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  1. I have planner boards run out 50 to 100 ft what kind of light can I put on them solar or what so every one to see
  2. check out Pelican coolers life tme warrenty not 5 yrs like yeti
  3. Wanted

    Have two cannon manual marlin unitroll line counters ball retrieve telescopic to 52 inch, duall rod holders on back end. New 400 ft stainless wire 150 lb line counter original owner. Will ship at cost to you $ 200.00 each used very little.
  4. I use 75-90 synthetic lower unit oil
  5. Any input looking at airmair 1000 watts where I have 600 watt hds 10 fishing lake ontairo
  6. what brand 7 strand or 19 strand ,what size floracarbin leader, how far back from dipsey, thanks guyes for help come on summer fishing
  7. cant get throu computer wont let site to pay help please have been on site for 1 yr its great. now I would like to join pay 20.00 cant submit. [email protected]
  8. never run wire before,what should I buy.I have large capacity reels ocuma penn.I was told to use backing 100 ft? then floracarbin to spoon or what ever, thanks for any help
  9. would like to find lodging boat eastern lake ontairo,aways fished western. around july, any good suggestions.not having as much luck catching fish. Would like to take famly, friends from time to time thanks any help .
  10. I HAVE a 89 25 ' sport craft 100 gal tank, had same problem kept having problems till I drained all twice tore out TANK replaced with plastic tank, put on racon from west marine plus on motor & carberator filter. TIGHT LINES
  11. I have a lowrance hds gen 1 would like input on airmair transducers on lake ontairo.What woud you recommend ? Thanks
  12. Does any one use surface temp map for starting point to find fish. Temp breaks on surface then look below for temp for spieces of fish yor after
  13. Thanks for help Guyes
  14. where can you stay Wilson area desent price with boat
  15. When running 12lb line for clean spoons do you use backing on reel or not splice run 1000 ft 12 ?