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  1. Debating fall trip to the 1000 Island area for a week of smallie fishing. If you were to pick a week, when would you go?
  2. This is where we are headed. It is funny though, when you think about the anarchists in these big cities and their little "islands of freedom"; the first thing they do is put up a wall and check IDs to enter. And never, ever disagree with any of their ideas, you are, in their eyes either too stupid or a racist if you do. I am probably both.
  3. You betcha. Mine's out of the house now but if he was doing those things I'd hunt him down and set him straight.
  4. I'm afraid our country is changing for the worse. All these socialist Marxist kids wanting free stuff and the blm movement in full swing it's scary. I'm not even sure if it's permitted for any white person to mention the color black lest you be labeled racist.
  5. They have the option to leave!😁
  6. So what's the story if you have/are planning a trip to 1000 Island area and will fish the U.S. side. Are lodges still renting, or has Cuomo cancelled all activities including fishing? Are you permitted to fish anymore?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a new member looking for information on Crotch lake. My son & I will be staying at Land o' lakes Lodge this June 13-20. Anything you may know about it would be more than than I have now. I am looking for topo maps, I think I have found a site that has them but if you know of one for sure that does please let me know. Our primary targets will be smallmouth & largemouth bass & if my son wants to eat fish one evening maybe a walleye. I would appreciate any and all advice. I am an experienced bass fisherman & am familiar with all tactics but that doesn't necessarily correlate into fish. We would be very grateful for any & all assistance, such as depths at this time of year, lure suggestions, locations even where to get beer & groceries.. thanks
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