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  1. Nice job in the challenge - always some tough teams in these east end events! Fishing is a grind right now for sure! We fished browns exclusively for the challenge on Saturday - definitely some banger browns around. Glad you guys got a nice one out there on Sunday!
  2. Should but you never know - did the previous owner change oil at recommended intervals - proper weight oil. Did they run it hard right to the pins when running or were they easier on it - in general as long as you keep oil pressure up in those motors trolling you should be fine - running too low on the RPMs is worse than running the motor hard all the time in my opinion.
  3. Don't know of much available - with the removal of the International Marina - most of those boats have been moved to Wrights and there is (last I heard) a wait list to get into Wrights. There are some transient spaces available on the wall behind the restaurants on the east side of the river - that's probably your only shot at securing a place to leave a boat in the water. Another option is you could lock through the first lock and you can leave your boat on the wall there - probably wouldn't leave your boat unattended there but all the canal goers tend to park there for the night as they move through.
  4. Agree - if it stays as dry as it has been across the Erie and Ontario watersheds - I would expect it to drop somewhat over that time period - sort of in unchartered territory as far as being in a low water situation AND under the IJCs Plan 2014. Have to see how they manage it.
  5. I've been involved and logged into a couple of the early webinars (although I missed the first 10 minutes because it took forever to join the call) - my biased take on it is that the feasibility study is there to check a box - my feeling is that the decision has been made.
  6. I have had a couple of fish done by Richard Benedict Jr of Angling Artisans Unlimited - his work is the best I have seen. My son's LOC BT from this past summer is with him now and you can't beat the depth and realism in the paint on his mounts - the fish literally shimmer and change color as you walk around the fish just like the real thing. My 2 cents. He isn't cheap but you won't get a frankenfish either. He molds your fish and then lays it up in glass so it lasts forever - not just some commercial production blank where you give them some rough measurements although he can do that too. Link to his coldwater gallery
  7. Plenty of fish being caught - don't wait on a good report to go fishing - by the time you get there things will have changed. If you want higher densities of fish to target consider spending an extra hour and a half driving and hit the western end.
  8. 12# plenty for spoon fishing for lakers. We run 12# and later in the season 15# for kings and have taken numerous high 20's fish on leader that light. Properly weighted rod, in an experienced guys hands with a great reel and super smooth drag I wouldn't hesitate to run 12#. That being said you would have to play the fish longer and your odds of losing it increase - so from that line of thinking heavier leader is better - but you pay a price in terms if bites normally - lighter leaders will usually outfish the guys running cable.
  9. Gremlins caused by corrosion mostly.....if you are good at chasing things down and troubleshooting it shouldn't be a big deal - that being said if it was me - for any problem I encounter (for example say an oil pressure sending unit that isn't working properly) - not only replace the faulty part (new sending unit) - but pull brand new wiring and clean every contact in the system related to the system at a minimum - do it once - do it right.
  10. Looks like that came off a JABSCO pump - I would start there. Lot of places on the web that sell individual pump parts so should be relatively easy to find.
  11. Personally I would re-glass them - but you can fill them with 4200, lifecaulk, or 5200. Don't use a silicone based sealant below the waterline.
  12. Was at my in-laws cottage on Sunday - my son picked about 10 freshly dead juvenile alewives off the shoreline.
  13. Not just about what could happen to you but based on the Marina you are in if your boat has lines break in a storm and damages someone else’s boat or you hit someone coming into the slip you will want to be protected there too - not hard to do several thousand dollars in damage to someone else’s boat and then have to pay the entire amount out of pocket...
  14. The IJC really should listen to all of us on the water every day - we know more than they do! They should raise lake levels up so we can all get to our docks - don't they know how much revenue we bring in??? When it's high they need to lower it - we have trips to run!!!! This is how 90% of the people on this forum respond. I'm obviously being sarcastic here. The tribs barely had any flow all fall and winter - we are in a mild drought and they ran water this winter - deviated from the plan to lower the possibility of flooding this spring (who knew what mother nature held in her cards 6 months ago?). The IJC headed the call about concerns over high water - and lowered the lake. Unfortunately - mother nature is one of the critical inputs here on the overall supply side - if you don't have runoff the levels will decrease when your supply is less that your outflows - simple flux problem. Runoff, evaporation rates, min/max outflows all contribute. They can only control the lake levels with one parameter - let out more or let out less - no levers to pull on the input side. Is the plan flawed? In my opinion it is - it only looks at the overall level of the lake when determining what the outflows should be across 90% of the expected lake levels - it needs to also consider the overall supply as an input variable or you have a system that doesn't take the rate of change in the levels into consideration which is critical to controlling any watershed - especially so with smaller systems where the timescale of events is more rapid but even at that - the IJC should have known by looking at the rate of change of supply that they were headed for an issue in the high water years. They have some smart people on the board and I'm positive they look at those parameters but when looking at how to distribute the pain across the stakeholders - the riparian stakholders and lake users tend to take the brunt because a slow flood or slow reduction in levels is easier to manage then catastrophically and dangerously flooding out inhabitants downstream. So I think unfortunately that's why we see what we see - we are the stakeholders that minimize the time element of the disaster - as in it happens slow and we can react accordingly. The priorities are shipping and downstream safety.
  15. Could probably buy a pedestal seat base and make one easy enough if you get desperate.
  16. They are 100% coming - it's just a matter of when and to what scale...
  17. It only takes one wave over the transom to ruin your day.....
  18. Mike Yorks at Propeller Works in Canandaigua is your guy!
  19. Not a fan of doing it that way - I know a lot of guys do but for me the overhand knot is the way to go. Once I marry a fly to a flasher they stay together until they stop producing - sometimes they are good for a week, and sometimes all season - depends on the combo.
  20. We only run Atommik flies on our boat...
  21. Never find them - better off going to a guy who can make them if you need them fast. My 2 cents.
  22. Mike Yorks at Propeller Works in Canandaigua https://thepropellerworks.com/
  23. Well Brian - you convinced me I needed a second probe
  24. Definitely will need a well coordinated effort between users of the lakes, towns, municipalities, and lakeshore residents...have a feeling a fight is on the horizon.
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