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  1. Don’t care - silver backs - he needs me to paint up a few for him
  2. Looking for some 3" Evil Eyes - PM me pics of what you have that you would be willing to part with. Any condition...
  3. Any fiberglass guy or Marina that offers services should be able to help you out.
  4. That study assesses the feasibility of installing both fixed and tethered floating wind farms in Lake Ontario as well.
  5. You almost certainly will want to cut the core out and re-core the hatch - if you think you might have some water intrusion it's probably soaked in there and covering it up will just make things worse. Cut core out - re-core - then re-glass
  6. FishHawk Pro's - wireless transmission, no coated cable needed FishHawk Con's - Severe Blowback can have issues getting signal, Data not as stable as a coated cable probe ( sometimes can go a few seconds without any data on display - sometimes can have false readings) Depth Raider Pro's - Data very stable with coated cable Depth Raider Con's - Coated cable has more blowback usually, loss of signal at extreme depths We run both on our boat at the same time. I base my King program off the FishHawk and monitor the top of the break with the DR. Our Brown trout program is based of the DR - stability and accuracy of the signal and data to me is of paramount importance when BT fishing so when fishing for BTs in the summer the DR get's the nod.
  7. about 8" lower than long term historical average for this time of year - many years guys aren't launching mid-March and to top it all off the last 30 months have been above the historical average. Army Corps of Engineers forecast (most probable range) shows it coming up a foot plus by April 15th.
  8. Sent you a message - any chance of getting a pic of the backsides of the spoons?
  9. Probably pretty hard to come by used as they haven't been on the market too long. You can shop around but don't expect to find them much below about $1500
  10. https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Clean-Energy-Standard/Important-Orders-Reports-and-Filings/Great-Lakes-Wind-Feasibility-Study?fbclid=IwAR14mzXYG7y-7PdF2eepOIJ6AwFbATPW4Ayjm4TR0XUQWrVmCcHvT-ik4y0
  11. Hopefully nothing...after spending an average of 25+ working days each offseason on my boat for the last 5 years Im doing very little this spring other than bottom paint, waxing, new compass, fuel filters, new batteries and battery boxes and some lighting....
  12. Battery gives you the capacity (think of a basin being filled with water - bigger battery equates to a larger basin). Your total draw is like the size of the drain - larger drain it empties the basin quicker. So your drain is fixed based on how much you are running - the key here is to look at your alternator (that's the spigot that keeps the basin full) and if the output of alternator doesn't match your load then you better have a decent amount of capacity to get you through the day. Consider all three elements of the system and not only the size of your basin....
  13. I will take them.....
  14. If you are going to run a snubber on your diver they go between the diver and flasher, not between the diver and the rod - it will be much easier to trip your dipsey with the snubber behind the diver versus in front of it. Nice vid!
  15. We have a couple RTIC coolers on our boat - rotomolded cooler like the Yeti's They have periodic sales on their website and it used to be that shipping was free.
  16. 2020 found us scrambling for a slip after Wright's Landing in Oswego decided not to open - we ended up in Sodus and had a great summer learning some new water and making some new friends! Slideshow from some pics I had kicking around on the phone - Enjoy! https://youtu.be/JizA9nzIKB0
  17. Not sure what you mean about being able to change out flies on the Salmon Candy flashers. Tie an overhand knot in fly leader at end and you can pass loop through attachment point on any brand flasher, then pass hooks and fly through that loop after it is through swivel and pull tight. Easy to reverse that to change out. Note the second pic is out of sequence and is really 3rd in the steps to attach a fly with an overhand knot to a spin doc.
  18. 12 BT sticks here. I don’t think any of them have seen water - certainly the ones in the packaging have not. Couple BayRats, three Renosky Crystallinas, couple challengers, couple Kabooms, smithwick etc. $20 local pickup in Baldwinsville for everything. Will ship to your door for $28.
  19. Free - what you see is what you get. Local pickup in Baldwinsville NY today or going in the trash. Not interested in shipping.
  20. Sick of tripping over this. All used and nothing wrong with it. local pickup in Baldwinsville NY today or it’s going in the trash. No interest in spending time to take it to the post office to ship. 200’ of Atommik Copper Two spools of 7 strand Torpedo wire - one spool 900’ the other 800’ - no kinks. 200’ of coated downrigger cable - new and never used. 30# spool of flea flicker 20# spool of flea flicker - still 200 yards left 350# test planer board tow line - used. My guess is two pieces on the spool maybe 100 yards each piece but not sure. spool of 50# backing - unknown brand.
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