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  1. motoman

    for sale : usa sold

    pending pick up Saturday.
  2. Last event was run very professional. anyone interested id highly recommend getting in on this.
  3. http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html Registration Link
  4. Hey Pete, dose this open up communication also. i kinda feel it dose with no observers on board ?. Sorry about my lake trout comment as last year we had the salmon box for the slam and i spent 2 days slow rolling for Lakers with out per vale of anything resembling a big laker and it left a bad taste to me personally. I always liked Kevins promo video boosting salmon slam & 1k a day as the super bowl salmon week as i get a good feel on the bite west & east leading up to the main event. let us no on that communication deal.
  5. Salmon Slam with lakers was and is a joke. if the salmon fishing is off then so be it.
  6. motoman

    Sold / Closed SOLD

    Me to and i'm still missing my Beckmens
  7. looking for scrape lead to melt . in the oak / rochester area. let me know if ya got some 585-615-0229 thx John.
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