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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 8/7 Time on Water: noon-5:30PM Weather/Temp: Sunny 80's Wind Speed/Direction: South Waves: 1ft or less swells Surface Temp: 78.4 Location:Sodus LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3 Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown:Kings Hot Lure: F/F Trolling Speed: 2.9 SOG Down Speed: 2.2-2.5 Depth Raider Boat Depth: 200-560 Lure Depth: 100-130 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Started trolling in 200 Ft of water and good temp was down 130', temp was 52.6 at 130'. No sooner did Iget first riggere down and we had a small king on. Got that into boat figure it was 11 to 12 lbs. That fish came off downrigger down 130'. Reset that downrigger and set out rest of lines. Other downrigger set to 110' with no hits on it. Set out 2 DD's one at 320 and other at 338. After about an hour was over 450' of water 338 dipsy took a hit and brought in a 13 or 14 pound king. Had one other hit but never saw it but it was staying deep so I was thinking it was a laker or a big brown, it hit in 300' of water. Was a slow day but was better than being at work LOL.
  2. Steelfire, Have you always replaced them with another lowrance transducer, I was thinking of trying the Airmar P66 transducer if I have to replace it. Does anyone use a different trnsducer with their HDS-7, I'm open for suggestions. Thanks, Gregg
  3. NitroMusky, I have the correct transducer selcted which is a HST-DFSBL which does show up in the menu. So I know I have correct transducer selected on my HDS-7. I do have the option for split-screen so I can look at 200 kHz and 50 kHz at the same time. I will try that this Sat while I'm out. Never even thought of that, thanks for that suggestion. If I'm marking fish with 200 kHz than more than likely the 50 kHz portion of th transducer is going bad. Iwill let you know what I find, might even go out tomorrw night to see what happens. Thanks again for the ideas. Gregg
  4. Steelfire, I have tried turning up sensitivity and lowering it and I have set it back to auto, as any changes I made di not seem to make much difference. I want to say I replaced original transducer in 2009 as it split, later I found out there was a recall but they took my money without saying anything. Any suggestions as what transducer I should get if it is bad? I really miss not seeing my balls . Thanks, Gregg
  5. NitroMusky, Transducer was for LCX-26C and Lowrance stated that it will function fine with HDS-7, it has capability of 83/200kHz or 50/200kHz. So I have selected the correct transducer per Lowrance web site, double checked tonight just to make sure. Thre was also a software update that I just loaded on it tonight also. Thanks Gregg
  6. Hello all, I have a Lowrance HDS-7 that marks bottom and bait balls but no fish hooks or my down rigger balls. My transducer is from Lowrance and is a 50/200 kHz. I have tried angling it up slightly to see if blowback is too great, but no luck there either. When I'm in Sodus Bay on 200 kHz I see fish hooks with no problem and it never looses the bottom. The bottom of the transducer is clean, has anyone heard of just the 50 kHz portion of a transducer slowly going bad. I also did a hard reset on the unit as I had been playing with setting for the fishfinder. But still getting the same results. I did have power plugged into console under steering wheel but have run dedicated power wire straight to battery with inline fuse. I hate to go through replacing transducer and find out that wasn't the problem. Hopefully someone has seen this before and give me some ideas to try. Thanks, Gregg
  7. Ruff Rider, You gonna be out tomorrow, I plan on trying to get out. I will be out in a Searay 215 weekender, hopefully fishing will be good tomorrow. Any certain channel you monitor on VHF radio, haven't fished for salmon in a few years. Gregg
  8. All, Please take the time and go to http://www.saveoursodus.com/ to look at information on this plan to allow the Lake's natural high's of 248 Feet and natural lows of 242 feet. At 248 feet Sodus Point would be under water along with much erosion and septic issues in the area to include the Marinas we all use. If the natural lows occur we won't be able to get to the marinas as they will be land locked. Please take the time to read information on SaveourSodus and make your own decision if you want to sign the petition. I'm not a business owner but I do own a cottage and this has me worried. Thanks, Gregg
  9. Larry, This Sat at 11:30 works for me. Gregg
  10. Bob's boy, You plan on going out in the morning, I'm gonna give it a go. What channel do you monitor, maybe we can touch base see who is doing what. I'll be in the 22 Ft Searay, taking out the neighbors they have never caught a salmon before. Hoping we can get a few to go for them. Gregg
  11. Boat will come with electronics that are shown in the picture, it includes fishfinder, GPS, Depth speed and temp at ball, and compass. I will sell boat with 2 manual scotty downriggers and rods. The motor was bought and installed in 1996 but motor is a 1994 leftover. This motor has less than 100 hrs on it, I would consider selling motor seperately if someone need a repower. Trailer is a 1996 YachtClub rollar bed and is in good shape. Price 2900.00 for everything, I have a 22 ft Searay and no longer need this boat. If interested you can call me at 585 943-6795 or you can PM me Gregg
  12. You could call Pugsleys Marine on 104 just past county line road past webster. They have done mine for me and they due a great job Gregg.
  13. All, Trying to sell my parents car for them, this is a great car for the money. Just had it at the dealer to have them go through it. Brake lines were replaced going to the rear end. Car has a little bit of surface rust but not bad. This car would get you to your fishing hole in style. Admin if this post isn't appropiate for this site please delete, but this would be a great car for someone. Car has following options: Power Steering Power Breaks Power locks and windows A/C Power driver side seat 3.3 liter motor 6 Cylinder Car has new tires all the way around and new windsheild wiper. Asking 1800.00 for this car If interested please call my Cell 585 943-6795
  14. Well No LGC 4000 today, So I called Lowrance and they told me they are on back order until at least end of August. So no more Lowrance products for me in the future. I've had it with them.
  15. FLXTroutman, Not familiar with your fishfinder but I have 2 12 volt feeds to my fishfinder One for the head unit and one for the NMEA 2000 bus. Is your setup like this? Might want to check your fuses as both of mine have inline fuses plus fuses in thed boat fuse panel. I found this on the Lowrance website and it lets you know how to check you NMEA 2000 bus. NMEA 2000 Network Troubleshooting Guide 1. Turn the unit off and back on. Check to see if GPS is now responding. If GPS is not responding, please proceed to next step. 2. (Y-Cable): Please make sure 60 Ohm terminator is in place on the GPS cable. Please see the following illustration. 3. (Hard tee and cables): For the hard tee and cables make sure the 120 Ohm terminators are in place at opposite ends of the network. 4. Reset the unit: Below are the instructions for the soft reset for your unit. Soft Reset: 1. Turn unit OFF 2. Press and hold the PAGES key 3. Press and hold the PWR key 4. Release both buttons when the unit powers up to the alarm box 5. You will need a volt meter to proceed from this point: Not a test light, we will need the voltage readings for evaluating the problem. 6. On the End of the GPS cable that connects to the antenna, measure ground lead on Pin 1 and (+) red, positive lead on Pin 2. See the following illustration. Had 12.02 volts with boat running 13.55 volts Connector on cable. 6.a. You should get approximately 12 volts of power. If 12 volts are present, please contact us with test results to send module in for repair. If 12 volts are not present, please proceed to the next step. 7. Unplug the GPS cable from the back of the unit. Measure voltage on the network connector on the back of the unit. Measure ground lead on Pin 1 and (+) red, positive lead on Pin 2. See the following illustration: Connector on back of case If 12 volts are present, please contact us with test results. We will need to replace GPS cable. If 12 volts are not present, please proceed to next step. 8. Turn unit off and disconnect the power cable. See the following illustration: 9. Please note that pins 7 & 8 are main power for the unit’s sonar. Pin 7 is positive (+) and Pin 8 is ground (-). Needs 12 volts of power for unit to come on. 10. Test ground lead to Pin 9 and (+) red to Pin 1, this is NMEA 2000 GPS power for the antenna. If you are receiving 12 volts of power, please contact us with your test results. Your unit will need to be sent in for service. If you are not receiving approximately 12 volts of power, please proceed to the next step. 11. Make sure the NMEA 2000 leg of the power cable is connected, red to positive, black and shield to ground or negative. See illustration of power cable below: 12. Check fuse to make sure it has not blown on NMEA 2000 leg of the power cable. 13. On the NMEA 2000 leg of the power cable, open the in line fuse holder. Make sure the fuse is in the side of the holder connected to the power source (battery). With volt meter, place positive lead on fuse, negative lead to a ground source. This should read 12 volts and will tell you that the fuse is good. Note: If your GPS is not using the Y-Cable it may be using the hard or soft plastic “T†connector with a shorter cable and 60 ohm terminator. See the diagram below. The same troubleshooting steps outlined above would need to be taken for voltage checks regarding the 12VDC power to the corresponding pins on the back case Network port, shorter Network cable and base of the “T†connector pin holes. Hope this helps you Gregg
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