TM transducer, or the FF's?
  14. Thanks guys! I have used the round ones but they didn't seem too stable. I will check out the Trax's.
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