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  1. nice report i am going out sunday ,ill report after i get back , john
  2. motoman


    if you can get the sticks you want i can get them painted.
  3. All i was saying with the big big ones if i was there i would be selcting them, also they may be trying too balance the lake, maybe the big ones eat everything. I am sure they are keeping a close eye on things like that and are using some sort of method . lol RAY-K you are plain crazy when ya comin back up for the 10th time .john
  4. NEWS FLASH- back in the 80s there where 40 + pounders on the board , and a 35 pounder would"nt get you on the loc-B the smaller fish deal is from the eggs/ or strains / blood line/ think of it like this! Too champion dogs never mind the breed -8 out of ten of the puppys are going too be like there parents, less the training of couse but good heath bones hips blood same deal with the eggs, ive watch them strip eggs from the fish and they take almost anything //////// now if i was taking the eggs up there in altmar i would be tanking the biggest ones up and the small ones would be trucked back down stream for what i call a re-run -makes for good fishing even those guys from N.J with the fishing poles that look like baseball bats would catch one or two ,anyways a big male and female fish are going too make some big fish with of couse some runts , unless there is some other problem like the bait fish are in shortage or a clemical spill , this is just my thought too this ! small ones are better that non anyday
  5. interesting too see in black and white , small fish this year from what ive cought and seen and heard ,lol we need some eggs from alaska from some 60-70 pound kings, can you imagine 2011 , the fish would be huge people would be scratching there heads up at altma hatchery !
  6. norther king also makes an NBK in different sizes and colors i use the nk28 green
  7. ray ray when ya comein back up , ? you got my # give me a ring dam what if you cought a bigone bye your self in loc ,anyways i am always down too pull a few out with ya :roll: jonny
  8. i was just curious on the trimming ive been doing everything on echips 8" and 11" and spin-Doctors all with flys of almost any green mix amd some on white , with purple, thanks gambler i will trim one up this week and do some compairing !
  9. GAMBLER .... could ya post some pics and or some detail on cutting them fins down ! 11 or 8 inch ?
  10. hey yankee , yes today was slow for us too, tried everything but dynomite they where not hitting for us and we didnt mark much, thought the fish finder mite be broken (blank screen) then on the way in about 40 FOW started marking fish. i was just off too you left coming in behind you anyways congrats on you ninth place fish and see ya out there !
  11. good luck rayray we,ll be out till noon trying to get are hands on one with some size!
  12. well i got out alittle late 8am ,ran out too 300 FOW set up and went south east hooked up in 200 FOW 105 down #12 coho then we picked up a bow 115 down over 180 FOW then another coho in 150 FOW down 105 at 10:30 that was it for the rest of the day we chased the down temps and couldnt stay in them,(at least in the 150 to 200 range ) fished for 5 more hours marking maybe 1 fish an hour ,crome spin dr with green tape and mountain dew doctor did are few fish , did anyone else do anything better inside or out side of us ? also wondering if this moon we have had the last few days has slow the bit ? also we didnt mark any bait fish ! and trolled from west of river too east of ship buildeds ,thx for any info and i hope this helps others out ! john
  13. i forgot to also tell you lurer speed is a must in my book are you useing a sub troll 900 or a fish hawk 840 or something like that ,that really is what got me on the fish , If your not going just the right speed youll just be cleaning them flys and never hook up , hope this helps ,john
  14. run the fly 22 inches behind your doctor or flasher and 25ft behind the boat , works good for me , a pro showed me that one and i cought fish right off the jump and have not stopped im doing so well im thinking of getting a captians lic, and a biger boat ! P.S the leader is very importiant ,too short and it will not get the big spin and too long it will be all over the place 22 seems too be just right for now !now go get a big one, john
  15. youll see fish on the finder, in the 3rd week of sept. in the mouth of the river you can see the schools of them running around with some polarized glass"s, but there not the fish too target , very line shy, like he said up above move away from the boats look for there depth and fish just above them and you should hook up ! good luck
  16. hey ray, thx for havin me up was good time i am doing well here in rochester ! the lake is like glass today ,murderd em yesterday, going out this evening call me if you want too get out i could use a good fist mate ,lol no for real lots of LOC left and no big fish up yet call me !
  17. came out of the river first sun up ,water was rolling 4/5 footers stuck it out and the lake came down hooked about 15 fish from 180 fow too 300 fow best troll was south east 2.5-2.7 on the sub troll lots of coho and a few kings and 3 steelies ,had one screemer snap off 30 pd power pro lost the dipsy and all , lurers --- light green 11 echip flasher with any green fly mountian dew spin doctor green fly ,spin doctor crome with green flash tape green fly - spoons i used where monkey puke and NBK28 got one steelie on the killer . i thought it was a great day ! OOOO the bigest one was 24.6 still nothing for the LOC top 20, lol JOHN
  18. you do have a fish finder right , well look at it and you will see them ! then fish for them in the depth that you see them . just like the finger lakes
  19. you don"t need 500 call pembroke bait and takle subtroll 900 if you pick it up from him he will hook you up for $385.
  20. i am not sure yet where i am going too go out of ethier but , sounds good what channel do you run on ? ya i hope the weather holds out for us
  21. ya but you learned right , i put my boat in with no plug one time and started too sink and saved it with no time too spair now i like triple check my plug everytime before i drop it in so i"m sure you will look for rods before you back up lol , p.s did you go east or west out of the bay ? john
  22. looks lke you had a great day have you been back out yet the wind messed with things up on mexico bay where i was fishing , trying too get the scoop now i am back in rochester
  23. i use a sub troll 900 with coated cable ,& have been using off shore clip ons with the rubber pads too stack with no problems but let me say this , with the prob down and stacking my 10 pound ball on that side was too lite lots of drag , i am going too a 12 pounder too get my cable angals back right and down deeper with less cable ,good luck ,TOMAHAWK
  24. just got home, sunday was great fishing after that mon/tue/wed - wind blow us around aND fish were far & few, spread out big time the water temps also changed , seemed the big winds pushed the warm water out and the cold water in speading the fish but still had a good time ! sorry wish i had a better report . TOMAHAWK
  25. i was fishing out of mexico ,docked in catfish creek and that drop as well talked too a captian at the dock and the said it was becouse the big south east winds pushed the warm water out and cold water in and it up welled !
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