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  1. lol poor ray ray , he"s kind of built like a pro westler , you know the guys they have come in that go up agianst the big dogs and take a hell of a beating , ray this could be your now thing , get some of that fish slime you dip the lures it & rub it all over , you could win ! or atleast get payed once , GAS MONEY for the boat .
  2. crazy ray you fishing the spring derby ? sounds like people go west ! whats your take , are they all down there pooled up infront of the big river !
  3. ... yankee i know how you feel ,been on the bourd back in the 80s but bumped off everytime , used too win all kinds of stuff with the tickets they used too hand out when you turned your fish in! ,door prizes kept me going lol , well i hope you got some gas cash .and thx for the info
  4. that sounds like what i have been doing but never picked up any spring salmon here in rochester ! off the planers but ive always went west out of the river ! and i never catch fish inbetween the river and bay but as soon as we get in front of the bay outlet thing seem too get going ,maybe thats the water you are talking about ! thx for the reply
  5. whats good to troll with in the spring for salmon and do you search for the temps the same way as you would in the summer or fall ? not really sure where too start out ,in the past i have just run planner bourds with stick baits in th 15 to 30ft of water and cought browns and a bow here and there ! is this too early for this ,lol jonny
  6. pembrook bait shop had the best price on the sub troll , his wife works in bufflo right bye moors shop and she picks em up on her way home & saves on the shipping , and passes it onto his customers , ive never owned a DR but from the past exp, copys of stuff are never as good as the original !
  7. i am pretty handy and am looking for a larger boat than i have something 24ft to 27ft or so anyways i don"t mind repairs such a floors motor or out drive , but not all of them on the same boat must be worth fixing ,winter project not a 2yr 10,000 doller project so if you have something for me or something you want gone i could be your man p.m me the info ! thx john or i can be called at 585-615-0229
  8. very nice , waiting for more !
  9. i was like what the hell , forget snagging them going too have too get the dynomite out, lol good one !
  10. yes the genny is still loaded ,if they drop a boat in and make the run up river they could get there eggs , they have too know this , tons of salmon around in the tribs , um yes i could lead them but i"m sure they can get them if they really want too, i mean come on the dec has a large network of guys too ,but i would love to be a part of that ,im aready thinking i can tell keakacatchrelease & MRfishingtoughguy i cought and released 1/2 of there fish ! Ill make some calls in the a.m , jonny............... o that was a joke u 2
  11. i had a problem like this once with a small jet ski starter motor ! I looked around for used ones becouse a new one was almost 500 bucks at the time anyways i called golden altinator and starter and he rebuilt it for like 60 bucks was good as new since then they get all my water craft starter and alts .. heres there phone # 585-426-5398. good luck. john
  12. cool i mite get out one more time down here and put the planners out for some fall browns , but ive been spending alittle time in the woods deer hunting . no one on the lake down here or over here !.
  13. i went though this this summer and ended up buying a sub troll 900 and love it from what i heard the cannon would be out of the ? plus you can"t beat the price $379.00 and the meter, being like a tach in a car is so easy too read from anywhere in the boat !
  14. jason i think you are right on the estury thing , ive never seen the fisherman wade out and have the river blocked down there like that ! had too stop and take a double look ! jonny
  15. hi from across the lake in the good old U.S.A anyone fishing the lake up there this time of year in Canada ?
  16. there just jumping the gun ,the water was up and the fish are just running very late , but now that the water is up too 750cfm fish will move right up the river , atleast i would think ! or hope ! na they will
  17. just a look from another veiw.....i run a kids atv race team and do alot of traveling around the U.S and we have a ton of sponcers that help us get there and keep the ATV"s running good . but one thing is for sure no matter how much money we have there not going too beat the pros ,reason being they just don"t have the seat time in , How ever as they climb the ranks there is a class bump up rule at the end of the year if they win a sertian amount of points that MAKES them move up a class. I now this has nothing too do with fishing but if you look at it as a rule thing and compair them you could kind of incorporate them becouse the AMA has had the same problems with better teams holding back on moving riders up and it hurts the sport for the newer guys trying too come up witch in turn slows the # of people too sign up ! we also have rule books that are gaven out when you sign up that i have read 50 time and now all i do is check the new rules on line too stay up too date but any track same rules any fishing hole should be same rules..workfishraceworkfishfishraceworkfishfishworkracerace..my life :lol:if i could only get paid too fish & race or race & fish maybe i"m onto something RACEFISHING , dam someone got it already and called it the pro-am derby.
  18. anyone ever run some flashers off the balls with nothing behind them and set a spread up above them ? -hook the leader too the balls is what i mean?
  19. ray ray , sounds like your gearing up for some L.O.C walleye
  20. nice report , looks like he"s trained good ,enjoy it while you can , they grow up too dam fast !
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