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  1. a lot of shooting on braddock bay today
  2. nice big doe. great job
  3. anybody see 458wm ammo for sale
  4. brian do you ever get tired of winning
  5. love the coyote mount. great buck also
  6. lot 1 still for sale i never heard back from the buyer
  7. boats are getting stuck backing out of there slips. this hot summer has the weeds growing thick
  8. I have no idea what that means. but they are sold pending payment
  9. they cut the weeds by the ramp and the docks. not the whole bay
  10. 37 total. Fair to very good condition. Some hooks need to be replaced. $35.00. Buyer pays Shipping. Ships in US Only.
  11. 36 total. Some glo in the dark. Great for lake trout fishing or behind cow bell's or Dodgers. Plano tackle box included. $ 50.00. Buyer pays Shipping. Ships in US Only.
  12. 8 total. 3 size 3. 3 size 4. 2 size 5. $ 30.00. Plus shipping. Ships in US Only.
  13. Assorted casting spoons. Fair to good shape. 18 total. $15.00 Ships in US Only.
  14. 6 total. All rattle. 3 size 3 jointed J - Plugs. 1 size 4 jointed, glo in the dark rattler. 2 off brand size 4, they rattle also. 1 new in package, the other 5 in good shape. $20.00 Ships in US Only
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