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  1. Selling 300 i had just sitting around... http://www.ebay.com/itm/142192041354
  2. Best Jigs? So far Ive caught them on white tubes, blade baits, and flash jigs. The things are pigs. Many guys use jigheads and plastic minnows.
  3. Umm yeah, because all those boats in november on the bar arent fishing for lakers at all.....
  4. Vex 8, 18, Marcum, Humminbird? Can soend 300-400 tops.
  5. So pulling a drift with 3 way rigs, sacks and kwikfish, starting at fort niagara and drifting out....wont work in a few weeks?
  6. Any advice on what to use for kings on the bar? I have trolling motor riggers etc
  7. End of Sept trip scheduled to Oak. If i decide to spend a day on the bar will 3 way rigs with kwikfish or eggs work on kings? Would like to avoid downriggers if i can.
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