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  1. just waiting too here back from ya , i am back in town now ! 615-0229 john
  2. i just got my order in from sigs , and on one of my custom flashers there was a tag from www.customfishingproducts.com so i checked them out , very cool site you can build your own style flashers !
  3. maybe you could do them the way we eat CARP #1 cut in too small long fillets #2 lay them on a bourd #3 lots of lemon juice & pepper #4 turn and add more pepper and lemon juice , #5 throw the fish in the trash and eat the bourd !
  4. looks like they are higher on the food chain than one would think !
  5. ok i will hit you up on monday ! i am down in NYC shopping for the weekend !
  6. ray you sould make sure i get the right stuf cuz your coming up too fish my rig alot this year plus ,ive rigged it from looking at yours but just newer ,/bigger/faster ! jonny
  7. 4lb , ya that would be stelth but i dont think i would see many lure"s after they hit ! was thinking 20lb
  8. I"ve seen this yo-zuri fluoro carbon around on line and was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad too say about it ?
  9. sick of cranking them up let me know if you have something for me , P.M me or call me @585-615-0229 john
  10. i am looking for a few fish307 downrigger rods if you have any you would like too sell P.M me or give me a ring 585-615-0229 john
  11. i am looking for a few copper set ups if you have anything you would like too sell , P.M me or just give me a ring 585-615-0229 john
  12. ray it"s been a few days did ya get a page up yet and move into new millenium !
  13. ray ray just go too myspace.com ,open account its cool you can add all your pic"s and im sure you have a few of them . its pretty much a free web page that you link up with other friends ! do a fishing page !
  14. crazy yankee , did you check that video out on my page , if not you should, could be something new for you too sell to your clients ! could be a quick $350 .
  15. was it out of season , how come he had too toss it back ?
  16. lmao , ray did you get scard , 19ft main motor mite not run ,kids lol , id be out of town that week too .....lol :shock:
  17. motoman

    NOT FUN!!!

    ya lets use the truck too test the ice lol ,dumie"s
  18. ya, i picked his riggers up , and all i can say is wow must have been hard leaving that place behind , right on the water could"nt of been any nicer !
  19. that looks fun ,but crazy ! lol great pic
  20. RAY, :shock: that is just plan messed up !
  21. jason , where ya partying like rock star when ya saw those flyin salmon ,lol
  22. a slider off the dipsy, um, you mite be onto something there !
  23. sound like what we were doing this fall at least the tracks ! thanks for all the info guys
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