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  1. the june hessney auction has a lot of fishing stuff, hessney .com
  2. when gibbs ran braddocks bay marina they said they offer a ramp for the bay if you went out the channel it was on you
  3. 81/2' Eagle Claw Rod. Good condition. Diawa Reel with new 25 lb. line. Good condition. $30.00 pick up only. Rochester, NY area.
  4. Bran new Bass Pro Shop fillet knife. XPS. 6" And 8" blades instructions included. $25.00 buyer pays shipping. Ships in US only.
  5. All kits are new, and come in a plastic carry case. Buyer pays shipping. One is a 5 peice fish fillet set with cutting board. $20.00. One is a 7 peice game cleaning kit $25.00. One is 8 peice cutlery set with cutting board. $30.00 Ships in US only.
  6. Part one and Part two of Keating on Kings. And Best Chance Too. Heavy metal Trolling with Copper. Used. $ 35.00 for all 3. Shipping included. Ships in US only.
  7. , free shipping if buying more than one lot. Ships in US only. in US only. Lot # 3 has 4 Gambler Rigs and 1 itoflies. All are NIP. # 25.00. Ships in US only. Lot # 1 has 7 peanut Rigs. All are 1". New, rigged and ready. 4 glo in the dark. $ 20.00. Ships in US only.
  8. the sand bars at the end of the channel. same as last summer bill
  9. I have heard from some perch fisherman that the channel has about 1 1/2 feet of water
  10. thanks Im looking for size 4 or 5s
  11. what size are the mag lips.
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