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  1. 2 lots of 10. Very good condition. $ 35.00 for each lot. Plus Shipping. Ships in US only.
  2. 2 lots of C-5 spoons, each lot has 10 spoons, all are in very good condition. Each of these lots(lot 1, and lot 2) $20.00 plus shipping. Ships in US only. Lot 3 has 4 Northern King 4-D's, and 1 NK 24. All are very good condition to un-used. $15.00 plus shipping. Ships in US only.
  3. I have 3 lots of Dreamweaver standard size spoons. There are 10 spoons in each lot. Two pictures of each lot(front and back). Most spoons are new, un-used condition. $40.00 plus shipping for each lot. Ships in US only.
  4. boats are getting out. good luck
  5. I will have for sale in the next few days. big jon planner reels and mast set up
  6. most are whit backed some are silver
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