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  1. I have a pile of them - kicking around the idea of moving to something different. What are guys getting for them if they are in good shape?
  2. I get it but if you make it hard enough where they have to put extra effort in they usually move along to the next guy....scammers don't really seem to put much work in - at least for something thats a few hundred dollars it seems....content usually to find another easy target...
  3. A lot of these guys will grab pics off the internet and ask for payment even thought they don't have the item in their possession. What I typically do is ask them for a second photo of the item and ask them to hold a specific item in the field of view - like a can of soda or a dollar bill or some common object. When doing that I've never been scammed - most times on social media or here if I have requested I'm either blocked or the person goes away.....food for thought.
  4. Lots of good memories in our 2023 rewind - couple good tournament placings, Bobby won the summer LOC youth salmon (4th on the main board) and we took home the A-Tom-Mik triple crown for the 2023 season. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/uLF17nQymgM
  5. was going to ask if rod was for sale and what it was - but I see this post is 3 years old now....
  6. Set them loose - if they false trip with the speed you are running and what you are pulling - reel in and give half turn on screw - repeat until you get release tension so that it holds at trolling speed plus a little more and you will be right where you need to be.
  7. Go with Mike Yorks - Propellor Works in Canandaigua - he built me a set for my 33. Definitely beefier than the chinook rudders. Take him your old rudders he will cut keyways perfect so they drop right in - no issues spacing them out etc.
  8. Wasn’t a “per inch” price that I was quoted - was around $1000 tax title license and delivery lol.
  9. We decided to get my son’s 2020 summer LOC youth BT winner mounted and went with Rich Benedict Jr (Angling Artisans Unlimited) in Kendall. Second BT he has done for us. True artist. Fiberglass re-creation mold of your fish and he pulls a blank from the mold - paint is perfect - depth, color hues change as you walk around the fish. Very happy with it as I am with the other one. He’s not the fastest guy but he’s the best and worth waiting for. Pics and vid don’t do it justice. Just wanted to share. IMG_9664.mov
  10. Katlynn Marine in Sodus is a Yanmar dealer - that's going to be your nearest option.
  11. Beefy Bags all the way - Had one come apart this year but had a few years and a bunch of time on it - 5-6 footers and running 1200 RPMs to get the control/speed we needed to get bit in that direction. Wasn't a catastrophic failure - will have it re-sewn this off-season. I don't think there really is anything better out there.
  12. You get what you pay for - lot of cheap choices that don't work well. Original Boga grip by Estaboga tackle - yeah they cost a lot - on year 13 or so with mine. Durable, fairly accurate scale, and I think less damaging to fish jaws as you don't clamp them down to hold the fish.... https://bogagrip.com/
  13. Hey Greg - Michigan Motorz looks to have some long blocks.... Ford 5.0L (302 ci) Marine Engine (michiganmotorz.com)
  14. Except its generally my wife and kid and maybe a buddy - so probably doesn't need to be in writing in our situation....BUT for people who aren't related or the best of friends yes...absolutely. That being said my kid has tried some creative math at times
  15. Everyone on the boat should be in agreement as to how things are split before you even put a line in the water.... On our boat it's pretty simple - generally speaking we deduct expenses, cost of entry, etc. Once those things are covered then we go about the split. On our boat we then split equally amongst participants and the boat takes a share to cover other wear and tear items or things like lost gear, kinked wire, etc. My 13 year old in integral to our team and he gets a full share....he earns it. One of the bigger expense items can be fuel - I know this year in one tournament we pre-fished one day with tourney the next and we ran 52 gallons through the day we pre-fished and another 73 gallons on game day. Make sure if that could come into play that you are transparent there. If a W2 is involved the person who ends up paying the taxes on the entire amount has 30% of the winnings up front to go to cover the tax liability. Anything under a few hundred bucks we typically don't bother with.... As far as a court case it would probably cost more to take it to court than you would ever get back....better to just walk away.
  16. A-Tom-Mik Invitational this weekend and 1K a days between now and then - will be a little more traffic than typical out of Oswego through this weekend.
  17. agree - its do-able but parking is limited and that weekend no trailer parking in the lot - there is a typically a lot for boat trailers some distance away if you are set on fishing out of Oswego. If it was me I would avoid Oswego this coming weekend....
  18. Certain times of the year mono or braid divers can be good especially running slide divers or spoons up high - for a pure king salmon presentation though go with wire. There's a reason so many people run wire on divers when it comes to kings.
  19. My guess is if the kicker isn't running at half throttle you probably are getting somewhere between 6 and 8 amps - you have a lot of things running to keep up with that. How many batteries are you drawing from? YOu could increase your battery size or go with a couple of batteries to help with overall capacity - this will delay the time it takes to discharge to the levels you are seeing which might be enought to get through a trip - three things to consider: Rate at which you discharge Rate at which you charge overall capacity of your batteries If you aren't fishing in high sun you can reduce the overall display brightness - that can get you 1/2 amp less drain on a bigger display - turn gain down on your fishhawk can help a little too - I had a 9.9 Yamaha High Thrust and I think it had an 8amp alternator on it if I recall. I know this doesn't answer the original question but....
  20. Fill the gap at the bottom of the treble where the three shanks come together to form the main stem of the hook - 90% of the time when a king breaks you off (guys will say they got bit off) the leader will be flattened out as it was wedged up in that gap and ultimately broke off. You can fill that gap with JB-Weld, 5 minute epoxy, or a number of other things and it will keep that from happening. Also smart to do it on your tournament tie flies as well. A few manufacturers also make hooks with the gap already filled - Addya and Salmon Candy offer these hooks with pre-filled gaps. https://www.allseasonssports.com/addya-hercules-2x-treble-no-bite-off-no-cut-off-bl.html
  21. You absolutely should get a survey. Brian Garrett - Tall Tails here on LOU can provide you with an accredited survey - when purchasing a boat a survey oftentimes is a good bargaining chip if issues are found - you'll know eyes wide open going into the deal what is in front of you.
  22. Belongs to Gust Freeman - You could probably call the Wright's Landing booth and ask for contact information for GF Charters.
  23. Don't be afraid of speed either - not every day but some days its key - what Whaler says above is a good range but some days they like it fast - 3.0 or even 3.2.
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