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  1. Hey Pete, dose this open up communication also. i kinda feel it dose with no observers on board ?. Sorry about my lake trout comment as last year we had the salmon box for the slam and i spent 2 days slow rolling for Lakers with out per vale of anything resembling a big laker and it left a bad taste to me personally. I always liked Kevins promo video boosting salmon slam & 1k a day as the super bowl salmon week as i get a good feel on the bite west & east leading up to the main event. let us no on that communication deal.
  2. Salmon Slam with lakers was and is a joke. if the salmon fishing is off then so be it.
  3. Me to and i'm still missing my Beckmens
  4. looking for scrape lead to melt . in the oak / rochester area. let me know if ya got some 585-615-0229 thx John.
  5. 21 custom mags and 12 regs. Mostly finger lakes but theres a couple others in there Good fish catching spoons. First 80 bucks shipped or 75 picked up hamlin ny or at the oak. 5856150229 John
  6. Looks like ya found some good color water there. nice job Rick.
  7. Hey guys. Yes i paint spoons of flt/moonshine and my own patters. My goal is to paint only the good stuff and not waste time and money on stuff that just looks cool. Just a facebook page as of now but family talk of building a website as of lately. I always take calls or text concerning your needs @585-615-0229 Captian Jonathan Ross Here is a couple pics of what i can do. And i run all this stuff as a full time captian out of the oak.
  8. Only one marina closed on sandycreek and that was sandycreek marina the other marina is East Fork Pro marina service and is still open and doing very well.
  9. TomaHawk @ the Oak orleans county open Pre fished wednesday / thursday weds- started at the oak trolled west 10 miles working 70 fow to 130 , caught 3 coho and 1 rainbow not what we were looking for. Thursday - decided to start and fish even farther west with the same results, got too the power plant and decided to point it north and check the mid and deep water trolled north west out in front of olcott in 31n 600 fow with one coho on the 29n line worked the offshore program for a couple hours with a blank screen never found any steelhead on the scum line. at 1pm we turn the boat south east trolled it back to johnson's creek and picked up 4-4 not looking good for tourney day but at least we were eliminating water. Friday- first round of the king of the oak and defending Champions we decided too try the west thing again and pretty much tanked it as we boated a small salmon and a bunch of lake trout and weighed in 2 fish for a three fish tourney so this will be a hard to defend title but we won't give up. Saturday- Day 1 of the open. went east a few miles set up in some green water in 70 and worked the blue green line for most of the morning with one salmon on 300 copper and meat rig. noon came and we swapped over to a laker set up and beat up on them at devils nose to 2pm and headed to weigh in with 4 fish.and would win one bracket and lose the other and be sitting in 19th place out of 31 boats in the open. Sunday- the wind was Cranking out of the west as we broke the pier heads so we ran a couple miles west watching the temp and did a couple checks on temp and had fish on the screen in a 111 fow. Set up with finger lakes and a moonshine mag spoons on the riggers 35/45/55. Meat on 300/200 coppers and 150 copper had a spoon. and diver's would have spin doctors with GTS flies super studs. 20 mins in and the 35 and 45 riggers fired with teenager kings , then the 300 cooper grabbed a laker, hook another king on a spin doctor and fly an hour goes and were flying down the lake with the wind 3.1 gps speed. We decided to try and get are last two lakers at the glass house and pick up and run back to were we got are king first thing. banged the two lakers as planned picked up and ran back west 9 miles set back up with same program and got a coho and another mid-teens kings . Its noon with 8 fish in the box and we need two trout brown or rainbows at this point pulled the deep divers and put the slide divers into play and slid into 50 fow where we had 60 degree water and it was warming up fast with the south west wind. swapped out salmon spoons over to brown trout stuff on the riggers pulled the coppers and swapped them for lead cores with stick baits. 1pm start checking gear for skippers (little ones) and the center rigger has the line into the probe and the line is all spun up, as i'm untangling it i feel a nice tug on the line so i start hand lining it in and see good fish splashing 100ft back and start hand lining in what looks like a laker but as it gets close to the boat i see the spots on its back and realize its a awesome brown trout (11lbs) scooped him up and boxed are 9th fish. 1:30 pm let the slide divers out another 20ft each @ 60 and 80ft out and BAM starboard side gets smack and we would boat a nice steelhead that ate a red frog stinger and have are 10th fish in the box. Fished the last 20 mins with no takers picked up and made the run back to port for weigh in. Figured the top teams all had there box of ten fish but as weigh in was finishing up most teams had 4 to 6 fish and we would move up to 4th place and cash a check for $1800 with the highest scoring box of the tournament and what a good feeling it was to have a plan come together and work out after days of tough fishing and all the work it takes to get it done.looks like the lake is starting to set up and fishing should get nothing but better from here and we will be focusing on charter trips for anyone that is looking we have june july and august dates open give me a ring and ill show you a good time on this awesome lake ontario fishing out of oak orchard.
  10. Available for pro-am if you are texts me or give me a ring 585-615-0229
  11. Dave if this falls though ill take em. i like the bombers.
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