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  1. Some of the smaller east end events were using an "integrity form" where each team had to have preferably a member of another team or individual check your boat/coolers/cabin/storage areas on the morning of a tourney, they then had to sign and include a cell number on the form and then you had to bring that form with you to weigh in - people will always cheat but to me that was a welcome approach to a small tourney without observers.
  2. No such thing as a "mate card" - what is likely being referred to is you need to be enrolled in a random drug program which meets the requirements set forth in Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) sections 46 and 49. There are a lot of maritime drug consortiums out there. What you typically need to do is provide them with a pre-employment drug screen upon enrollment and then you become part of the pool of candidates that gets drawn for a periodic random test. Two years ago I was tested 3 times - last year never was drawn. Cost to be enrolled in a program runs from $75-100 anually in most cases.
  3. There was someone on the LOTSA FaceBook Page who had a surgery re-scheduled and had a couple tickets to sell....might be worth a look.
  4. Really appreciate your involvement as a stakeholder - what would be ideal is for legislation to be brought forth based on this NYSERDA study that seeks a moratorium on the turbines in fresh waters of NY state....Thank you.
  5. Still just a few seats up for grabs - great opportunity to up your game! Cost of admission includes a Friday Night social hour with the instructors, full salmon school on Saturday - which is 8 hours of instruction and includes lunch, and a Sunday morning free-form where anything is fair game. Mid-February date puts is that much closer to the 2023 open water season! Click link to learn more or register https://niagarafishingexpo.com/lotsa-salmon-school
  6. I have a driftboat too and no longer guide - let me know if you want to hook up sometime as well - my boat or yours.
  7. Once you get set up give me a shout - can have you side casting in 5 minutes and wallis casting in an hour. I fish the Salmon River with my 12 year old a lot and he has been side casting for a couple years and now is starting to wallis cast. Not hard. Side cast is easiest to learn and 90% of the folks on the tribs never move beyond this - it does cause some line twist and most folks will run a swivel above their float to mitigate the effects of line twist. Wallis casting - no need to add a swivel above the float - harder to master but a much more versatile cast.
  8. Redundancy - my opinion is you should have one pump that can be operated in an auto mode with a float switch and at a minimum a second pump that you can switch on if needed. The biggest thing a bilge pump buys you in the event of an emergency is time - with a big enough hole they won't keep you from sinking but should be sized to buy you time where you can either find and minimize water ingress or give you a fighting chance to stay afloat should a rescue be needed - especially important in cold water....
  9. Still some open seats - this will certainly sell out. A lot of great topics on tap for the 2023 LOTSA Salmon School! https://niagarafishingexpo.com/files/2022/07/Trout__Salmon_Flyer_with_QR.pdf
  10. For anyone who also plugs into shore power (you share a common ground with the entire marina if you do) you should consider installing a galvanic isolator on board. Galvanic Isolators Explained | BoatUS
  11. All just 'feel good' legislation with the added benefit of making a few otherwise law abiding unsuspecting gun owners instant felons....
  12. Temps are cold on the inside - guys were inside of 50 fow last couple of days after the 3 day NE blow that we had.
  13. My son likes your boat - but it will be a couple years before he gets his first boat! Good luck with the sale - hopefully we are looking at your new boat next year out of our windshield if you are coming back to red dock
  14. How much are you asking - not looking to buy but didn't see it listed in the ad.
  15. No spoons in our spread although did hear a few guys took some on spoons. Best flies for us were A-Tom-Mik ultra green glow (aka 41) and Glow Hammers early. A-Tom-Mik B-Fly, Stud, and UV190 in the sun. A-Tom-Mik Steel Gator meat rig took 3 of our 4 meat bites. Couple other decent kings my kiddo took - nothing LOC worthy though.
  16. My opinion - right now flasher/flies are outfishing j-plugs. As fish transition to skinnier water plugs will get better but on the east end the majority of the kings in 80-120 fow are falling to flasher/fly combos. This past weekend we had 18 flasher fly bites, 4 meat bites and 0 plug bites for a total of 11 hours of fishing across two days - landing 14 adult kings. As others have said fish the marks not the temp - most of our bites came 52 degrees and warmer.
  17. It's dropping and has dropped over the summer months. It usually does but this year seems more drastic than the past few years due to limited rainfall. I've lost almost 2 feet at my slip since early June.
  18. Video illustrating the Coriolis Force. https://youtu.be/aeY9tY9vKgs
  19. Not exactly. Has nothing to do with prevailing currents - everything to do with the Coriolis Effect - it’s why low pressure systems rotate counter clockwise in northern hemisphere and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere. When wind blows east or northeast it pushes water in that direction. The rotation of the earth causes a deflection “to the right” according to the right hand rule when dealing with vector cross products. The resulting force causes the moving water to deflect to the right so water moving east will deflect to the north thus the warm water near shore pushes north (when looking at it from the south shore) as water moves out It fills back in with colder water underneath and causes the temp to decline on the inside. That’s how it actually works.
  20. I know what it means - it’s just a dumb term in my opinion that doesn’t represent what’s really happening or the mechanics of it all….
  21. First off the lake doesn't "flip" - that's a total misnomer. What actually happens is warmer surface waters get pushed offshore and colder water fills in from underneath. When this happens it can do one of two things - if it doesn't completely ice out it can bring salmon in closer or move them higher in the column where most people struggle to catch them - if it gets too cold on the inside then moving out a little deeper until you find more stable water is generally a better bet.
  22. What Rick said above - we run the Size 4 Deeper Divers most of the time - have been running them since they were Walker Deeper Divers - love the crisp release on them versus the mushy/sticky release on most other offerings.
  23. After yesterdays west blow you can bet temps pushed way down.....
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