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  1. Many boats are always for sale - for the right price.
  2. Garmin Reactor 40 with GHC 20 AP head unit - Tiara 3300 open with straight inboards and oversized rudders. So easy to use my 9 year old runs it....
  3. Failing students probably makes for bad business....
  4. Will keep an eye out Stanley!
  5. Pretty big range of operating expenses depending on what you choose - if you are treating this as a business and want to make money you will probably want to make sure you consider that and price your services accordingly. A 28' boat with 350's in it will be quite a bit cheaper to operate all things considered than a bigger boat with big blocks in it....not just talking fuel, but storage, maintenance, etc.
  6. Smokin deal for someone!!! Great boat and super clean! What'd you buy Jay?
  7. Good Luck with the sale Jay!
  8. Throw a couple bags out - will slow you on a downwind troll but you still have the thrust for steering and control by running higher RPMs....
  9. Stanley - if you want to get out on the lake this summer shoot me a text - always welcome to hop in with us!!!!
  10. I installed a galvanic isolator on my boat - basically it isolates you from the common ground that everyone in the marina shares - this helps control galvanic corrosion immensely. I replace my anodes every year - with the galvanic isolator I probably could get several years out of a set...
  11. ditch the kicker and run off the main - better prop bite on a big motor. Couple trolling bags will slow you down just fine and you won't have to net around that kicker which is bound to cause problems when trying to net and set rods.
  12. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=whitecap-zebra-plastic-ventilator&path=-1|6880|2290139|2290142&id=1154069 These might work - depends on size of cutout.
  13. You might want to call - dock space is at a premium this year and have heard that there aren't many slips left...
  14. O-rings on the cap are standard size - not worried about premature failure of a 25 cent o-ring. Every probe eventually get's lost to the bottom - and on the average that's likely to happen long before my o-ring fails
  15. The electronics are all sealed in epoxy so even if the cap cracks and leaks the most it does is ruin a pair of AA batteries....Lube the o-ring and threads with Vaseline and you are set. Never had a cap crack and I remove it a couple times per year to replace batteries....
  16. The high wall in Oswego is a great example from an education perspective - 5 years ago it was lined up with guys fishing wicked long leaders and "walking the wall" in an attempt to line kings - fast forward to the past 3 years - the liners have been pushed out by a pack of guys all fishing skein under floats. Many of the local liners converted as well because once they bite - they are much easier to control and land...great action and a lot of biters because they aren't constantly having a pound of lead land on their heads...
  17. Aside from discarding a carcass streamside which is illegal - how is it any worse than the guys who fillet em up (lake or tribs), puts them in the freezer and then throws it out a year later after it becomes freezer burned?
  18. You could mount a rail horizontally across the face of the hardtop and then space out rail mount rod holders along it. I'm sure Defender.com or another such company carries either tubing and rail end mounts or complete sections ready to mount....
  19. You never know - it's being reported through a media outlet...I've actually been quoted in some publications and the quoted verbiage was absolutely not what was said - so I place little value on how things are said...but maybe the bill was killed once and for all which I think is the end result most were hoping for regardless of "what" was actually said...
  20. https://oswegocountytoday.com/barclay-shoots-down-bill-that-would-ban-hunting-contests-in-nys/community/
  21. Again - no disrespect and understand your position - see a lot of people making day trips on reports of a good bite - all I was trying to point out. Would be nice to see more attendance and show support - especially following the epic year we had. Certainly some things being done right by the agencies that manage the lake.
  22. Funny - because if the salmon bite is on no one thinks twice about blowing off of work or making a long drive from out of state to fish for a day....not singling you out Fat Trout - just making the statement that so many will get up at 3am to drive up to lake O to fish for a day or whatever - but far fewer show the same enthusiasm for getting involved and making their voices heard.
  23. Will be on travel I think :/ - will make it to one of the other ones if that's the case.
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