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  1. well its got me thinking , man i love red lobster too !
  2. good stuff you guys like the video , thxs a bunch , what are you thinking stinger ? im thinking furuno as it stands and from the info so far !
  3. thanks JD i am now up too speed on the transducers !
  4. I"ve tuned everything i do out on the boat , becouse of LOU , can"t get enough !
  5. whats the deal with through hull of transim mount transducers , ive always had them mounted out back , is the a performance gain for one too the other ?
  6. ok ive been price hunting found them in the 700 range ,anyony here give lou mebers smoking deals, looks like we mite take two if the price is right ?
  7. STINGER .. i am in almost the same boat i want too up grade too but am not sure what too get i was looking at some of the lowance lcx"s on line but i am a hands on person and want too get the most for my money ! i was about too put a post up but ill just lurk here if ya dont mind lol , are you in the $600 range ? i here alot of people yelling FURUNO and did"nt now if they were talking 500 too 600 or 2000 too 4000 and i here about the new digital stuff coming out , i would like too here whats best in this range P.S i just got 6 more rod holders ,
  8. watermelon NK28 took all are pike !
  9. on that flasher set up ? cool i got a 23ft starcraft big deep vee small cuddy lots of room in the back too move around ,cannon mag 10"s going all out so you can get a gas saver for the drive up and jump on my tub ! :idea: me always thinking
  10. you sure ya want too give up on mexco bay , we did well the first day and the weather played with things abit ! what are your plans for the spring summer derbys or any of the proams ?
  11. well lets get it set up ,the oak sounds good too me ! side bets are my favorite past time , was looking too put the pinks down with someone , almost had stinger going for it, but he got scard and droped one of his sharks over bourd , almost got eveything for the new boat , ill give ya a ring next week , jonny
  12. ray , i dont play around with am"s anymore ! but don"t worrie i"ll throw ya a fish bone here and there ! lol
  13. working on the seth -planer bourd dipsy rig ,looks good on paper, should produce ! ooooo the kite set ups worked great last year , i ran 3 of them off the dipsys set on 2.5 and 0 on the center !
  14. ya , i am in , tring too fly a pro in now too manage the team ! maybe well throw down pinks with stinger !
  15. thats cool big lake outfitters has them on sale for 85 bucks, but if you sale don"t happen drop me a P.M thx john
  16. now that is funny but not true , well maybe , just how many is it that this stinger guy is running ! i mite have something for him !
  17. there is a few ways too run these , you can use #1 wire #2 super line #3 mono , but with the mono with the strech you can not run them very deep so i would say get some wire or super line like powerpro , then i use a good swivel too hook too the top of the dipsy , than you add your leader with swivels ( i perfere the good ball bearing ones ) depending on what you are going too run flasher fly set up or a clean spoon your leaders will be 4 to 10ft and you can ajust them on the bottom too move them out from the side of the boat ,i run mine on a 2.5 setting and run one on each side of my spread , hope this helps ! john
  18. just waiting too here something back from ya ,would like too make a deal and pick these up from ya , im sick of cranking out in the deep !
  19. thx for the rods, reel, tackle , hey guys this is a good guy too deal with , stuff was just as listed ,very fair prices, thx agian
  20. was it entertaining at least ? lol i got em coming ! hoping they will teach me lure seletion a little better !
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