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  1. i talked too the guy thats in pembrook thats on there site you should give them a call , i think they closer too, offerd me a sub troll 900 complete for $389- his wife works right bye there and picks them up on her way home so no shipping anyway good luck !
  2. i went out on I-BAY this evening the lake was a bit rough ,trained up my newbie drive for the derby , got some team work going ,he call the fish on the finder and i was sending evrything at them lol good luck all ,would be nice too get the TOMAHAWK on the board ,john.R
  3. sounds like you do real good out there, thx for the advice ,i will be trying everything you said keep a look out for me my boat is a 20ft four winns dark blue with white ( tomahawk ) on the back thx agian ill let you now what i do ! john
  4. ray, did ya got that motor back in yet ,this is john ross ty"s nephew
  5. ok i will go out of the bay then , cleaner anyways than the river ,when fishing for the steelies and browns do you run flashers or dodgers ? or have any luck doing so ? thx agian for any info
  6. hi all, I"m new on here and havent been out on the lake with my own boat in a long time anyways , going too take out the rug rats (kids) out on sunday out of the river or the I-bay and if i can"t hit any browns or steelies does anyone now how deep the lake trout are ? just incase all else fails i can keep them busy . also is anyone getting any salmon ?
  7. ray i fished the derby last year with ya , hows it going ? are you coming up too pratic before the derby if you need someone too go i am right here on the lake ,I got a boat and am trying too get it set up in time too hit the water . anyways this is john ross ty"s nefew, give me a shout,
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