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  1. motoman

    for sale : usa sold

    pending pick up Saturday.
  2. Last event was run very professional. anyone interested id highly recommend getting in on this.
  3. http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/orleansopen.html Registration Link
  4. Hey Pete, dose this open up communication also. i kinda feel it dose with no observers on board ?. Sorry about my lake trout comment as last year we had the salmon box for the slam and i spent 2 days slow rolling for Lakers with out per vale of anything resembling a big laker and it left a bad taste to me personally. I always liked Kevins promo video boosting salmon slam & 1k a day as the super bowl salmon week as i get a good feel on the bite west & east leading up to the main event. let us no on that communication deal.
  5. Salmon Slam with lakers was and is a joke. if the salmon fishing is off then so be it.
  6. motoman

    Sold / Closed SOLD

    Me to and i'm still missing my Beckmens
  7. looking for scrape lead to melt . in the oak / rochester area. let me know if ya got some 585-615-0229 thx John.
  8. 21 custom mags and 12 regs. Mostly finger lakes but theres a couple others in there Good fish catching spoons. First 80 bucks shipped or 75 picked up hamlin ny or at the oak. 5856150229 John
  9. Looks like ya found some good color water there. nice job Rick.
  10. Hey guys. Yes i paint spoons of flt/moonshine and my own patters. My goal is to paint only the good stuff and not waste time and money on stuff that just looks cool. Just a facebook page as of now but family talk of building a website as of lately. I always take calls or text concerning your needs @585-615-0229 Captian Jonathan Ross Here is a couple pics of what i can do. And i run all this stuff as a full time captian out of the oak.
  11. Only one marina closed on sandycreek and that was sandycreek marina the other marina is East Fork Pro marina service and is still open and doing very well.
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