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  1. SOFT SCRUB- that is what most of us use at the marina, but it still is tuff getting off, it hasnt hurt anyones gel coat that i know of ? ... dennis
  2. Happy Birthday Day Bill, will miss seeing ya at the marina next year, but good luck at Lake O next year
  3. We fished the derby, it was the first derby for me in almost 2 yrs (after having all my equipment stolen) but with some help from some great people here I am back fishing. we got a late start sat but setup on the fish right in the middle of the lake north of mile point. caught abunch of 5 to 7 lbs and lost a few ended up with one that weighed 11.5 on our digtal on the boat but when we finally went in and weighed it at end of day it was only 10.13 or 14 anyways we took second and had a great weekend. the sad thing is that the most productive fly we had we lost and it was one that Jim or (JD) on here made for me Thank You Jim.
  4. is this boat inboards or I/Os and any pics of inside and others of boat?
  5. what were ya usin? wire? lures? just trying to keep a log of some sort I live on my boat just cant get out that often? but like to keep informed tyvm
  6. I am having the same problem with a set of marlins i bought last year? and i think it has something to do with the ion and or short stop control. I did find a ground wire that was loose and put a new crimp on it but have yet to see how long it will work? if you find out something before i do please let me know. i have been trying cannon for info but they want me to take it to repair place?
  7. I think if yeah get PEPSI on them they will catch on fire?
  8. I just bought 2 of the Z-Wings and they were the larger of the 2 they make and it does a better job then my 10# do. there are 3 settings on them and i used the middle one and at 2.5 mph there wasnt really any blow back. BUT you better have a strong motor and good cable because they really come up hard. I also drilled a hole on the back in the center of the Z-Wing to hook on a release. I guess they wanted you to use a release that is attached to the cable above the Z-Wing but the hole worked fine on mine. Good Luck
  9. If you go 1.3 miles south of the country club on the west side you will see a very small house at water level but just keep your eye on milage in 70' of water you will find a sunken ferry boat very large one which i have actully got my anchor stuck on and pull a piece up. we have always caught alot of perch at that spot and sometimes you will catch a bow or brown there using perch minnows. Good Luck
  10. I hear that Cornell wants to add to the sytem they already have? I think that is a bad idea, I have lived and fished on that lake all my life and I do see a change at the south end of the lake. I dont know if its from mussels or the cooling system or the sewage systems at that end but they need to stop and think about before increasing that cooling system.
  11. If you were on the water you had a better day then me and alot of others, thanks for the report. dennis
  12. I am very very moved by all your offers and find it very hard to put it in words, I mean you guys dont even know me and yet you reach out like this. Its amazing and God Bless Ya All. - Gambler, every spring I would call my insurance company and make sure I was covered and did this for 15 yrs but when came time to make a claim they said I wasnt covered. Because my boat was not trailable so I needed a special ryder. I was sick about it but I knew there was nothing I could do. I have replaced some of the major stuff like downriggers and a graph but after that big layout (EVEN USED THEY ARE EXPENSIVE) Now I am looking for lures and anything else I can find?. I didnt realize what I had until I lost it? after 30 yrs of collecting lures and all the other little things, like dipsys, flashers, well you all know what i mean, to me it was not replaceable, but anyways thank you again, and I will email you or PM asap GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
  13. Last year my boat was broken into and I was cleaned out!!! The damn thieves took everything, and my insurance company wouldnt cover any of it!! 30 yrs of collecting GONE. I am looking to buy a couple dipsy rods and all kinds of lures for trout and salmon fishing. I am looking for used stuff only please I cannot afford new stuff right now but would like to fish again so if anyone has some lures or rods that they would like to sell cheap that would be great. Thank You Dennis
  14. Not sure if its old news, but a guy took a 10 1/2# walleye out of Cayuga lake, I guess those walleyes they stocked a few yrs ago survived?
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