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  1. anyone have a picture of one?
  2. I agree w/ Doug, check the bottom paint first, if a copper based paint was used that needs to come off immediately. If its not the paint my next question would be: Do you keep the boat plugged in? at a marina or private dock? If so it may not be your boat. if another boat is putting voltage in the water the shortest path to ground may be through your boat. If not check for bad wiring, bad connections, old equipment with bad grounds, etc. Another reference is www.proboat.com this is a trade magazine for all the marine industry and you can search past issues for specifics. Also Nigel Calder has very good reference books on this subject.
  3. You can use standard sandpaper without harm to the transducer. Anything more aggressive than 100 grit and you will be asking for problems. Solvents of any kind is a bad idea. you can also contact the manufacturer, however be prepaired for them to say dont try to clean it and just replace it, thats bogus. After its clean get a bottle of transducer bottom paint and follow the directions. The paint will fill in the imperfections and make the transducer last longer. Two coats will usually last the season.
  4. Hello, I install these units all the time. The new Garmin units really are a good sounder with easy to use displays, and their chartplotters are really good too. However the Raymarine sounder is bar none the best one on the market right now. The detail and accuracy is the best and blows all competitors out of the water. I dont reccommend the furuno on the account of being harder to use and not as accurrate. As far as an installation standpoint raymarine will probably be just a bit easier than garmin, and from a usability standpoint garmin maybe easier than raymarine. Me personnally use garmin but only because of the price. If I could afford raymarine thats what I would go with. hope that helps.
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