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  1. FOR SALE 1 x Used Islander MR3 Salmon Reel, with flat/paddle style handles option The Islander MR3 mooching reel is machined out of aerospace aluminum and features a contoured palming rim, titanium clicker and stainless steel spindle and inserts, double clutch system and an easy to adjust sculptured drag knob. Easily converted to left or right hand. The Islander MR3 is the latest entry into the premier salmon mooching reel field. It is result of years of research and development based upon the input of dealers, guides, and pro-staff. Single action reels have long been the choice of most experienced guides and premier lodges on the west cost of British Columbia. Throughout its history, Islander has gained a reputation for longevity and reliability across the fishing community. Continuing in the Islander tradition of the single action reel, the MR3 utilizes Islandersâ„¢ impressive silky smooth drag system. Drag is supplied by a large 3-inch clutch, which uses a double pawl system for positive clutch lock up. The drag is adjusted from the spool side, hence the nickname "Knuckle-buster", which happens if the angler is not quick enough moving their hand when the fish makes a run for freedom. The large sculptured drag knob makes for comfortable use under all conditions. A wide range of drag adjustment allows the angler to choose just the right amount of pressure to subdue even the most ambitious finned adversary. Incorporated into the reel are three large, fully sealed stainless steel ball bearings. The MR3 incorporates a large arbor spool for quicker line pickup; this also eliminates the need for the use of backing as filler. Oversized handles are very user friendly. Line Weight monofilament Spool Dia 4.6 inches Spool Width 1.000 inches Volume 6.7 cubic inches Weight 12.8 ounces Capacity 350 yards 30lbs monofilament NOTE: The reel I am selling have my charter name professionally laser engraved at the Islander factory. Here is your chance to get and try one of those gems at a reasonable price compared to what they are selling for in stores or eBay. Neoprene pouch and original box provided. Asking price: 500$ usd + shipping. Note that new MR3 reels are selling for 700$). If interested please contact Jean-François Néron at 418-956-1041 or [email protected]
  2. I use them mainly on downriggers (one on each side of the boat), an use Tekota Line counter reels on my other presentations (Dipsy Divers, lead core, wire, cooper). I do not mesure how much line is out, I go by feeling and can see anyway how much line I have between the lure and the clip on the downrigger ball... JF
  3. FOR SALE A&S handlining reel. In excellent condition, blue color, with instruction VHS video, 2 x shanks and 2 x two pounds lead weights. Asking 225$ cdn for the kit. Mostly used for walleye fishing when there is a lot of current. Here is a picture found on internet showing a reel like the one I have: And here is a text explaining the technique: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/fishing_articles/hand_lining_walleyes.htm Located in Ottawa, ON. If interested contact J-F at 613 740-0008 or [email protected]
  4. FOR SALE 5 x Vector aluminum tube rod holders with rail mounts Asking price: 290$ usd + shipping from Canada Some are somewhat discolored but all work perfectly. Can be oriented in any position. If interested please contact Jean-François at [email protected] or 613-740-0008.
  5. FOR SALE: Raymarine S100 Wireless Autopilot Remote Compact and lightweight, the S100 remote delivers the freedom of wireless control to any Raymarine SeaTalk® autopilot. The bright display is easy to read with two lines of text and a graphical autopilot mode indicator. The 5 button ergonomic keypad and intuitive menu structure provides simple operation and easy access to extended features. Rugged and waterproof the S100 fits in your pocket or clips to your belt, keeping full function autopilot control always within reach. S100 Features * Two line display with a graphical autopilot status indicator * Crisp, high contrast 24 x 127 dot matrix display * Backlit display * Raised profile on Standby button for easy identification in the dark * Keylock security * Convenient, replaceable AAA alkaline batteries Wireless Features * Up to 32 feet (10 meters) wireless operating range from the base station * Signal strength indicator * Pre-registered – each unit leaves the factory already registered to the base station UpgradeYour Autopilot to Wireless The S100 wireless autopilot controller is compatible with the following Raymarine/Autohelm SeaTalk Autopilots: * ST1000 * ST2000 * ST3000 * ST4000 * ST5000 * SmartPilot ST6001 & ST6002 * SmartPilot ST7001 * SmartPilot ST8001 * SmartPilot S1000 For more info see: http://www.raymarine.com/ProductDetail.aspx?SITE=1&SECTION=2&PAGE=1020&PRODUCT=3036 Bought this remote used this spring but not using it, so I am reselling it. Works perfectly. Asking price: 325$ usd If interested please contact Jean-François at 613-740-0008 or [email protected]
  6. Still available. Would take 70$ each (Salty rod holders are included). JF
  7. FOR SALE 2 x custom (black color) heavy Duty Big Jon Rod Holders, brand new, bever used. Backing plates are included. Asking 180$ usd + shipping for the pair. If interested please contact Jean-François Néron at 613-740-0008 or [email protected]
  8. The 700LC will give you more torque. This is the model that Best Chance Too use on their boat for wire & divers, because of the higher torque. Best is to fill the reel with mono and install your 1000' of wire over it. They use 40 lbs 7 strand wire, silver color. The 600lc is doing a great job too (this is what I use personaly, with 30 lbs 7 strand, camo color). J-F
  9. FOR SALE 2 x custom (black color) heavy Duty Big Jon Rod Holders, new. Sold with backing plates. Asking 220$ cdn for the pair. If interested please contact Jean-François Néron at 613-740-0008 or [email protected]
  10. FOR SALE 2 x aluminium heavy-duty bases made to install Salty rod holders (very popular for muskelunge fishing or to run Dipsy-divers). Those bases are pre-drilled to fit on Scotty downrigger bases. Sold for the cost of the aluminum: 90$ usd each (Salty rod holders are included), will sell as a pair only. If interested please contact Jean-François Néron at 613-740-0008 [email protected] I won't use these anymore as I had to install a fish cleaning board at the back of my boat for the next season (new marina doesn't have a fish cleaning station).
  11. Yes it is still available. Got many emails but got no money yet. I kept the unit 2 months for someone who was supposed to buy it but do not get news anymore from him... so first one to pay will get it! The 725$ price include shipping to your place. I live in Canada but can ship to USA. (-8
  12. FOR SALE: Raytheon Autohelm Sport Auto Pilot The Raytheon Autohelm Sport Pilot - it will never need paid, will not reach for a beverage while you're setting up gear, and it will drive better than any human. The product is a masterpiece in simplicity and reliability. The unit is approximately four inches wide and 10 inches long. It contains an electric motor and a turn signal type switch to activate the autopilot, which receives a signal from a compass that is installed near the center of the boat. And whether your boat is an inboard, outboard, or I/O, it will fit virtually every boat. To install, remove the steering wheel and attached the autopilot to the steering shaft. Then, install the compass. After installation - which only takes about an hour and half - you can simply put the boat on the desired heading, and turn the switch to auto. Next, take your hands off the steering wheel and start fishing. Or, with all the options connected, the autopilot will steer by any SeaTalk, NMEA 0183-equipped GPS/chartplotter. Works perfectly. Selling because I have replaced my cable steering assembly with an hydraulic system and have also installed an Raymarine S1G hydraulic autopilot at the same time. Asking price: SOLD Available in the Gatineau/Ottawa area. Please call Jean-François at 613-740-0008 or [email protected] if interested.
  13. I have 45 of the 5.5 Apex Stinson with "glow in the dark" backs. Contact me if interested to get some. They were hard to find in stores locally so I have ordered a bunch directly from the factory... J-F Néron [email protected]
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