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  1. I beleave i have a pair. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. have two and both are having a problems ray55 and a 218. bought a new one today too hold me over thanks for the replys and help.
  3. Thx man little far from me in the rochester to wilson area . Sent from my SPH-L710 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. looking for a vhf radio mine has to go out for repair and need something to hold me over. call or text me if ya can help me with this 585-615-0229 thx john
  5. Started off both mornings just outside of the spoiling grounds north east of port in 100fow with a spread of spoons meat rigs and some flasher flys riggers parked at 50/ 75/100 and divers out 150 and 250 with three copper rigs 300 with a spoon and the 400 and 500 with meat rigs , fish are still spread out in the west-end one minute ya get one high then 5 mins later ya see one come up from 175 and hit the deep rigger (no soild depth to target) the name of the games was a wide spread out of aria of everything i had confidence in and cover as much water as possible and the fish finder was blank most of the time but when ya did see them on it they would come in and have a bite or at least the thought they would. ended both days with an upper teens catch.with most fish in the 12 to 15lb class and spoon of the week photo is a tie between too of the this week sorry about this too close to call and both of them took a beat down check the pics out you'll see the teeth marks. and both are finger lakes tackle brand. Also june 4th of next week is open if anyone would like a west end salmon trip.585-615-0229 call or text me.
  7. same here last night i was signing up my toshiba lab top with windows 7 was a no go along with my galaxy SIII jumped on and iphone and site popped right up.
  8. Wilsons is almost in the middle ! bar to the west olcott to the east.
  9. ya i heard they were sliding down the lake, but not sure how far yet, let us know.
  10. Started out Monday at sun up at the oak and fished too olcott with a mixed bag of fish with only two good salmon in-front of the power plant at the end of the day.Tuesday to Friday we would fish west of olcott and find fish in three different spots so we worked them all week long catching fish in the 15lb to 18lb range mostly on the finger lakes tackle new spoon blanks, lighter and take the lower speeds necessary for cold water kings and as the week moved on we put a good pattern together of what the fish wanted as we started are morning fish where 40/60 down but as the sun got higher we moved the spread 60 -100 down divers 250 and 300 on 2.5 setting. As the salmon slam 7 fish tourney finished up we would sit in 5th place with a 17.46 average. and we felt we had a good program and spot for the Invitational. Saturday shot gun start went off and we had a very short run to are first weigh point (less than 2 miles) on set up as the diver was fishing out it took a shot and we boated are first fish. got set up after that or close to it and tripled up 500 copper 200 diver and 60 rigger boated two of the 3 with one good one and one small one we let go. ended up boating 13 king and up grading 3 of them but the loss of 3 good one in the 15lb up class i did"nt have to high of hopes at weigh in for this year. got to weigh in and i noticed alot of boxes where not full 6 fish boxes alot of 4 and 5 numbers on them from pre check. So as the line moves on an official ask us too go last as where the only one left in line with a full box Good old Bill-V was on the Mic messing with the leaders and they were quietly watching as i weighed in for are big fish mid 18lber next three were low teens then they cheered as we pulled the last two king out of the box 5/7lb kings as they new they had hung onto the top spots and we would be the first team or first lossers finishing 11th place. one spot out of the money , shoulda coulda woulda. pics of the class of fish for this year all 15/16lb on deck and a stud FLT spoon of the week.
  11. I would motor right out to 30fow and watch the FF and slowly slide out till ya took a hit or see something good on the screen worth while fishing for but with that said didn't mark a lot of the fish we caught. good luck
  12. Started out the front door and the green water was long gone along with the spring brown bite along the shore line. Water was gin clear and calm sea's so we started are day off in 40fow where we were marking some bait. set the riggers at 20/30/40 and broke out the short lead-cores 4/6/5/3 lengths with mag FLT spoons in search of some salmon. Trolled north east out to 100fow and back to that 40ish water hitting a ton of Lakers then finally connected with something good nice 17lb king on a FLT bank breaker 50 down over 75fow . finished up with him and we would hit a nice Atlantic 25 down over 85fow stuck with the king program and ended the day with a fat lake trout i think it was 24 or 25lbs , one last thing to note was speeds were very slow 1.4 to 1.7 mph on the probe. the Atlantic hit at 1.4 after we slowed to boat the king.
  13. is there website down can't seem to get on it ? anyone know ?
  14. ernsts lake breeze marina Directi Address: 990 Point Breeze Rd, Kent, NY 14477 Phone:(585) 682-3995 and four Cs cottages are at the docks.
  15. remove clamp from main intake water line big black hose , insert garden hose inside of the intake hose , best too have help ! fire motor an as soon as it about too start turn the garden hose on motor should be taking water and run in you driveway for as long as you need it too.
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